WTF? James Hind

What the fuck is James Hind going on about, keeping a close eye on me? Monitoring others on a daily basis, and calling everyone under the Sun, “Satan Hunters.”

Really, wTF is James Hind going on about?

Why does he feel entitled to interfere in other people’s lives, by calling the benefit offices, and police stations to report BS.

It reminds me of one particular satanic related piece of cowardly scum-shit, who reported me as a bad father to the social services.

He too has values in common with Hind and Brindle- both self confessed satanists.

Who on Earth in the enlightened age of the 21 Century, would anyone want to identify with an ancient payan concept, more naturally suited to the Middle Ages?

James Hind is mad; as is everyone else who identifies as a satanist.

Noncey-Nonce-Boy and JoKing are complete and utter idiots to publicly pledge allegiance with Satan!

It’s the wrong move, considering we in the biblical end days!

But really, what is the score with James Hind?

The only other person talking about him on the Internet is Nathaniel Harris, who has a lot to say about him.

James Hind, whose real name is believed to be Julian Vayne, is linked to the Batley satanic sex cult.

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