How Satanists Use the Police!

Leading the charge in getting the police to do Satan’s work is Brighton-based Satanic cult leader James Hind.

With the definition of laws and statutes readily accessible online, would be detectives can now argue with confidence that a certain targeted individual of their choice, can be sold as a dangerous criminal, worthy of arrest, investigation and prosecution.

Wasting police time by maliciously reporting targeted individuals of their choice, Satanists have found a wicked and easy way to hold sacrifices, with the officers in blue, doing all the hard work (and sin) for them.

For their own personal twisted satisfaction, and the satisfaction of their covens.

Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer’s pounds, whittled away on pointless arrests, investigations and prosecutions of a number of individuals, including those individuals who named Child A in the Wilfred Wong child kidnap/rescue case.

This only happened because of the reports and complaints made by Brighton-based satanic cult leader James Hind and his minions.

He boasted of reporting anyone who mentioned Child A’s name to Mold Crown Court, the Attorney General and Police.

While Child A wasn’t in my immediate danger of being named, James Hind and his satanic minions, made such a fuss over it, that the police felt harangued into taking action.

James Hind hasn’t stopped there! He’s continued to waste police time and resources by maliciously reporting anti-SRA crusader Jeanette Archer for;

1. Conspiracy to Murder Members of the Rothschild Family

2. Encouraging a vulnerable person to commit suicide.

Aside from causing Jeanette Archer and her boyfriend Dominic Abbey immense personal alarm, distress and fear, his actions wasted police time, resources and money, investigating bogus allegations.

But of course that is part of the course.

Satanists have found it remarkable easy to make false allegations against people, that regardless of whether the case is taken to court or not, know the disruption of the arrest, the seizure of equipment and the deprivation of freedom, constitutes a reasonable sacrifice to their Lord Saviour, Satan!

Which naturally begs the question, is there a Satanic element within the police?

I’ve explored this question before: Read more: Is there a Satanic section within Sussex Police?

Taken from Sussex Murders –


“In 1990, a Satanist from Lewes hit the headlines after her Satanic revels were exposed in a tabloid newspaper. Her name was Rosemary Barratt and she worked as a secretary inside Lewes Police Intelligence Unit, a fact which could not fail to stimulate some curiosity.

Barratt had long fostered a deep interest in severe sado-masochistic sex, having relations with literally dozens of magical masters. These assignations involved different magical groups and individuals, many of whom were outside of the Temple of Set. Obviously this was something of interest to the press who enjoyed laying bare such titillating diatribe.

Some of these were dangerous people who had advocated human sacrifice and extremely unpleasant sexual acts involving torture. The question was, were there other people connected with Barratt’s cultic activities still working in Lewes Police Station?”

It can be convincingly argued that people of the lowest moral fibre are recruited by Sussex Police.

The most recent scandals to hit the headlines are testimony to that:

Read more: Sussex Police Hall of Shame

Read more: Sussex Police are Prime Targets by Organised Crime!

If any police force would have satanists within their ranks it would be Sussex Police.

After-all, their HQ is located in the most satanic Town in Sussex, namely Lewes.

Whether the police feel obliged to make arrests on the strength of public insistence or because satanist have infiltrated Police forces across the country, the fact remains that vast amounts of police time, resources and money is being spent on doing the wicked work of satanists.

Malicious allegations can be easily made, with a false narrative, prompting the police to take action.

It’s the nature of today’s policing and justice, that the door is smashed through first, and questions asked later.

Anyone can make false allegations against a targeted individual, knowing the allegations to be false, safe in the knowledge the damage done in the initial arrest, hours spent in the cell, computer and mobile phone taken, and bail Conditions imposed, will inflict the loss of livelihood and dignity, which leads to suicide.

We are led to believe that a suspect is innocent until proven guilty, but how can this be the case, if the innocent party has his/her home invaded, equipment seized and freedom denied?

Regardless of whether the case results in No Further Action (NFA) or not, the damage has already been done and the sacrifice given.

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