I know Chris E!

I bet Chris E is a sad old cunt who has nothing going for him in life.

A failed father, a failed lover and a failed superstar. Nothing has gone right for him in his life. Of course its all down to his own attitude, but he can never admit to his own failures and shortcomings, which is why he cyber bullies everyone else, from behind his mask of anonymousity!

Getting weak minded obedient puppies like Danny Jones to do this dirty work for him is typical of this sad, pathetic, loser who has nothing else in life to make him feel better about himself, than pissing on other people’s parade, and throwing his shit at their achievements.

Read more: Chris E Controls Danny Jones

Danny Jones is more than happy to jump when told, and make videos on his behalf, because he hasn’t got two brain cells to add together, to create his own content.

Danny Jones and Chris E are both as bad as each other. Sad, pathetic perverts who have nothing else in their lives, but to bully others.

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