Tom is the fool that doesn’t stop fooling….

In addition to the absolutely ridiculous claim he made below:

“Someone close to Sussex Police told me, that Taylor was signalled to stop making new videos by the authorities. His exit from Taylor TV wasn’t his decision.”

Which raises the obvious questions:

Who is this “Someone close to Sussex Police,” who is evidential sharing information with Tom (regardless of how shit his Intel is,) when he clearly shouldn’t be.

Explain further the “signal,” which the authorities sent me that told me to stop making new videos?

Wouldn’t a letter, text or visit by someone in the Government’s YouTube Monitoring office have been more practical, rather than “signally” me to stop making videos.

And then to finish his foolish spat with the contention that the decision to exit from Taylor TV wasn’t my own….

Oh how I chuckled at his foolishness, and even more so now with his latest spat calling me one of the worst and most harmful Trolls in the UK.

“Taylor is one of the worst and most harmful Trolls in the UK.”

You could imagine his phone call to Sussex Police:

Tom: Hello Sussex Police, I would like to report Matt Taylor for faking a suicide.

PC Perv: Whose suicide? His or someone else’s?

Tom: Someone else’s. He’s faked a suicide with the intention to smear one of his many victims.

PC Perv: Who’s faked their suicide and who is the victim?

Tom: Matt Taylor faked his mates death, Babs, to smear Aidan Lashbrook, AJ of the Lashbrook family.

PC Perv: And what evidence do you have?

Tom: We can’t find the death certificate of Babs.

PC Perv: How did Matt Taylor fake Bab’s suicide?

Tom: He claims to have recieved a letter from Bab’s husband, claiming she had committed suicide.

PC Perv: And why is Aidan Lashbrook the victim?

Tom: Because AJ sent Babs a message, asking why she hadn’t committed suicide yet!

“Scabby ain’t you topped yourself yet please hurry up you dirty benefit cheat and guess what I stand by calling you a nonce as you where the one that proved yourself to be a nonce.”

PC Perv: Thank you for reporting the UK’s worst and most harmful Troll, can you confirm how Aidan is spelt. We will now start looking into that! Oh and by the way, is your surname IE, or EI?

Read more: Babs is Dead…

I don’t know about you, but Tom is turning into the thickest prick on the Internet!

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