Join the Club!

Self confessed Witch Shellie Mote, is the latest troll to join the club of Trolls who have falsely claimed I have convictions for either stalking, paedophila or general predatorship!!!!

Den Tarragon accused me of being a Convicted Paedophile!

As did Gordon Bowden!

Chris Brindle regularly says I’m a three times convicted stalker.

Karen Irving, Queen Bee of the Hoaxtead Research community had to recently retract a recent Tweet in which she claimed I have a conviction for stalking!

Shellie Mote

Den Tarragon

Chris Brindle

Gordon Bowden

Karen Irving

All accuse me of convictions I haven’t got.

Other Trolls who have falsely accused me of crimes I haven’t committed include:

James Hind, Tom Niedermeier, AJ Lashbrook, Danny Jones and Richard Dougall.

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