Who’s Stalking Who?

A very interesting thing happened in the early hours of today.

Unable to sleep and fretting over the behaviour of a certain dip-shite individual, who has negatively impacted on my life to such the extent that I’ve been driven into self imposed exile from YouTube; I decided to experiment with the technologies I have available, and do something out of the box.

It was past 2am when I released three minutes of dialogue, which after publishing, I thought better of it and put it on private.

As a well known YouTuber such as myself, I often try out new mediums, new approaches and new ideas. It’s all about pushing the boundaries, breaking new ground and doing things you’ve never done before.

Sometimes it feels right to express yourself, and sometimes it doesn’t.

In the early hours of today, I did something which didn’t feel right, and having released an experimental idea, I thought better of it, and changed my mind, instead putting it onto private.

It was past 2am, who would have noticed. Who would have cared?

Low and behold, within mere minutes of doing it, look what the ManChild posted on his twitter-

Pictures added after the event – otherwise just a black screen!

What the actual funky fuck is he doing?

He accuses me of stalking him, he accuses me of being obsessed and fixated on him, but within minutes of me posted something past 2am in the morning, this snivelling prick has captured my footage, and published it on his twitter!

It goes without saying:

All rights are reserved. No part of any of my publications may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without my prior permission.

I’ve made this declaration before, and other YouTubers are aware that I am liable to put in copyright strikes against anyone who uses my material without my permission.

The ManChild has said it himself, with regards to his own material.

But yet he feels justified in using mine, after I had put it on private, meaning I didn’t want it put out I the public domain.

And what’s all this Hail Satan bullshit? He has the audacity to say I’ve lost the plot, but yet here we have a cunt, (there simply is no better word to describe the snivelling piece of shite,) running to the police claiming I’m stalking him, when he evidently records everything I published, even if it’s a few minutes of experimental rubbish, published in the early hours of the morning.

I would love to know what his magical imaginary hubby makes of all his obsessive behaviour towards me?

A friend once told me that he fancies me!

I’m now pretty sure he does. And the mere thought of it makes me sick!

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