More of the mental effects of being kidnapped!

Having been kidnapped from your own home, having had your partically opened window ripped from its frame by a snarling demon, red faced in frustration he wasn’t able to pull the window out of its sockets.

The effects of six black clothed thugs chanting outside your home “open up, open up, open up.”

Barging into your home as if they own the place, and then systematically search your property, taking away anything they want.

Without any rhyme or reason other than “there has been an allegation made against you, and that YOU ARE coming to the station with us now!”

I remember sitting on my sofa, with two police officers holding me by my arms, with my hands handcuffed behind my back, watching down hearted and beaten, as they took my Mac Desktop, PS4, Laptops, chips and even the Internet router.

What had I done to deserve this?

‘We’ll tell you after you languish 15+ hours in a cell, and let you think about it.’


Which brings me to the reason of this blog.

The mental effects these constant state sponsored kidnaps are having on me.

I am in permanent Fight and Flight mode. I am both on and off at the same time.

For example a neighbour sent me a text saying there was a police car at the top of my road.

I went into flight mode and went for an hour and half walk away from my neighbourhood, in fear the thugs in black were back to serve me more!

I live in constant fear and intrepidation of kidnap by thugs in black.

Men in Black v’s Thugs in Black

Be it satanic, personal or organised crime, I have made enemies in the lowest of places!

And that’s shameful on my part, allowing myself to become apart of this.

I live in constant Fight or Flight Mode

I live in constant fear

My property isn’t my own

My very being isn’t my own

Other people’s hurt feelings, are worth more than my hurt feelings

I am worthless in the eyes of others

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