Let’s go on an adventure!

I heard a rumour that a vampire is buried in the graveyard of Seaford village.

That if a drop of blood touched the vampire’s skeleton, the body would be restored within 24 hours.

The vampire would forever be in your debt for bringing him (or her) back to life, and would vow to be your loyal servant as a matter of honour, and gratitude for being given life again.

While Vampires are a vicious and dangerous sub-species of Humanity, sharing the DNA of the drop of blood that revived them, stops them from feeding upon your own blood.

That’s why if you used your own blood to revive the vampire, the vampire will not only to 100% subservient to you, but you would be the one person he could never suck blood from.

But the adventure doesn’t stop just with a Vampire buried in a graveyard of Seaford village.

There are also the ruins of an ancient fairy city.

Somewhere near the Seaford village graveyard, are the ruins of an ancient fairy city.

It was worth saying twice because its such a ‘drop-the-mike’ moment!

And so off we set.

Let’s go on an adventure!

The entrance to the ancient fairy city found
The grave of a Vampire next to the Seaford Village Parish Church found. The inscription reads, ‘I will give thee a growth of life.’

Adventure over!

And the horses escaped the Seaford Village Stud farm and after racing free across the hills, galloped down the road, into the harness of a patient stable hand.

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