4 thoughts on “Thomas Niedermeier Threatens to “get police involved again.”

  1. This Thomas Niedermeier needs to stop threatening women all over the Internet and telling them he will ring the police for watching your content, it is cyberbullying
    That’s like telling the public not to watch sky news, Shelley O has surrounded herself with anonymous trolls, nothing but a witch-hunt and you Matt have the right to defend yourself against anonymous people calling you a stalker, you have never been charged for stalking, Thomas already said he will dox everyone who has supported you Matt, all the women. Is Thomas actually a man, could this Thomas be a women using a sock account to troll and harass women and men online, exactly what he accuses you of, will this Thomas fly over from Germany, I doubt that very much. Thomas is a very sick disturbed women or man, a fantasist at best


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