Christopher Brindle Follows James Hind in Trolling a Dead Man.

It comes as no surprise that The Preston Turd, aka Christopher Brindle aka Grobnob the Troll, is the latest to publicly dishonour the memory of Ross Broadstock, and in doing so, inflicting emotional abuse upon Ross’s three teenage boys, by celebrating the death of their father, while they go through such anguish of losing their loving dad, and having to endure their worst nightmare.

But of course satanists like Brindle and Hind don’t give a shit about the feelings of others, let alone the feelings of three teenage boys, a wife and a bigger community, who have lost a man well loved, respected and admired.

Both Brindle and Hind know that when they die, no one will even notice, let alone shed a tear in sorrow.

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