James Hind is ‘indirectly’ abusing my children.

Child abuse comes in many forms and guises.

Sexual, physical and emotional child abuse destroys lives.

I fundamentally disagree with James Hind’s assertion that naming Child X in the Wilfred Wong Kidnap case, is “a form of childabuse,” for the simple reason that no harm came to the child as a result.

It was only sold as “a form of child abuse,” to justify Hind’s satanic agenda of ruining the lives, of anyone he deems a “Satan hunter.”

James Hind is dangerously peculiar in my opinion.

Whereas when James Hind publicly publishes comments, which can be read by my children and my children’s friends, its directly causing them emotional distress to see and hear people calling for their father to be imprisoned.

It is a form of child abuse.

Having no sympathy for your victims, is a sure fire sign of being a psychopath.

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