Transcript of May on Taylor!

Stay tuned – Coming soon…

“I’m going to shed some light on this,  it’s going to be a bit of a, um, as far as I know this is, um, Matt’s, isn’t it?

Um, right what I’m going to say to all of you lot, and TA Rogers, (who is Matt), you’re all a bunch of fucking freaks.

Matt you’ve been around too many kids and too many women,  so you’ve got nothing to say. 

Now, so disturbing this is? How dare he?

Now Matt and all of your little friends and whoever your bitches are, we, I’ve reported Jeanette to the courts okay, my evidence went with that as well, now who else has been in contempt? Let’s have a think.

Matt, you’re in contempt but not for that. Angie was in contempt and actually um, put witnesses in danger.

Jeanette’s definitely been in contempt, twice three times, and as for Owen Lucas, yeah!

So why are you calling people paedophiles? 

And Matt, you’re still being questioned, so how many, how many kids have you shown videos now Matt?  

How many? How many women have you dragged in even though you’re a stalker?

Now for Matt of all people, who’s the weirdest fucker I’ve ever come across, and his bitches, this is rude, this is rude. I mean paedos don’t go down the woods with kids or have anything on the internet, do they, um Matt? 

Absolutely disgusting, Matt Taylor you’re a fuck up and so are all your friends, so is everyone you’re with.

Now, unless you’re got some evidence of this Matt? Looks like you, you’ve just got yourself in big big big trouble again.

So yeah, the majority of us who have got any education or safeguard training or anything like that, will report people that are breaking laws around protected children.

I’ve done it, many others have done it, it’s all coming out in the end.

It’s all coming out, the whole lot, so you can bitch and you can try and put people down, and you can do what you want but guess what?

Even as far as Ireland, you’re going to be pulled out, and it’s easy because you lot, you see the problem is, you like so many videos of yourselves over the years, wow, there’s a catalogue, so um yeah, it’s very very very very very very disturbing.

Matt, you seem to have a sexual obsession with what [inaudible] did in my childhood, that was when I was a baby, I mean that’s creepy as.

King Arthur, um what a load of shit, you’re full of shit. You Matt Taylor, you are a danger to society, absolute danger to society.

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