Thoughts on Paris!

Paris Barrington

Right off the bat Paris said, (or words to this effect), that I knew those damn phones of his were stolen.

(Disclaimer: I will refer to Paris as ‘him’ as a sign of disrespect)

I didn’t know they were stolen because CM (Clarice Guttman) told me that she had exchanged those phones for a laptop.

But yet Paris continues to put out the lie that I knew those phones were stolen.

That’s a clear sign of dishonesty in my humble opinion.

He also goes onto say that the only reason I’m attacking him, is because he’s attacking Andy Devine.

Again, this isn’t necessarily true. Andy Devine can look after himself, and doesn’t need me defending him in anyway shape of form.

Now if he had said I’m attacking him because of John Wanoa! Then that would be true and accurate.

I hate elderly abuse as much as child abuse. And again, in my humble opinion, whenever Paris describes the so called, ‘King’s Bench,’ as a ‘scam,’ he’s abusing John Wanoa.

Nothing John Wanoa has ever done has been a ‘scam,’ and its disgraceful of Paris to rubbish John Wanoa’s life works, dreams and ambitions, as a ‘scam.’

He expects us to respect his gender transition, while at the same time, falsely accusing innocent people of being ‘scammers’.

The man is totally off his rocker!

He’ll never be a woman because he’s got a black man’s heart, and I’m not taking about the colour of your skin.

I’m talking about one’s compassion in one’s heart.

Paris infamously threatened to dox the address of my children and ex partner, because I had failed to “beg” for his forgiveness about stealing those damn phones of his.

No one with a compassionate heart would threatened to dox children. It’s disgusting.

He also infamously was heard ordering Kayle to get on her hands and knees, to also beg forgiveness and even, ‘suck his cock!’

The man is off his rocker! And a danger to the YouTube community.

It’s very common in our so called ‘Truth Movement,” to claim we only attack people because those people attacked us first!

But in the case of Paris and I, I only attacked Paris because he attacked me first!

He once said to me that he was going to make sure I lose my home and end up living in a cardboard box.

I replied that I’d make sure he lose his boat.

I still remember watching in fascinated horror, his Facebook lives back in early 2019, when he mercilessly attacked me and others, night after night after night.

He had given £1000 to help John Wanoa and others!

We haven’t heard the end of it ever since.

And then do you remember that time when Brian Hurle called him a paedophile????

Paris broke down in tears and warned him that if he persisted in calling him a paedo, he would kill himself.

But it’s alright for him to imply I’m a paedophile because I split up with the mother of my children.

Who’s the paedophile? Myself, who’s in a loving relationship with a mature woman for the last seven years; or a single man, confused about his gender, living on a boat, (which is common practice for paedophiles because they can move between county lines without registering their home address,) and someone who wants to fight paedophiles by pretending to be those 14 year old decoys, who entice paedophiles on the internet to meet up?

I don’t hate Paris, as he makes out I do.

I’m indifferent to him. He says terrible things about me, and give it back in kind.

One last thing! Remember I said he’s got a black man’s heart, and I’m not talking about the colour of skin!

Well that comment to Kayle (Stinky Knickers) below perfectly illustrates why he’ll always have a black man’s heart.

Black as in dark and mean, and a man’s heart, because a woman would never say what he says to another woman.

In my humble opinion Paris is a vile person who should know better!

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