Naked Man Climbing out of Buckingham Palace Window – Debunked? I don’t think so!

I think anyone who believes the 2015 footage of a naked man climbing out of a Buckingham Palace window has been debunked as a fake, are gravely mistaken.

The jury is definitely still out.

If, as some people contend, it was filmed as part of the satirical TV series, The Royals, starring Elizabeth Hurley; then surely viewers would have seen it on The Royals TV show!

The fact that there has never been a scene showing a man climbing naked out of a Buckingham Palace window debunks the claim that it was part of The Royals TV show.

Again, anyone claiming its a Computer Generated Image (CGI), what proof do you have?

I expect even if an alien space craft landed on the lawn of the White House, broadcast live to the world in magnificent HD, they would also disbelieve their eyes by saying it’s CGI.

If it was CGI, why hasn’t the CGI firm who CGI’d it, come forward to claim responsibility?

The stark FACT that no-one has claimed repsonsibility for CGI’ing it, indicates it wasn’t CGI’d.

And then again why didn’t Buckingham Palace comment on it?

If it was a scene from The Royal’s TV show, why didn’t the producers of The Royal’s TV show comment on it?

The Buckingham Palace PR team are famed for remaining silent when it comes to damaging scandals, with the hope it goes away!

Of-course it doesn’t always work, as in the cases of Princess Diana and Prince Andrew, but on the whole, their strategy of ‘saying nothing’ works.

This is why the PR team working at Buckingham Palace have never commented on this. If it really was nothing as innocent as a scene for The Royal’s TV show, they would have been happy to confirm it so.

To suggest it was an actor, playing the part of a boyfriend who had been smuggled into the Palace by a young and immature Princess, only to escape from a high palace window, to avoid discovery, and possibly plunge to his death, is pure speculation.

The naked man climbing out of the Buckingham Palace window has never been debunked and remains a mystery.

Although T Fortuny Rogers, from the United States seems to think differently:

“Wake up people and do some research on your own. The Internet is not just for making lame jokes. This is not a hoax. This poor guy was trying to escape with his life. He timed it at the exact moment of the changing of the guard with the hope that someone would see him. Hardly anyone noticed because this is so out of context with how we view the grandness of the Palace. We can’t even comprehend that the Royals worship Lucifer and hold human sacrifices. He was a dead man either way.”



Naked Man Climbing out of Window – Finally Debunked.


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