Matt Taylor is New Stalking Arrest Horror!

Real life Jack Reacher, Ex Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor, 51, from Brighton UK, was arrested on Friday 18 November 2022, following an allegation of Stalking with Violence.

Matt Taylor

Having sent a letter of commendation to PC Paddy Stewart, who days earlier had investigated a complaint of harassment against him by a well known anti-extremist activist called Shellie Mote, PC Stewart assured the ex black op’s soldier, that a mark would be put in his address, that meant they wouldn’t act in any malicious and frivolous complaints made against him.

PC Stewart’s words meant nothing, when within a week, six Sussex Police officers were storming through his home, wrestling Taylor to the ground in a scene out of a Jack Reacher movie.

Arrested on lame, tame and flimsy evidence, all of Taylor’s computer equipment was seized, over 20 items in all including his Internet router and PS4.

Is there a larger conspiracy at play?

Kicking off his 2024 Brighton Kemptown General Election campaign, and well on his way to securing £200 million investment from the Saudi Investment Fund, Taylor was set to turn his dream of a King Arthur II Film and TV Studios into reality, putting it at the heart of his 2024 Brighton Kemptown General election campaign.

Police Harassment/Targeted Individual

A pattern has now emerged that Taylor is arrested on a near yearly basis, in which his computer equipment is seized, and returned on average a year later, after the investigation is NFA’d. (No Further Action.)

Having been arrested on such charges of taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of babies being beheaded, to allegations of failing to provide the police his address within three days of receiving a SPO and for numerous charges of harassment and stalking, Taylor again finds himself the victim of malicious and frivolous allegation made against him by the online Satanic Temple community.

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Arrested, charged and convicted of harassing a well known name in the UK’s Truth Movement, (but a name that cannot be printed on Guerrilla Democracy News for legal reasons,) Taylor has been targeted by other Satanic Temple members, such as alleged satanic cult leader James Hind from Brighton, German based professor Thomas Niedermeier and Canadian born blogger Karen Irving.

Vilified as the character ‘IT,’ from the Stephen King novel, branded ‘The Brighton Beast,’ and a ‘sexual predator’, Taylor has himself endured years of online abuse which has resulted in a number of his social media platforms being removed and cancelled.

Falsely accused of being a three times convicted stalker, Taylor is seen as a media celebrity on YouTube, famed for his wacky, crazy and zany 6-9 hour long YouTube marathon shows..

Having built himself a loyal fan base over the years, Taylor is said to be feeling “shell shocked and raw,” following his latest arrest by Sussex Police.

Taylor has been bailed until 15 February 2023, where he predicts, (based on past behaviour by Sussex Police), that the bail will be extended until the end of 2023, where-after the case will be NFA’d and his computer equipment returned damaged.

Abandoned by Sussex Police who fail to investigate and act upon any complaint Taylor makes, Taylor has been a victim of a constant stream of malicious and frivolous complaints made against him since 2015.

Taylor was first arrested for Affray on 25 Janurary 2015, when while standing as the independent parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, his election office was attacked by two thugs, who attacked Joe Neilson (a colleague of Taylor’s) on the doorstep of his house, which Neilson claims he would have been killed if Taylor didn’t intervene and repelled the attack.

After the two officers finished joking and laughing with their assailants outside the property in 318 Southcoast Road Peacehaven, both Taylor and Neilson were arrested for affray and detained for over 15 hours, while their assailants were allowed to walk free.

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The charges against Taylor and Neilson were later dismissed and no further action taken.

Joe Neilson, 76 and disabled, continues to live abroad, too scared to return to his home in fear he will be killed.

His home is being stolen from under his nose and Sussex Police continue to do nothing about it.

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Comments from the UK’s satanic Community include:

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