Their stupidity is truly shocking!

I’m still reeling from the discovery that both Person One and Person Two have come to the same conclusion that I am behind the much loved, intelligent and hugely popular F_R_E_D_D_Y YouTube channel….

As much as I respect, support and admire Freddy’s commitment to exposing and chronicling the trolling abuse which the Hoaxtead Research community inflict on the UK’s Truth/Conspiracy community; I could never do what he does because I’m serving a bloody 4 month prison sentence, suspended for 2 years, while working on a Community Service order.

And it’s beyond laughable that complete and utter brain dead stupid dumb-as-muck idiots like Person One and Two, would think I would risk my liberty and freedom, as a father to two children, with responsibilities to them and others, by putting myself into the lime light of YouTube, and the firing line, as Freddy has so admirally done himself.

It’s lunacy to think I am Freddy, and anyone who thinks I’m Freddy, are LUNATICS!

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