Fuck You Texas!

Fuck knows who Texas the psychic horse is, but I don’t appreciate him or her, commenting shit on my YouTube channel.

First off, the video in which he or she refers to, is outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, and not the Old Bailey.

“And those reporters”

There was one fucking reporter. One as in ‘singular,’ not ‘plural,’ as in more than one.

I noticed another commentator, as thick as Texas, once berated me for not walking away from the waiting reporter, rather than walk directly towards her.

Anyone can see from the short video above, that the metal rails outside the Royal Courts of Justice prevented me from going anywhere else. And that the reporter and camera man positioned themselves directly in my way, meaning that I had no other option was to walk up to them, and answer their questions.

Listen up Texas, you dumb arse fucking knob jockey, I don’t know who the fuck you are. You talk shite, and I urge you to stop wasting your own time and mine, by posting stupid dumb arse fucking comments on my YouTube channel….

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