I Pity them!

I sometimes lay awake at night, thinking about the poor uneducated brain dead arseholes who decide to become my enemies.

I do pity them.

I pity their 100% belief in what they are doing and saying, has some kind of value or worth!

Oh how I pity them.

They are worthless useless eaters, blessed with amazing technology at their finger tips, free to come out with shite tripe, which if ⁸said only 50 years ago, would have seen them secure in a straight jacket, locked inside a padded cell.

They deserve our pity, not hate.

“Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

Jesus showed his trolls pity, as I do!


There is nothing more tragic and sad than poor lost souls, frantically scrambling around the internet, trying to find some kind of justification for their miserable and sad existences.

The stark truth is there is no justification for their pathetic existence, so they have to find reason for living, by attacking others.

I pity them because they don’t even know themselves.

They are oblivious to their own ‘selves.’ They are lost creatures of damnation, desperate to find meaning in their otherwise meaningless lives.

Oh how I pity them.

And I forgive them…

I forgive Grobnonce, better known in his neighbourhood as the Preston Prowler, (often found masturbating in bushes of the local park, knocking one out over the OAP’s walking past with the grandchildren trailing behind them. All the while cooking himself a pot noddle to keep his spirits up and farts flowing!)

I forgive him for cruelly suggesting I was superimposing Katy B’s head on a number of pornographic pictures of models, and masturbating over them.

(And when I say Katy B, I mean A1000 and not the famous singer Kate Bush!)

I know he knows it’s a vicious lie, only said to anger and provoke a reaction that he can use against me.

I forgive him for his constant and relentless campaign of harassment and stalking against me.

I understand how I am everything he wants to be, but simply isn’t good enough to be.

I pity Grobnonce as much as I forgive him.

Jealously can be fatal, and the jealously Grobnonce evidently feels towards me is eating him up from the inside out, like Cancer eats through an infected body.

I don’t blame him for being jealous. After all, I’ve succeeded in all the areas in life he’s failed.

He didn’t make the grade to become a soldier and to join the British Army, to be the best of the best.

He wasn’t good enough, whereas I passed the grade.

Grobnonce hasn’t had kids, because every female partner he’s had a relationship with, knew with certainty, that if they were to have kids, they would be in real and present danger from a paedophile father.

I’ve got two beautiful, popular and intelligent kids, whom I love, and who love me back equally.

I’ve got a magical imaginary girlfriend, who loves me and who wants me.

And I have a future as a successful entertainer, writer and film maker.

Where as the best Grobnonce has to look forward to is sex with his puppy 🐶 😫

I forgive him for calling me “InCel,” when if anyone is involuntarily celebrate, its him.

I grew up without a father in my life because my mother thought it better to have no father, than a bad father.

While Grobnonce rarely mentions his father, you can guess with certainty that there was no love between them.

I personally think Grobnonce is a closet homosexual, and it simply wouldn’t have been a option for him to ‘come out,’ to his dad.

And then talent. Talent v’s talent, Grobnonce wishes he had only a fraction of talent I possess.

He hasn’t even for the balls to show his face on the internet, without a gas mask.

I pity and forgive him equally.

As I forgive Shellie Mote too.

She didn’t know she was playing with the Daddy of the UK’s Truth/Conspiracy Community!

I forgive her for calling me a “Convicted Predator,“a danger to women and children,” and a “3 times convicted stalker!”

Shellie Mote has gone through unbelievable, traumatic and sadistic sexual abuse since she was 4 years old.

It’s tragic!

Taken by her own sadistically evil Grandmother, to the local priests for “confession,” since the age of only 4, because she had the “devil” in her, of course Mote’s mind would be damaged beyond compare.

To describe your own mother as a “criminal psychopath”, inevitably means that due to the very nature of genes and genetics, she herself is at least 50% psycho!

I forgive Shellie Mote because she is a damaged 💔 human being, who doesn’t know what she’s doing.

What has Brindle, Hind, Joking and Lashbrook all have in common?

They all identify with Santa!

I forgive James Hind, Tom Needs a Wank, and AJ of the Needs-to-be-on-a Leash Family!

I forgive Hind for calling me a ‘Santa Hunter,’ and promising to keep an eye on me.

I forgive NeedyWanker for falsely accusing me of putting his family in danger.

I forgive NeedyWanker for the last 4 years of his relentless campaign to either get me sent to prison, or locked up in a mental institution.

Tom the Twatt is becoming a laughing stock of the Internet following his ridiculous claims and vicious cyber bullying of anyone who argues against the existence of Santa’s Festive Abuse!
The Bavarian Monster – Click me to watch me!

Read more: They are idiots!

I forgive them all….

I forgive AJ of the Twatt Family….

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