Paris Barrington Emerges as New Leader of the :Freeman :Movement.

Transgender-heroine Paris Barrington has emerged as the surprise new leader of the :Freeman :Movement, having exposed other leading personalities in the movement as scammers and frauds.

In a number of scathing Facebook lives, Paris has attacked Andrew Devine, Kaley Freeman and New Zealander, John Wanoa, accusing them of being whores, scammers and thieves.

In one particularly vicious diatribe, in which he cruelly refers to single mother of three, Kayle Freeman as, “Stinky Knickers” and a “whore,” Paris says:

“I’m quite proud of myself and I’m quite proud of my team, I’ve got an awesome team but I want to tell you something now stinky knickers, you’re not getting away, you’re not styling this out, you’re not blaming the police coming round to your house okay, you’re not gonna blame the police coming round to your house to everyone else. They’re on to you stinky knickers. Hey and I bet Andy dumps you like a fucking whore you are. But let me tell you into something now stinky knickers, you can redeem yourself. You come see me. We’ll have a little live, and we’ll expose what you know, because you’ve infiltrated as a nasty fucking whore. You’re a whore okay. I don’t care if you take this to the police okay. This is not a threat, this is you and this is your real life.”

Pertaining to be a, “real real woman warrior,” while acting in a very unladylike manner, Paris has accused Andrew Devine and John Wanoa of being scammers, after donating two silver coins, worth over a £1000 to their cause.

Reminiscent of the Dicken’s Scrooge like character, ‘Jasper the Grasper’, from the 1970/80’s children’s Cor!! Annuals, Paris is seen salivating over his collection of one ounce silver coins, all the while, demanding both Devine and Wanoa return his donation.

“Fucking Mr. Devine the biggest fucking crook I’ve ever met on here okay.”

Responding to a Youtube comment, “I remember Paris pleading with everyone to be let back into the fold. Look at him now! I get the impression he wants to be the centre of attention; well he is now!”; Andrew Devine responds;

“I can add to that Paris pleaded with me to give me Money and I said NO, he asked what can He get Myself as He needed to get me something to say sorry for his last melt down, so in the end I said get me 1 silver coin, then he told me he’d bought me 50 (which He still has)?? Then he Tried giving money to the Pot and I said No I didn’t want it and He insisted and sent 500 to be put in the pot for what ever, (His Words), then said he asked me to forward 500 to :John: Wanoa because He couldn’t send it???? He’s done this to set me up I feel and I did what I did because I didn’t trust His intentions and knew He was more than capable of doing exactly what He’s doing…. I will hazard a Guess He will be loosing much more of that FAKE SHIT MONEY if He carries on Trust me, I pray He gets the Help He needs!! These Sick Fools like Danny aka Linden wont be laughing when Paris has a Complete melt down or Comes to Harm Himself or others, as they will be partly responsible for encouraging Him!! Do you remember the 2000 he was trying to give that I wouldn’t take ?? We are Great Scammers are we NOT 🙂 Keep Smiling.”

Hell hath no fury like a woman, called a man.

Admitting to be a “struggling transgender woman,” Paris clearly doesn’t take kindly to being called a “he.”

“I am a real real true woman warrior, you’re nothing but a fucking attention seeker.”

Happy to attack members of the sisterhood, (for example with this cruel comment to Kayle);

“You’re losing your looks, you haven’t got a personality and you keep covering up your nervousness with your lies.”

Paris clearly has an issue with anyone unwilling to acknowledge him as a woman.

Promising to destroy the “Global Jury Group,” set up by like minded people, dedicated to exposing the corruption in the UK, Paris has emerged as the unlikely leader, set to unite rival factions under one banner.

Relishing being the centre of attention, and attracting a whole new army of admirers, Paris is well on the way to becoming a rival to Tommy Robinson, Russell Brand and David Icke.

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“I’m a beautiful lady!”

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