Unlike Hind I am 100% Transparent

When Shellie Mott/Mote/May called a Ugandan Facebook friend a scammer operating on my Facebook page, I replied to the accusation by publishing the whole history of my conversation with Mandela, which was initiated by him on 16 June 2020.

100% Transparent

Unlike fanatical satanist James Hind, I am happy to publish all my private conversations, because I have nothing to hide.

My conscience is clear. I have no shame, because there is nothing in my life I’m ashamed of doing.

I maintain my innocence, because I am innocent.

If that’s a possibility you find hard to accept, then hard luck. What am I expected to do about it?

James Hind would never publish the full Facebook messenger conversation with the Kent paedophile/groomer, as I’ve published the unedited and full private conversation with Mandela John, a Ugandan Facebook friend, which Shellie Mott/Mote/May accused of being a scammer.

Shellie may yet be proved right!

Show us the ‘Evidence’?

Where’s your ‘Integrity’?

Here is what James Hind has published about me (and Sam Baldwin) on Twitter in the last 48 hours.

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