James ‘Hideous’ Hind

Former Satan Hunter from Bury St Edmunds Shellie Mote follows a well- trodden path of the Satan Hunter using her child as a weapon or tool to her own ends either against people or to obtain money from the unwary. I say “former” because I would like to think Shellie Mote is no longer a Satan Hunter, even though there is a growing opinion and evidence to suggest that Mote is being dishonest and is actually still a Satan Hunter (a promoter of Satanic Panic narratives).

Shellie Mote uses her child as a weapon and a tool for grifting

Shellie Mote has put out the word asking for my address so she can report me to the police, because she claims her child is in danger if I refer to them in social media posts. If Mote thinks her child is in danger, then she has a duty to report her concerns to the police. I think however that Mote just wants my address so she can embark on an epic campaign of harassment and stalking, like she does with all her victims. Shellie Mote hides behind her child in order to emotionally batter people such as me that my challenges on her wrongdoing or my concerns about her activity suddenly becomes in her opinion harm done to her child. I also remember the emotional blackmail and scamming going on when Mote asked me and other people for money so she and her child could pay to flee off on holiday for Christmas because she claimed Satan Hunter Angela Power Disney was coming to harm her and her kid.

I have never met Shellie Mote or her child, nor have I spoken with her in any manner outside of social media. Shellie Mote is not her real name, and I have never published the real name. I do not know either the name of the child, or published any name or face of that child. When I refer to the Mote child, it is in the context of safeguarding and wellbeing concerns, which by all means Mote can share with the police in the hope they will make sure her child is safe.

Shellie Mote: false allegation maker; grifter; stalker.

I have made known that I will vigorously monitor and challenge the activist and pseudonym known as Shellie Mote, who in my opinion is scamming vulnerable and trusting people out of money whilst embarking on harming those people under the guise of child protection activist, anti-neo-nazi activist and other fake covers. It is my opinion that Shellie Mote does more harm than good, and that there is growing evidence on file that her activity is motivated out of predatory spite, revenge and need to make money off the vulnerable. I know of two victims that Mote has taken money off, others have identified six victims. I am of the opinion that Mote has groomed and conspired with certain vulnerable people to falsify claims in order to get the police to arrest certain targets. I know of at least two cases where Mote has accused individuals of being paedophiles as a result of poor research, and despite this being pointed out to her, she persists in making those false allegations. Mote has embarked on an extensive campaign of false allegation making, malicious reporting and social media posting against innocent people including journalist Rosie Waterhouse, Helen Janes, Reece Leverick, barrister Barbara Hewson (deceased), myself and many others. Mote fakes claims of closely working with people such as Karen Irving or of having qualifications in order to elicit trust from targets she seeks to use and abuse.

Some legal points for Shellie Mote to consider

Just to point out a couple of legal points to Shellie Mote. Mote operates under a fake name, a pseudonym, one that I challenge; the police are not interested in acting on social media posts against pseudonyms unless a direct threat is made. No legal cases that Shellie Mote is involved in is threatened by my mentioning Mote, because any cases she reported to the police are under her real name, which I never identify. Shellie Mote acts in my opinion in a criminal way such as harassing, stalking, malicious communication and perverting the course of justice, and my activity in monitoring and challenging Shellie Mote falls under investigation and preventing crime. Mote promotes herself as a public figure challenging neo-nazis and paedophiles, making false allegations against certain people, and thus I operate under public interest, fair comment and justification to make comment and challenge on what Mote claims. Mote has also entered into a public conversation on a range of matters, which includes serious allegation making, which allows me to engage under right of reply and public comment. I am perfectly entitled in law to draw attention to the character, content and past activity of Shellie Mote whilst she engages in serious allegation making as an activist and social media content producer.

Shellie Mote and Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer

I will refer to three matters where Shellie Mote is acting in ways that impacts the wellbeing of her child. Firstly, Mote was once a leading member of a Cult under the leadership of Satan Hunter Jeanette Archer of Cranleigh. Archer has been convicted of abusing a vulnerable child by naming that protected child contrary to a court order. The 20,000 strong Cult has targeted teachers, police, Jews, Freemasons, politicians, schools, hospitals with terroristic claims and activity such as calling for the murder of targets and burning down of hospitals. Archer and her Cult supporters encourage the violent kidnap of children, a matter that Shellie Mote clearly supported when she also engaged in the “IStandWithWilfredWong” campaign when Wilfred Wong was arrested for child kidnap. Shellie Mote not only supported Archer and her Cult, but also engaged in a terrifying campaign of intimidation against any critics of Archer, including using her status as a witch to invoke curses on vulnerable people. Mote by association of a Cult of violent, unstable and potentially dangerous individuals put her child in direct danger.

Shellie Mote and the Order of Nine Angles (ONA / O9A)

Secondly, multiple times I have mentioned that Shellie Mote should not be challenging the Order of Nine Angles, or even any neo-nazis. These are dangerous people who do harm to people, including children. If Shellie Mote raises fearful concerns about a low-end threat of Angela Power Disney to her child, then the Order of Nine Angles is the last network she wants to mess with. Shellie Mote ignores my concerns and continues to target neo-nazis and “satanist neo-nazis”.

Shellie Mote and Satan Hunter Matthew Taylor of Brighton

Thirdly, I have raised concerns about the continued association that Shellie Mote has with Satan Hunter Matthew Taylor of Brighton. Matthew Taylor is no longer allowed to have his children stay with him due to safeguarding concerns. Taylor is on video as going about Brighton with another man approaching young boys and making sexual remarks about them. Taylor has published a letter on social media where it shows he had a category B indecent image of a child on a device taken by the police for examination, for which he was arrested for. Taylor has also been arrested for alleged approach to boys in a woodland, of showing them videos of babies being beheaded, and of engaging in a sexual manner with those males. Yet, Shellie Mote, who always talks about threats from her critics to her child, is supporting and engaging with Matthew Taylor and his group of associates such as Kathleen Boyle and Mandy Marlins.

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