Shellie May Stops Donations to African Orphans, and drives Children to Starvation!

Bastion of ‘Truth’, ‘Integrity’ and ‘Evidence’, wicked witch Shellie May has condemned scores of African orphans to death from starvation, after reporting their guardian to police and authorities, for running a fake charity.

While earning £35,000 a year in 2017, I spent £100 a month supporting orphanages in Pakistan, The Gaza Strip and Africa.

As of today, living on Universal Credits, I cannot afford to donate anything to orphans around in the world. This is why I posted the pics above and below, urging anyone else to feed the orphans, because I wasn’t able to do so myself.

But alas, Shellie May has reported Mandela John to the appropriate authorities, and has stopped Mandela John being able to raise funds, to pay for the food the orphans need to survive.

I am not aware of Mandela John claiming to be a charity, and I am not aware of anyone complaining or claiming, Mandela John is a fraudster and scammer.

Contrary to her own high standards of ‘Truth,’ ‘Integrity,’ and ‘Evidence,’ she has condemned a man as a ‘scammer,’ without any evidence that he is a scammer running a fake charity, and as a result has condemned African orphans to death by starvation.

Check out Mandela John on Facebook and decide for yourself, whether he’s a scammer, as Shellie May has condemned him to be, without any evidence to suggest he is!

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