Journalism is Dead on YouTube!

Can you imagine a victim of human trafficking and prostitution coming forward and telling her story of being the sex slave of a current US President?

Well it’s true!

That’s exactly what happened to Jessica Collins.

Labelled fake news by the lamestream mainstream media, American born Jessica Leigh Collins has claimed to have accompanied the then Sentator Joe Biden, to an all exclusive Mexican resort, where she served as his sex slave for 3 days.

“While we were at the resort it was his time, so I had to obey whatever his desires or wishes were.”

Currently held at The Virgina Beach Correctional Centre on trumped up charges of drink drinking, Jessica Collins is seen speaking to camera, recounting events in 2003, when aged 23/24, she took a commercial flight with Joe Biden to the all exclusive Mexican resort in Manzanillo.

Collins said, “Joe Biden took me on a commercial flight when he was a Senator to Manzanillo Mexico, to an all exclusive resort for 3 days.”

“He reserved our stay under the premise that we were newly weds, so he could get a discount.”

“On the way there he kept holding my hand in public. I told him I did not feel comfortable with that, am asked him to please stop.”

“While we were at the resort it was his time, so I had to obey whatever his desires or wishes were, but on the flight there and back it was very bothersome to be seen in public with a man who obviously was much older than me.”

“I felt very very uncomfortable, so I requested he stop, but he did not stop and kept doing it.”

Yet another blow to his already faltering Presidency, this latest revelation of his sexual perversity for younger women, Collins reveals how he threatened to abandon her in Mexico, without a passport and payment for services recieved.

Collins continues, “On the flight back he told me verbatim, “Good luck getting back without a passport.””

“He didn’t pay me at that time, he tried to leave me in Mexico. He tried to leave me in Mexico and told me, “Good luck trying to get back without your passport,” because I didn’t have a passport at all.”

$2000+ for Sexual Services Received 

Upon eventually getting home, with the help of Airline staff, Collins rounds up her amazing story.

“He still had not paid me as promised, and so I called him and he agreed to send the funds. It was about $2000 plus some hundreds. It was transferred into my Bank of America bank account.”

While the world’s controlled media build up a frenzy of interest for the Ghislaine Maxwell trial set to start in July, the real victims of sex trafficking, (by the world’s most revered statesmen, captains of industry, celebrities and royalty), continue to be silenced by fraudulent prison sentences which lock them behind bars, preventing their stories from reaching the attention of the public.

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Can you also imagine the son of a former US President, issuing a public statement that the son of his father’s successor, is linked to a human trafficking and prostitution ring?

Well it’s true.

That’s exactly what Donald Trump Jnr said about Hunter Biden.

In a short video uploaded to his Telegram social media platform, international businessman, political activist, author and former TV presenter Donald Trump Jr, is in conversation with his current girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, in which he asks her, “What do you think would happen, I don’t know, if I was tied directly to Vladimir Putin with a $3.5 billion payment that’s also linked to humantrafficking and prostitution rings in Russia and Eastern Europe. Do you think that’ll be news?”

To which the TV personality and former prosecuting attorney of San Francisco and LA answered, “It’ll be news and you’ll also be in jail.”

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And what does YouTube do with this sensational breaking news?

It removes any mention of it from it’s platform, and bans anyone who dares to spread the news!

Did he? Did he really?

How the fuck does anyone living today, know with certainty what actually happened over 2000 years ago?

The answer is no-one! No one knows!

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And to tell me that a bunch of paedophile priests, subservient to a paedophile institution called the Roman Catholic Church, are guardians of a scared Truth preserved for 2000 years, is quite simply, preposterous!

As we all know, the first Council of Nicaea in AD 325, under the stewardship of the Roman Emperor Constantine, decided what could and couldn’t be included in the Bible.

Have you forgotten all the gnostic gospels that weren’t included?

The gospel of Jesus himself!

The gospel of Joseph, Mary, his brothers, sons and daughters!

As you all know, I’m a devotee of the historical research of Alan Wson and Baram Blackett, who have between them rewritten ancient British history.

King Arthur II was a real historical figure.

The ancient British civilization was more than a match to the ancient Roman Empire.

Christainity started in England.

The Ark of the Covenant is buried in South Wales.

Jesus survived the crucifixion, travelled to South Wales, where he was there after known as the Lame Fisher King.

This isn’t based on heresay or speculation, it’s based on historical fact and research.

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett have identified where Jesus of Nazarene is buried.

I’m a realist and I’ve never brought into the story of a man rising from the dead.

Just like Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile record, once it was broken it continued to be broken…..

If one man rose from the dead, then more and more would have done so afterwards.

Do you really think God would have only one child?

It makes more sense to me that the Roman guards responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus were brided to take him down before he died, and escape from Israel to somewhere more safe!

The only other safe haven at that time, was the only Kingdom that could rival the might of the Roman Empire – South Wales, the land of the King’s.