In response to my 50th Birthday Special.

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In response to the above video, I wish to make the clarification that I lied when I said Fanny-Bones-Danny-Jones told me the gossip that Brian Hurle was making unwanted advances towards Pirate Girl, Kaley Einav.

It’s wasn’t Fanny-Bones-Danny-Jones, it was Pirate Girl herself who told me.

I lied to protect her as the source, and as a side swipe to Fanny-Bones-Danny-Jones.

I also want to apologise to Nadia Marshall.

Nadia Marshall, Shellie Mote’s No’1 Fan!

At the time of the Live, I wasn’t aware that Fran Fran was Nadia Marshall. If I had known, I would never have spoken with such distain.

As soon as I realised the mistake, which Nads was trying to make me aware of, I removed the blog, and made a public apology.

I have never intended to cause Nadia or Shellie Mote any insult or offence.

I apologise profusely to anyone who feels aggrieved following remarks I’ve made on TaylorTV!

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