Breaking News: Madeleine McCann is alive & living in Germany 🇩🇪

News from the UK’s Truth Movement!

Championed by warrior and rising star of citizen journalism Tiana Jenson, 50% of the Niki Cooper duo, and a third of the Brian Harvey, Niki Cooper, Tee Show.

“I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees and we will keep pushing our evidence to wake people up to illusions and trickery. “

“So you see women who have bigger balls than men, are my kind of women because my balls are massive and will NEVER fear these monsters.”

Great Thunberg’s scripted opponent!

Has had some face alteration through surgery or fillers.

Under MK Ultra Mind Control

Her fake mother is Karoline Seibt, a fascist Nazi lawyer.

Karoline Seibt & Nora Seibt

Her sister called Nora, is believed to be the missing Romanian child Maria, who went missing from a impoverished gypsy camp in Nikolaevo in rural Bulgaria.

Ex-East 17 star Brian Harvey catches Danny Jones wanking out of screenshot, while chatting with the Truth Movement’s latest scarlet, Sharon Gale.

Brian Harvey ex-East 17 lead singer

Fake Police Pervert Danny Jones, wanked himself during a live YouTube discussion with scarlet hussy Sharon Gale.

Leaving the last words to Tiana Jenson:

“We are dealing with the illuminati, they are deceivers, trickers, actors, illusionists! Liars, satanists and more!”

Mr.X Productions

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