As far as I can tell, the nonce from Preston, aka the wanker in the bushes, aka the Lancashire Loser, Preston Prowler, all round lurker, Noncey-nonce-fat-boy; maliciously started a psychological operation to get his adversaries in a tiswas, arguing over who Freddy is.

Divide and Conquer! An aged old satanic psychological technique of mass control.

Noncey-nonce-boy just sat back and enjoyed the show as it all exploded.


While these aren’t the exact words he used, this was what he said:

Never forget John Wanoa!

‘Someone has given me information to suggest F_R_E_D_D_Y (the popular YouTube Anti-Troll) is Leigh Dilligaf.’


Rest In Peace – Ian R Crane!

Leigh’s surname rhythms with ‘wanker,’ which I can assure you, Leigh is not.

Leigh is a wonderful man and human being, and I wish him all the best and fortune, life can offer.

But of course Noncey-nonce-boy exploded his stink bomb 💣 in the middle of the perverbual ‘school playground,’ and watched in delight as the kids fled in terror and fright from the obnoxious smell.

The obnoxious smell of Noncey-nonce-boy, the Preston Prowler who hides in bushes, and masturbates as cute arsed poodles 🐩 walk pass.

Who told him?

The big question is now being asked; who told Noncey-nonce-boy Leigh was Freddy!

Tink is being accused, based on the assumption that only three people knew Leigh’s surname (rhythms with wanker!) – of which Leigh is not, I hasten to add. He is a very nice man indeed…

1. Myself

Terry Rogers is NOT Matt Taylor!

2. Becky aka Sam Livington

Mad Monkey is NOT Becky!

3. Tink aka WhiteWalker

(We all deny telling Noncey-nonce-boy)

Freddy, who for the record, I highly recommend, support and admire, is under no obligation to break his cover, just to disprove he is Leigh.

But he has published a short clip, showing his left hand, which is tattooed.

Leigh has since published a short recording of his left hand and they both do not match, proving that Leigh is NOT Freddy, and Freddy is NOT Leigh.

Congratulations to Emma Raducanu

It’s been a right “parlarva”, as commentator Emily T is quoted as saying!

said Caroline Stephens

To delve deeper into this story, read the comments under this video: A Clue to who Freddy is?

And Lancashire’s Latest Lunancy from the Lancastrian Loser!

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