That’s Strange!

The snivelling coward prick called Dave Strange is all butt-hurt because I’ve published a video nasty highlighting his love of gobbling the arse of Alan the Mouse.

What Dave the snivelling coward prick is referring to above is that I’ve sent out an email in which the following people’s emails are free to be seen by all recipients.

Angela Power-Disney (APD)

Jon Wedger

Shellie Mote

Nicky Cooper

Katie Boyle

Harry Munker

Sonia Poulton

Jeanette Archer

This followed an unsolicited email I recieved from a person called Katy Bourne, ending with a classic Alan of the Mouse catchphrase, “Tick tock.”

No one likes to receive an email like the above, but that’s the kind of abuse I get on a near hourly basis.

I never doxxed the email addresses of APD, Wedger, Cooper, Munker, Boyle, Poulton, Mote and Archer; Katy Bourne did so by sending out an email with those people’s email addresses visible to all.

The 8 email addresses had already been doxxed…

In fact the only person who voiced their concern was APD, (or Angie as I like to call her!)

Notice how even APD replied to all too!

As far as I’m aware the 8 well known personalities in the Truth Community, had previously released their emails into the public domain, and as such, no personal information had been released.

How can it be doxxing, if the information released was already readily available in the public domain?

I like to see the silver lining in every situation, and on this occasion I thought it was an ideal opportunity to raise awareness of my own online activity, by replying to the 8, with my own update.

After all, I’d had never sent an email to Mote, Wedger, Poulton, Archer or Munker before, and now was as good an opportunity as ever!

And I thought that while I was sending an update to the 8, I may as well send it too all my other online friends too.

So I also BCC’d a number of other people, including Freddy, Becks, Emily, Justin, Richard D Hall, Dave Strange and many others.

But yet Dave felt it prudent to grass me up to Alan the Mouse!

Alan was so pleased, he replied swiftly with the following:

The next video being published within minutes, claiming I’ve doxxed people, based purely on Dave’s strange comments!

Strange Dave was more than happy to help!

Which prompted my piss take –

But the snivelling coward Dave is all butt-hurt now, and made a complaint against my TikTok account, the platform being the place I uploaded the video nasty!

Dave readily admits he’s a nobody, and as such will never receive an email update from me again!

Fuck you Dave, you snivelling coward prick!

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