It’s been a funny weird week!

The usual idiots have been making a spectacle of themselves, as they always do.

Leading the pack is of course Needy Wanker from Germany, who just can’t help himself poking his nose into other people’s business, and getting it all wrong, as he always does.

I’m still laughing after he said that I’ve been ‘signalled,’ by the authorities to leave YouTube.

I really cannot stop laughing at his abject stupidity.

I can’t help but imagining what this so called ‘signal,’ would be?

How would the authorities ‘signal’ someone?

Oh, I think I remember now.

From my bedroom window I can see the rolling hills of Hollingbury, on the outskirts of Brighton, as the rolling hills lead onto the South Downs.

I do remember waking up one morning and seeing some flashes of light coming from farway on the crest of the hill.

That must have been the ‘signal’. Someone was signalling to me with a simple mirror to reflect the sunshine.

The message was in morse-code, and the signal was signalled with a small hand mirror.

It’s all coming back to me now, and if I remember the morse-code from my army days, the signal read:

“Stop going on YouTube Matthew Taylor. Leave YouTube now! Or else!”

Needy Wanker is without doubt the biggest prick on the Internet!

Next we had him getting his knickers in a twist, wrongly believing that I am behind the F_R_E_D_D_Y YouTube account.

Mind you, even he is getting confused, by what he himself believes.

“Yep. It’s him!”

But then, only 48 hours later he’s saying:

“It will be interesting to see who Freddy is.”

Then we had the DreamTeam takedown.

Having been a victim of YouTube porn bombing myself, by the despicable troll called Plisko the Leg End, the same appears to have happened to Brian Hurle and his infamous Dream Team.

Poor guys, they were having such fun, and the mean jealous trolls simply couldn’t abide other people having fun.

And then Shellie Mote stuck her Witch’s beak into proceedings.

Continuing to falsely claim I have three convictions for stalking, Shellie Mote has joined the ever growing list of trolls peddling lies and misinformation about me.

Read more: Join the Club!

Sadly Mote’s victims includes anyone (women only) who have shown any degree of support to me.

We all remember her comment in which she said any woman who supports me, either needs “a slap or a section”.

Poor Becky, (aka Sam Livington), 😢 has endured tremendously at the hands of Mote, so much so that she published a very distressing video, in which she is heard in tears, begging Mote to leave her alone.

But tragically, Shellie Mote refuses to stop!

Click here for her latest vicious tirade against anyone who dares to argue

Other than Needy Wanker, Mote and the porn bombing of the DreamTeam, I’ve been enjoying 😃 a fantastic nightly chat with Neelu Berry.

She’s been kind enough to join me on my Facebook TaylorTV! Podcasts and our conversations have been literally, OUT OF THIS WORLD!

I’m loving ❤ it, and I’m eager to chat with Neelu as much as I possibly can.

And Shellie Mote calls me a “predator,” and a “danger to women and children.”

How fucking dare she!!!!%%%#^#^÷^÷&^÷^÷^×_#&÷£÷(&#£×

Click here to see a side of Neelu Berry that the public don’t usually see!

Neelam Blue Diamond

Check out Guerrilla Democracy News to watch Neelu Berry on TaylorTV! Podcasts….

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