Extract from my 650 paged Affidavit, featuring Thomas Niedermeier


  1. I continue to receive malicious communications, and suffer harassment and stalking on a daily basis, leaving me extremely alarmed, distressed and living in fear.
  2. Below are a collection of malicious comments which are posted in the comments section of a Youtube channel called, ‘A Slice of Fruitcake,’ written by Tom Neidermeier, who I reasonably believe to be [CENSORED], and ‘A Slice of Fruitcake,’ who I reasonably believe to be Karen Irving, and another person identifying as Chris E, who pretends to be [CENSORED]. Posted between 31 March – 03 April 2020.
  3. Tniedermeier: “Taylor really is a personified catastrophe waiting to happen. A danger to himself and others. Imagine this was one of your neighbours. sigh. https://youtu.be/4yHAuKS8jDA”
  4. A Slice of Fruitcake: “The Brighton perv does love the sound of his own voice, doesn’t he. He’s done four live videos so far today, totalling well over 3 hours
  5. Chris e: “So , did the porky perv from brighton just get another visit at the end of his live, or is he just after attention again ?”
  6. A Slice of Fruitcake: “Well, he’s live again now. So let’s go check…”
  7. Chris e: “How is what Matt does not political fraud? He pretends to be a candidate / representative and asks for donations . Surely thats illegal?”
  8. Tniedermeier: “Taylor really is a phenomenon. I am looking forward to visit him in prison.”
  9. A Slice of Fruitcake: “We’re going to report you to Sussex Police, Matt. Thanks for asking. https://i.postimg.cc/sXgSN0T0/Screenshot-3287-Copy.png. #AnotherBailBreach

SubJudice #ContemptOfCourt #HoleDigging”

  1. Tniedermeier: “A Slice of Fruitcake That idiot. He really needs to be banned from internet access.”
  2. A Slice of Fruitcake: “Matt’s daily live crap. Today he talks about [CENSORED] “satanists” and claims to be a victim of “an occult sect” and “an alleged cult leader”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUmpY4D0B4Y He also calls on the UK and US media to pick up on it and admits to sharing Jesus’s stuff (on [CENSORED]) far and wide.”
  3. Tniedermeier: “A Slice of Fruitcake Imagine the amount of internet bandwidth wasted by deluded idiots like Taylor or Devine. They should be limited in some way. Good that only very few people watch this sad, evil rubbish. The video from my last coloscopy had more viewers. And it looked better and was more entertaining, too. “
  4. Tniedermeier: “When you really contemplate the existence of extraterrestrial live, you get another reason to lock Taylor up. Imagine ET landing and encountering him as first human. They will likely look at him, conclude “no intelligence in this lifeform, but a series of very dangerous genetic and evolutionary defects”, jump back into their spaceship and destroy the planet to keep the biohazard from spreading.”
  5. I am unable to post anything on my Facebook page, without it being copied, stored, shared and lambasted by the person who I reasonably believe to be [CENSORED].
  6. For example, I wish to evidence this comment by Walter Neidermeier – walter Niedermeier:
    “The numpties are in full bullshit mode. Taylor is selling footage from the TV series „the royals“ as real. What a pathetic loser
  7. In this comment directed towards another victim of their Hoaxtead Research community gang stalking called Tracey Benjamin, we read how they congratulated themselves on intentionally triggering people, which I know from personal experience, causing immense distress, alarm and fear.
    Tniedermeier: “She got so paranoid that she thinks everyone is me. I always include my name in my avatars, in contrary to her. Even in her trolling she sucks. My last message to her https://youtu.be/NTmQWqXdBzM”
  8. A Slice of Fruitcake: “@tniedermeier Wait – I thought I was you! That’s what they told me anyway. Great work triggering her, btw”
  9. A Slice of Fruitcake: “More of Taylor loving the sound of his own voice.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx9uQy_WxwQ We get another honourable mention, btw. We’ve triggered him again 🤭”
  10. Tniedermeier: “No Matt. My goal is get you for life. Locked up, that is. Have a nice day. And try the slider labeled “Volume” next time.”
  11. Malicious communications received from other members of the Hoaxtead Research Community, include the following from Alan Mitchell via Skype; Alan, 12:34 on 04/04/2020: “Dont worry matty you will be in jail soon getting sore knees
    and biteing your pillow.” Alan, 12:42 on 04/04/2020: “When you goto jail matt it will be like the scene from deliverance squeeel little piggy.”
  12. And Sam Best, 04/04/2020 via Youtube comments: “Fucking nutcase. Just watching Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur and it reminded me of the complete failure and fantasist in Brighton who thinks he is a Hollywood film producer and a would- be Harvey Weinstein. Has about the talent of Harvey’s little finger but about as ugly as Harve and that’s..pretty fucking ugly. What a goose. Still, suppose it takes all kinds but honestly I hope to God there are no more Matt Taylor’s ? out there seeing they did away with Loony Bins. Whatever happened to that Wood Chipper bloke? Still
    incarcerated?. They might let him out now with this virus even though he probably thinks it’s all a plot.”
  13. On 05/04/2020, I video was uploaded to the Youtube account of Paddy McCarthy, which publicises my 2018 sentence against [CENSORED]. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDAaImMpc5k
  14. The first comment under the video is by Tniedermeier, who comments; “This is to the point. Thanks for uploading.”
  15. Another video uploaded on 26/12/2019, to a Youtube account called Brain Washed, again publicises my conviction for stalking and harassment and the allegation of the possession and making of child pornography.
  16. I am subjected to this constant, fixated, unwanted, obsessive and malicious behaviour, on a daily basis, as are many others.
  17. Other people who have reported themselves as victims of the Hoaxtead Research community include:
    :Andrew : Devine,
    Angela Power-Disney,
    Jake Clarke,
    Neelu Berry,
    Edward Ellis,
    John Paterson,
    Kaley Einav,
    Tracey Benjamin,
    UK Fraud & Corruption,
    Androulla Theodorou ,
    Deborah Mahmoudieh ,
    John Banks ,
    Lee Cant ,
    Belinda McKenzie ,
    Sabine McNeill and Jon Wedger.
  18. Exhibited as AD/01, an email from :Andrew :Devine dated 9 April 2020, confirming as first hand witness, of information provided within this Affidavit as true and correct. https://%5BCENSORED%5Dvstaylor.blogspot.com/2020/04/andrew-devine-witness-statement-in.html
  19. Unable to fully chronicle the full extent of the daily abuse I receive, I wish to exhibit the following links as MT/10, as examples of the malicious comments and stalking I’m a victim of.
  20. I also wish to exhibit MT/11, three youtube videos, you also chronicle the malicious abuse I’m receiving.
  21. My mental health has been deteriorating steadily since 2017, and I am so concerned that I am taking steps to contact mental health authorities, with the aim of an assessment and request for help.
  22. I wish to exhibit as UGS/01, Youtube video uploaded by Kaley Einav, to her Youtube account called, UmbrellaGrape Solutions, in which she also chronicles the malicious harassment and stalking she receives on a daily basis.
  23. I wish to exhibit as UKF/01, two Youtube videos published to a Youtube channel called UK Fraud and Corruption, which presents new information linking [CENSORED], to serious child abuse, including child snuff movies and child trafficking. This information has been forwarded to the police and security intelligence agencies. https://youtu.be/aylXeQSUOZUhttps://youtu.be/MWwi2iBo5pU
  24. On Tuesday 26 May 2020, I was provided with new information from :Andrew :Devine, proving that Tom Niedermeier, (whom I had reasonably believed to be a sock puppet account used by [CENSORED],) wasn’t [CENSORED]. I exhibit this as AD/02. https://hoaxtardtrollwatch.blogspot.com/2020/05/tom-niedermeier-is-not-%5BCENSORED%5D.html
  25. I continue to reasonably believe [CENSORED] is either accessing Tom Niedermeier’s accounts or encouraging him to send me malicious communications, in light of a comment that both Tom Niedermeier, and a sock puppet account, called The Fruitcake Muncher’s Club (whom I reasonable believe is Karen Irving), have a “mutual Friend.”
  1. 461. Tom Niedermeier uses three accounts to leave malicious communications, of which I
    contend could be shared with others.

462. I continue to receive daily malicious communications from Thomas Niedermeier, with a section below.

HR/01 – A list of blogs about me published by Hoaxtead Research.
SP/01 – Video by Sparkles mentioning how I’ve been gaslite by the Hoaxtead Research community.
VJ/01 – Email to Veritas Justice confirming I am a victim of crime.
HP/01 – Transcript of the [CENSORED] children’s testimony against their [CENSORED]
MT/01 – Video of me reporting harassment and stalking to Sussex Police on 21 June 2019.
MT/02 – Email to Inspector Christopher Thompson with reference to my complaint of harassment and stalking against [CENSORED] and Karen Irving.
MT/03 – Youtube video of Sussex Police/PC Colin Read, threatening me with arrest on 21 September 2019.
MT/04 – My claim for £2million damages against Sussex Police and other parties, filed at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on 23 September 2019.
JP/01 – Mrs Justice Pauffley’s Court Order dated 10 February 2015.
JP/02 – Mrs Justice Pauffley’s Court Order dated 19 March 2015.
VD/01 – Short extract from the BBC Victoria Derbyshire interview in which [CENSORED] says he’s been accused of being a “Satanic sex cult paedophile ring leader,” by this own children.
RD/01 – Facebook comment by [CENSORED], expressing his wish to sue Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many many more.
RD/02 – Facebook comment by {CENSORED], allowing his children unsupervised contact with his friends.
RD/03- Ebay 2017 video showing [CENSORED] and his children, in violation of the Mrs Justice Pauffley 19 March 2015 court order.
FC/01 – Video by Fraud & Corruption UK, chronicling [CENSORED] pseudonyms and businesses.
FC/02, a Youtube video uploaded by Fraud and Corruption UK, which links [CENSORED] email, to the sock puppet account of Tom Neidermeier.
FC/03, a list of [CENSORED] Youtube accounts, identified by Fraud and Corruption UK.
MT/05- A selection of links to malicious comments from Tom Neidermeier, whom I reasonably believe to be [CENSORED].
TN/01 – Comment dated 05/04/2020 by Tom Neidermeier stating how he filed a police report with Sussex Police regarding harassment and stalking.
TN/02 – Comment dated 05/04/2020 by Tom Neidermeier calling me a convicted stalker.
MT/06 – Email to Sussex Police Inspector Christopher Thompson, asking to confirm the identity of Tom Neidermeier.
DM/01 – Link to Daily Mail article about the [CENSORED] case dated 05/01/2020.
PE/01 – Link to independent blog about the [CENSORED] case dated 01/01/2020.
VD/02 – Full BBC Victoria Derbyshire interview with [CENSORED].
MT/07 – Youtube video of David Noakes saying there is “something satanic about [CENSORED]”
SG/01 – A pdf published on MrXInvestigations, complaining that Sussex Police have failed me, as they failed Shana Grice.
MT/08 – A pdf published on MrXInvestigation, Sussex Police Hall of Shame.
MT/09 – A blog published on MrXInvestigations, Chief Constable Giles York stands down in shame.
UGS/01 – A youtube video uploaded by Kayle Einav, chronicling her own malicious harassment and stalking, she receives on a daily basis, by the Hoaxtead Research community.
MT/10 – Three links to HoaxtardWatch.blogspot.com which chronicle the continuing harassment, stalking and malicious communications, I receive on a daily basis from the Hoaxtead Research community.
MT/11 – Three links to Youtube videos, which further chronicle the daily harassment, stalking and malicious communications, I receive on a daily basis from the Hoaxtead Research community.
UKF/01 – Youtubes videos which presents new information linking [CENSORED], to serious child abuse, including child snuff movies and child trafficking.
MT/12 – Email to Sussex Police officer Anna Batchelor, reporting intimidation and threat from Mark Waters dated 9 April 2015.
MT/13 – Screen-shot of receipt CDS-39755-20-4700-000, requesting prosecution papers in relation to [CENSORED] v’s Taylor Harassment case.
AD/01 – An email from :Andrew :Devine dated 9 April 2020, confirming as first hand witness of this information provided within this Affidavit as true and correct.
MT/14 – Sick note from Dr Winters dated 19/11/2019
PB/01 – https://youtu.be/-mPzhcRtNQc Uncut version of a conversation between DC Andy Mountford-Laker and Paris Barrington
PB/02 – https://youtu.be/c6foEzHSbP0 Is Matt Taylor a paedophile extended version.
PB/03 – https://youtu.be/yODfmQpcy_Q Paris Admitting to Firearm Offences investigation.
PB/04 – https://youtu.be/tJBuPlVulxY Paris Barrington speaking to PC Michael Clarke from Northampstonshire Police on 27 March 2020.
PB/05 – https://youtu.be/Yj2iIchQg54 This is the most damaging conversation between Paris and Andy, which demonstrates the solicitation of Paris by Sussex Police to make a malicious allegation against Matt Taylor.
PB/06 – https://youtu.be/7m8Re0c2Mos Proof Sussex Police are out to get Matt Taylor.
APD/01 https://youtu.be/1H–PaMC3Dk, Video uploaded by Angela Power-Disney, in which she describes the online harassment, stalking and intimidation she receives from someone, she reasonably believes to be [CENSORED], has driven her to have suicidal thoughts.
AD/02 – Proof that Tom Niedermeier is not [CENSORED] https://hoaxtardtrollwatch.blogspot.com/2020/05/tom-niedermeier-is-not-%5BCENSORED%5D.html

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