Nadia working with Hind the self confessed Santa Hunter Hater and Santanist!

Let’s take a closer look at these pair of snides!

James Hind, who according to Nathaniel Harris, is Julian Vayne, “somehow” connected with Colin Batley, from the Batley satanic sex cult of Kidwelly in South Wales.

Here the runt says, “a referral to the benefits people might be in order.”

“a referral to the benefits people”

Maliciously ringing up someone and sprouting lies and bullshit, with the sole intention of causing your victim, alarm distress and fear.

And here we have the weasle Nadia cheering the satanist along.

“Totally agree”

Nadia Marshall who once said to me, “don’t worry Matt, whatever I say in public is only for the benefit of the trolls, and isn’t reflective of how I really feel towards you.”

What I really find offensive and very disturbing, (considering his alleged links with the Batley satanic sex cult), is his continuing insistence that everyone other than himself, is a danger to children.

Take as an example his comment above:

“I think the Satan Hunter’s interest in child protection is due to sinister purposes, nothing to do with the wellbeing of children.”

What a very very very peculiar thing to say.

Shellie Mote, Hinds (number one supporter), and evident by the clinging smell of Nadia, hovering around sucking up any horror which Mote and Hind leave behind themselves!

Shellie Mote boasts that she herself has “safe guarded,” the “wellbeing,” of over 300 children.

According to Mote’s own testimony, her grandmother sadistically abused her, and her mother was a diagnosed psychopath.

Mote has been violated since she was 4 years old and its sadly inevitable that she would grow up to be a damaged adult.

Using “Projection,” as the reason why Hind says he’s so interested in the protection of children, is clearly an admission that his own, and Mote’s interest in children and their wellbeing, is only a cover for more sinster purposes.

“Sinister Purposes”

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