Shellie May condemns African Orphans to Starvation.

Mandela John from Uganda, has replied to Shellie May’s allegations implying he is a fraudster/scammer, operating a fake/scam charity, by not properly registering as a charity, to accept financial donations.

A champion of truth, integrity and evidence, Shellie May, aka Shellie Mote reported Mandela John to authorities, without any evidence of wrong doing.

Mandela John, who cares for dozens of children at his Uganda orphanage, is now unable to raise funds to feed the orphans in his care, and now faces a winter of starvation.

Shellie May has condemned scores of orphans to death by starvation, for maliciously reporting Mandela John to the authorities, for operating a fake charity.

This is just another example of the wickedness of self confessed Witch, Shellie May (or is it Mote?)

To find out more about Mandela’ God’s work he is doing here on Planet Earth, please check out his Facebook and show some support.

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