Viewing Figures for this Week!

It’s been a massive week for Taylor’s Freedom blog, seeing the publication of at least five extremely controversial blogs, clashing with well known figures in the Truth Movement such as James Hind, Shellie Mote and Tom Niedermeier.

Is James a Paedophile?

Analysing Hind’s Response

Analysing May

Is Mandela John a scammer?

Extract of my 650 pages Affidavit featuring Tom Niedermeier

Viewing figures for Taylor’s Freedom over this turbulent week.

Taylor’s Freedom

Viewing figures for Mr.X Investigations

Mr.X Investigations

Viewing figures for Exposing the Hoaxtead Trolls, (still very much seen as a valuable source of information on the Hoaxturd Research community.)

Exposing the Hoaxtead Trolls

Viewing figures for Guerrilla Democracy News remain constant.

Guerrilla Democracy News

While the viewing figures for my more obscure blogs are plummeting.

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