Let’s Analyse it!

The conversation kicks off with Person One saying;

“By the way, lying Freddy, a very disturbed, cowardly person who likes to hide behind the avatar of a torturer and murderer of children.”

Wow, now that’s certainly a mouthful of hate, lies and deceit.

The big obvious lie is that Freddy, the fictional character made famous by the Nightmare of Elm Street franchise, was a “torturer and murderer of children.”

From my own recollection of the films, I certainly don’t remember Freddy torturing and murdering children.

I remember Freddy torturing and murdering college kids, rather than children.

Though let’s not be pedantic!

To be fair, the back character of Freddy was meant to be a ‘paedophile’ and ‘child molester’!

“Lying Freddy, a very disturbed, cowardly person.”

Here we see an example of “Projection,” at its very best.

By calling Freddy a liar, disturbed and a coward, he is effectively admitting his own shortcomings and character.

After all, according to Sussex Police, the name of Person One is a pseudonym!

And you would never hear Person One lambast “Lucifer,” aka “Unlisted,” for hiding behind an avatar.

Nor would you ever hear him lambast any others for doing the same, including Hoax Police and John Smith.

“Because he and his troll followers get a sadistic sexual kick out of it.”

Putting this conversation into perspective; Person One believes I am Freddy, so when he refers to “he,” in the sentence above, he is referring to me!

Matt Tayloooooorrrrrr!

Funnily enough, it’s the very same accusation being levelled against me by Shellie Mote, who herself has been in regular communication with the movers, shakers and players of the Hoaxtead Research community.

“Get a sadistic sexual kick out of it.”

Another prime example of ‘Projection.’

I’ve been particularly insulted and offended by Shellie Mote for accusing me of getting a sadistic sexual kick out of her childhood abuse nightmare, while at the same time being called a “predator,” and a “danger to women and children.”

Shellie Mote has never met me, and has no idea who I am, or my own experience of sexual abuse during my own upbringing.

Shellie Mote’s opinion of me, has been based purely on the lies, misinformation and deceit of Person One.

To state I, and my “troll followers,” get a sadistic sexual kick out of it, demonstrates clearly, through the guise of ‘Self Projection, that Person One and his troll followers get a sadistic sexual kick out of child abuse.

It’s disgusting, it’s vile, it’s sick, it’s demented and it’s typical of Person One.

“Often gets it wrong.”

How many times has Person One accused me of being other sock puppet accounts?

Accounts such as ‘Rocky,’ ‘On the Record,” and many others whose names I’ve forgotten.

Just as Person One got it wrong on those occasions, he’s getting it wrong on this occasion.

“We are working to expose them.”

And what exactly does that fucking mean?

I can only assume it means ringing up Sussex Police and falsely accusing me of being Freddy!

I know for a fact, Person Two has called Sussex Police!

And while we are on about Person Two, and how they “often gets it wrong,” as Person One puts it:

“You are absolutely correct.”

But that’s just it isn’t it! Person One is NOT correct.


The person behind the Freddy account, has acknowledged what he does for a living, (He owns 5 Hackney cabs, and is a successful businessman.)

He’s been totally transparent as to the reasons why he started the channel, namely in response to the trolling of the Hoaxtead Research community, (that he’s witnessed himself on line), against myself and many others.

The person behind the Freddy account started the channel to highlight and expose the Internet bullying which we all get, from the Hoaxtead Research community.

I’m a very good judge of people, as is Freddy, and if anyone is “very disturbed,” between Freddy and Person One, it’s Person One.

If anyone is a “Coward,” it’s Person One and not Freddy!

If anyone gets a “sadistic sexual kick,” out of child abuse, it’s Person One and his “Troll Followers,” and not Freddy.

“I strongly suspect this is the Beast of Brighton.”

And on what evidence does Person Two base his suspicion that I am Freddy?

“Pattern of writing style is matching up fairly well.”

OMG; so here we have an admission from Person Two, that he is conducting a writing style analysis, matching what I’ve published in the past, against what Freddy is currently publishing today.

And I’m the stalker! I’m fixated and obsessed!

What is Person Two doing? Hasn’t he got a life?

If any analysis should be made, it should be made on the following sound clip.

Who on Earth could it be?

“The hate campaign against us will fail.”

Their real enemy are the enemies in their own head.

To imply I have time to wage a hate campaign against anyone is absolutely redicilous.

I am a 50 year old man, with two teenage kids, a magical imaginary girlfriend, friends, neighbours and associates in my life, with enough to do with my time, than wage a hate campaign against anyone, let alone the Hoaxtead Research community, who are renowned to having the worst, most vicious and sick minded trolls and members, within their ranks.

I cannot speak for Freddy, who already has been 100% transparent, honest and truthful as to the reasons why he started his Freddy YouTube channel, but I would certainly not describe Freddy’s videos as a “Hate Campaign.”

Again, its a misuse of words, specifically used to toxicate Freddy’s message and twist the true message and meaning of Freddy’s videos.

I personally cannot thank Freddy enough for coming to my rescue, putting into words the reason and rhythm of why I am trolled and targeted by the Hoaxtead Research community.

Read more: Freddy to my rescue!

We will be hearing from Freddy again before the end of this blog, but for the time being, back to the dribble coming from Person Two.

“I know you as an honourable person and a decent buddy.”

Get me the sick bowl, I’m about to throw up!

I’m not usually lost for words, but I am lost for words right now!

“Keep Fisting!”

OK, Person Two didn’t really say “Keep Fisting,” he actually said “Keep Fighting,” but wouldn’t you agree, Person One could well be fisting his way through German, just as Person Two is fisting his way through the UK!

Its the perfect time to leave the last word to Freddie!

Freddy on Person One.

“The man is the biggest idiot I’ve ever come across, a spineless loathsome sicko.”

Freddy on Person Two.

Mr M. Uttley is a bloody idiot as well, slimy pompous weasel.

As Freddy rightly says;

“All we wanna do is have a laugh on YouTube without these trolls……”

A special announcement by Matt Taylor!

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