I can answer Sharon Gale’s question about Anker!

Pissed (and grieving) Sharon Gale has asked the question how a person connected with the Wilfred Wong child kidnap case, was put in touch with leading lady Angela Power-Disney.

I can answer that question; I take claim for connecting the German family of the mother involved in the Wilfred Wong child kidnap case, in my capacity as the editor of Guerrilla Democracy News.

The German family contacted me with the offer of reporting their side of the story, but I forwarded them to Andy Devine, because of the satanic ritual abuse connection, of which Guerrilla Democracy News shy’s away from reporting, due to a recent harassment conviction involving a number of Guerrilla Democracy News articles about satanic ritual abuse.

How dare Sharon Gale say APD needs to be in prison! DISGRACEFUL! SHAMEFUL!

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