My Right of Reply! Anti-Lockdown Protest.

If I had know this march was happening, I’d most probably have attended to show my solidarity.

I attended the previous Anti-Lockdown in the Summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. I meet old friends whom I had only interacted online and I made new friends in person.

So when a certain individual called Simon Lee posted a disturbing comment advocating eugenics, I couldn’t help myself but reply.

To which Simon Lee took his right to reply:

What Simon Lee may not appreciate about me is that I have no shame. Embarrassment isn’t a word in my vocabulary.

Whether Simon Lee likes to admit it or not. Like him I have an opinion. I have a view on life which I like to express and share.

As does Simon Lee; he too has an opinion and a view which he likes to share. He believes eugenics should be rolled out in the 21st century.

“A great way to identify people for compulsory sterilization.”

Walking in the footsteps of the 1940’s Nazi Party, Simon Lee has expressed his opinion that good men and women should be sterilized, preventing them from having children because they believe that the current Covid-19 Lockdown, is a psychological operation of insidious intent, against the British people and the world at large.

When is having a belief contrary to the official version promoted via the TV and the mainstream press, become such a revolutionary act, that people like Simon Lee calls for sterilization?

Then Neil McNair added his penny’s worth.

Neil McNair is referring to a Guerrilla Democracy News release, reporting that Hunter Biden, the son of the alleged President Elect Joe Biden had died from a crack-cocaine drug overdose.

Have you seen Hunter Biden in public?

Guerrilla Democracy News prides itself on bringing you breaking news from across the Galaxy, which the mainstream media dare not report!

As the editor-in-chief of Guerrilla Democracy News since 2012, I will make no apologies for reporting news which the mainstream media dare not report. Its the backbone of my ethos as a citizen journalist.

Whether Neil McNair wants to admit it or not; it was reported by Blazing Press that Hunter Biden had died from a crack cocaine drug overdose.

I did what every editor-in-chief would do when faced with such breaking news. I reported it.

The editor-in-chief of Blazing Press evidently believed his sources were credible enough to report the news, and that was good enough for me.

No one has seen Hunter Biden in public since the scandal of his laptop went public. That very same laptop which allegedly contained thousands of child porn pictures, videos of child torture and emails between him and associates concerning dodgy deals with Ukrainian and Chinese government and private business officials.

For all we know, Hunter Biden may well have died of a crack-cocaine drug overdose and we (the public) would be none the wiser.

Its a badge of honour that Twitter should take down someone’s Twitter account. Its an acknowledgement that what you are saying, is something the ‘power-that-shouldn’t-be’, don’t want you saying.

(Setting the record straight, my GuerrillaDNews twitter account was actually removed via a collective assault by the Hoaxtead Research community, who have been sabotaging everything I’ve been doing online since 2017.)

So while we all have a right to our opinion and a right to express our opinion in a public domain, I do find it offensive and very narrow minded that people would call for you to be “sterilized,” to “die” and even beheaded, just because they have a differing opinion.

As I said to Simon Lee:

“I’d be more embarrassed to be a eugenicist like you.”

Is it really, (we who protest that our human rights are being stripped in the name of Covid-19), that should be sterilized and beheaded?

The world has never been more divided. My heart sinks with despair and my soul cries tears of fear for a future of complete slavery for our children and their children.

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