Decoding [redacted]

“James does help people, I can attest to that and would attest to that, um, in a court of law if necessary, but he’s being attacked right now from lots of different angles, from the whole Matt Taylor rubbish.

You know, we know how Matt Taylor harassed and became obsessed with me. He sent me emails to the point where police had to be involved, and had to go and speak with him and warn him about his behaviour by way of words of advice.”

James does help people. He helped the paedophile groomer from Kent, by failing to report him. Contrary to his promise as the site moderator to “identify and remove paedophiles.”

And we know how Hind has helped this individual to report me to Sussex Police.

Why would anyone want to attest to, um, anything about James Hind in a Court of Law.???


What is so special about James Hind that anyone would feel the need to attest as to his good character, in, um, a Court of Law?

A good character in which it’s not in his “nature,” to “ruin the lives,” of paedophile groomers?

Am I missing something?

“He’s being attacked right now from lots of different angles.”

Oh really, and from what “different angles,” are these attacks coming from?

Wouldn’t a rationally minded person think to distance themselves from someone who’s being attacked from “different angles”?

And of-course, he isn’t just being attacked from “different angles,” he’s also being attacked by different people.

Other than the comedy gold of watching Sharon Gale get Hind wrong, his most vocal nemesis is Nathaniel Harris.

James Hind has been making a lot of enemies by calling everyone Satan Hunters. Jeanette Archer, Owen Lucas, Samantha Baldwin and Angela Power-Disney are only a few of his victims.

“The whole Matt Taylor rubbish!”

It is a crime against children to discredit my exposure of James Hind as “rubbish.”

What this person calls “rubbish”, other’s have called “fantastic research,” “a brilliant blog post,” “absolutely fantastic work,” and “a rather superb analysis of James Hind satanic views and his online activities.”

Thank you Bleeding Heart
Thank you Freddy
Thank you TA!

It is far from “rubbish,” to reveal to an unbeknownst audience, that the person currently reporting multiple people to the police, Mold court and the Attorney General, for what he describes as, “a form of child abuse,” namely naming Child X, has himself joined a pre-teen/teenager social media site as a moderator, with the promise to “identify and remove paedophiles” by working as a team, where one acts as a 12-year-old boy decoy; but then failed to keep his promise, and as a result failed the children he was entrusted to protect.

The question isn’t whether Hind’s failure to report paedophiles in the pre-teen/teenager online chatroom, resulted in other children being targeted and abused by paedophiles, but RATHER, HOW MANY children were targeted and abused by online paedohiles, as a direct result of Hind’s failure to report the paedophiles he identified to police?

If anyone thinks raising these issues is “rubbish,” then that person(s) are paedophile protectors at best, and paedophiles at worse.

“You know, we know how Matt Taylor harassed and became obsessed with me.”

This is slander and will be reported to Sussex Police. I have never been arrested or charged in anything to do with this individial, and the only brain in which anyone thinks I have harassed him, or am in any way obsessed or fixated with him, is in his own pathetic mind.

His “husband,” is as real as my “magical imaginary girlfriend“!

“He sent me emails to the point where police had to be involved,”

Read for yourselves the two emails sent, and determine for yourselves whether police needed to become involved.

“and had to go and speak with him and warn him about his behaviour by way of words of advice.”

Lets not forget that this person admits to being a member of The Satanic Temple.

These satanists, (and I’m safe in saying “satanists,” because both the individual slandering me, and James Hind both confess to being members of The Satanic Temple.) These Satanists are using the police as their personal play things, to send round to torment their victims, unwittingly getting police officers to participate in their satanic rituals of tormenting and destroying their latest victims.

We have evidence of this in this clip below in which the individual states in no uncertain terms, that its all about his ego.

“I don’t want to be mentioned by you. Don’t use my name in anything to do with your work. But the stick keeps poking me and poking me. If it doesn’t stop then, just as I dealt with Matthew Taylor, I’ll do it again because its no skin of my nose! I will not accept it.”

He clearly states that, “just as he dealt with Matthew Taylor, I’ll do it again because its no skin of my nose.”

He’s essentially confessing to wasting police time by making a false allegation against me for harassment and stalking (no doubt based on the advice of James Hind,) when in truth it was a power-play, to make himself feel better after being called a “Jonathan King” look-alike.

Read more: [redacted} Demands a Public Apology

In the same way he doesn’t want his name “mentioned,” and that he’ll deal with them, how he “dealt” with me, (namely to waste police time, by making a malicious allegation), he would “do it again”!

Notice the use of words he uses in a recent tweet about me.

“Still can’t quite get over being dealt with.”

The same references to being “dealt with,” and ‘spoken to,’ and ‘warned,’ are prevalent through the video below with the Channel’s name of “You got Owned.”

Its interesting to note that this video was published on the Bank Holiday Monday 31 May 2021, the day after Sussex Police visited me, “to go and speak with him and warn him about his behaviour by way of words of advice.”

“Been a lovely sunny weekend on the beaches. Loads of police about… Bet they’ve been busy in Brighton last couple of days!”

Do you think James Hind grooms his new initiates to The Satanic Temple, the same way he groomed paedophile’s into believing he was a 12-year-old boy?

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