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Addressing the false allegations of Satan Hunter Matt Taylor

Recently, I had to write a post in answer to the Satan Hunter Matt Taylor from Brighton UK, who tried to get at me by repeating the false allegations of one Nathaniel Harris. Not done with trying to ruin the name and life of an innocent man that was not me with fictional allegations, Matt Taylor has now reproduced a comment I made to Hoaxtead a couple of years ago on the subject of my work fighting paedophiles.

To start with, Taylor unkindly drew attention to a comment I made that I had been sexually abused as a child. This sex abuse was at the lower end of scale of sexual abuse, that I suffered at the age of six, along with my younger brother. The events of the [CENSORED] had over time triggered me, and in 2018 I reported the sex abuse to the police. Via the NHS I had PTSD group sessions in 2019 and individual therapy sessions in 2020/21. The sex abuse left me with PTSD and dissociation. The dissociation is lifelong, and is a natural reaction by the body in extreme trauma situations where the body prepares for death by shutting down pain and emotion; dissociation is my default response to stress. In 2021, when making another complaint to the police about Jeanette Archer, I accidently triggered another child abuse investigation when I mentioned in the complaint that I had been physically abused by a family member, and was triggered by a video that Archer had posted showing the physical abuse of a child. I did not want to proceed with that second child abuse investigation.

In the aftermath of my complaint to the police over sexual abuse, I was haunted by questions: why was I abused? what did I do wrong? why did the person abuse me? These questions resulted in a period of intense research into scientific studies on paedophiles, media interviews with paedophiles, paedophile stings, crime reports; anything that would answer these questions. During this period, an opportunity came up where I could serve on the moderator/admin team of a social media site.

Armed with the tools of a moderator, that included the ability to delete content, and suspend people, I dealt with users and content that included spammers, racists, hackers, flamers, trolls, and paedophiles. Part of my role was to identify and remove paedophiles from the site; which was where a team of two moderators worked together, one as a “child”, the other to deal with any paedophile that was discovered and communicated to them by the “child”. During my early months as a moderator it was frustrating with the lack of tools and freedom to do our job against a heavy workload. It was during this time that I posted comments to Hoaxtead about my experiences with paedophiles on that site, but due to fears of Satan Hunters being a nuisance I did not say I was a moderator or identify the site. It is these Hoaxtead comments that Matt Taylor has jumped upon to make more false allegations against me.

In the weeks after my comments on Hoaxtead, the site improved rapidly: we had a new team leader; we gained more powers; had more liberty to make decisions; the moderator team was increased in number; the rules added and improved. I served for nearly two years until my studies, work and other real life factors meant I no longer had the time to continue, and I retired as moderator. As a moderator I was good at what I did, and no doubt through my efforts of kicking scores of predators from the site, some users did not suffer abuse at their hands. As a moderator I had to abide by the protocols of the site, which had its own processes for dealing with law enforcement. The site works closely with law enforcement, and will hand over information on users on request. I learned a lot about paedophiles: their strategies; character; and the harm they cause. I learned a lot about the challenges of sites in dealing with paedophiles.

Matt Taylor has an obsession with throwing around accusations of paedophilia at people. Taylor was one of the horde of Satan Hunters who relentlessly pursued the children and families of [CENSORED] with false allegations of SRA; activity that earned him a court conviction. Taylor was investigated for possession of indecent images; he most recently says he is under police investigation over activities with boys in a wood. Taylor is subject to at least three police complaints against himself, and is very much at risk of having his suspended prison sentence activated if he is convicted in relation to these police complaints. Matt Taylor is in no position to be throwing stones at people considering his history.

Paedophiles like the ones I kicked out of that site, and Satan Hunters such as Matt Taylor, are horses that often run together; they share the same traits such as aggression, lack of empathy and obsession; and they keep coming back to prey on innocent people. If there is anything I learnt from fighting paedophiles and Satan Hunters, the answer to curbing them is through tools such as artificial intelligence, which can act in the background and identify these predators, stopping them in their tracks before they do damage to the innocent. This is the road I am interested in, by using the experiences I learned from encounters with paedophiles and Satan Hunters, and turning that into viable information technology products, that will permanently curb the activities of paedophiles and Satan Hunters on the internet.

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