Even Noncey-Nonce-Boy tried to warn him…

But still Hind persisted in pushing paedophile friendly material towards his satanic cult coven members..

“On YouTube there are videos of interviews with paedophiles worth looking at.”

Why would anyone want to watch interviews with paedophiles, other than paedophiles?

Hiding in plain sight!

The Storm is Coming!

“You know what you are. We all know it. “

“Self-styled Satanist who is in fact a.. you know what you are. We all know it.”

And thanks to discovering what Hind wrote about paedophiles in 2018, now we all know what Hind is…..

Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be
Nathaniel Harris!

Stay tuned for Shellie May’s Tirade Decoded! – Coming Soon!

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Read how it all started: Is James Hind a paedophile?

Hind Responds

Sourced from SatanicViews.wordpress.com

Addressing the false allegations of Satan Hunter Matt Taylor

Recently, I had to write a post in answer to the Satan Hunter Matt Taylor from Brighton UK, who tried to get at me by repeating the false allegations of one Nathaniel Harris. Not done with trying to ruin the name and life of an innocent man that was not me with fictional allegations, Matt Taylor has now reproduced a comment I made to Hoaxtead a couple of years ago on the subject of my work fighting paedophiles.

To start with, Taylor unkindly drew attention to a comment I made that I had been sexually abused as a child. This sex abuse was at the lower end of scale of sexual abuse, that I suffered at the age of six, along with my younger brother. The events of the [CENSORED] had over time triggered me, and in 2018 I reported the sex abuse to the police. Via the NHS I had PTSD group sessions in 2019 and individual therapy sessions in 2020/21. The sex abuse left me with PTSD and dissociation. The dissociation is lifelong, and is a natural reaction by the body in extreme trauma situations where the body prepares for death by shutting down pain and emotion; dissociation is my default response to stress. In 2021, when making another complaint to the police about Jeanette Archer, I accidently triggered another child abuse investigation when I mentioned in the complaint that I had been physically abused by a family member, and was triggered by a video that Archer had posted showing the physical abuse of a child. I did not want to proceed with that second child abuse investigation.

In the aftermath of my complaint to the police over sexual abuse, I was haunted by questions: why was I abused? what did I do wrong? why did the person abuse me? These questions resulted in a period of intense research into scientific studies on paedophiles, media interviews with paedophiles, paedophile stings, crime reports; anything that would answer these questions. During this period, an opportunity came up where I could serve on the moderator/admin team of a social media site.

Armed with the tools of a moderator, that included the ability to delete content, and suspend people, I dealt with users and content that included spammers, racists, hackers, flamers, trolls, and paedophiles. Part of my role was to identify and remove paedophiles from the site; which was where a team of two moderators worked together, one as a “child”, the other to deal with any paedophile that was discovered and communicated to them by the “child”. During my early months as a moderator it was frustrating with the lack of tools and freedom to do our job against a heavy workload. It was during this time that I posted comments to Hoaxtead about my experiences with paedophiles on that site, but due to fears of Satan Hunters being a nuisance I did not say I was a moderator or identify the site. It is these Hoaxtead comments that Matt Taylor has jumped upon to make more false allegations against me.

In the weeks after my comments on Hoaxtead, the site improved rapidly: we had a new team leader; we gained more powers; had more liberty to make decisions; the moderator team was increased in number; the rules added and improved. I served for nearly two years until my studies, work and other real life factors meant I no longer had the time to continue, and I retired as moderator. As a moderator I was good at what I did, and no doubt through my efforts of kicking scores of predators from the site, some users did not suffer abuse at their hands. As a moderator I had to abide by the protocols of the site, which had its own processes for dealing with law enforcement. The site works closely with law enforcement, and will hand over information on users on request. I learned a lot about paedophiles: their strategies; character; and the harm they cause. I learned a lot about the challenges of sites in dealing with paedophiles.

Matt Taylor has an obsession with throwing around accusations of paedophilia at people. Taylor was one of the horde of Satan Hunters who relentlessly pursued the children and families of [CENSORED] with false allegations of SRA; activity that earned him a court conviction. Taylor was investigated for possession of indecent images; he most recently says he is under police investigation over activities with boys in a wood. Taylor is subject to at least three police complaints against himself, and is very much at risk of having his suspended prison sentence activated if he is convicted in relation to these police complaints. Matt Taylor is in no position to be throwing stones at people considering his history.

Paedophiles like the ones I kicked out of that site, and Satan Hunters such as Matt Taylor, are horses that often run together; they share the same traits such as aggression, lack of empathy and obsession; and they keep coming back to prey on innocent people. If there is anything I learnt from fighting paedophiles and Satan Hunters, the answer to curbing them is through tools such as artificial intelligence, which can act in the background and identify these predators, stopping them in their tracks before they do damage to the innocent. This is the road I am interested in, by using the experiences I learned from encounters with paedophiles and Satan Hunters, and turning that into viable information technology products, that will permanently curb the activities of paedophiles and Satan Hunters on the internet.

Hind accuses me of throwing a kitchen sink at him!

I am not trying to throw anything at anyone, let alone a kitchen sink, nor am I feeling the heat from any police investigations against me, I just concerned that Hind has been pretending to be a 12 year old boy online, and protects an active paedophile, while reporting various people for naming Child X, as “a form of child abuse.”

Who’s going to report James Hind to the police?

Who’s going to report James Hind to the police for pretending to be a 12 year old boy, in a notorious paedophile/teen online chatroom?

Not only was he impeding an active police investigation, evident by the fact police were there, James Hind actively spoke with, exchanged pictures and videos, with pre-teen and teenage children.

He freely admits to identifying a fellow “groomer,” who he left unreported, free to carry on and abuse other children.

Who will report James Hind to the police for being a paedophile hiding in plain sight?

James Hind’s Interest in child protection is due to sinister interest purposes, and nothing to do with the wellbeing of children.

He freely admits to reporting Jeanette Archer and others for naming Child X, for what he claims is a “form of child abuse,” While at the same time allows a groomer of children, to remain free to abuse more children because, “it is not in my nature to be the cause of the ruin of the lives of others unlike the hunters, I don’t like that on my mind.”

Here is evidence of James Hind protecting a fellow paedophile.

James Hind fails to debunk his own ‘Julian Vayne’ conspiracy.

This is a public announcement : The person pertaining to be James Hind, (a self confessed satanist,) admits to pretending to be a 12 year old boy in unmoderated paedophile/teen chatrooms, (monitored by police), in which he is speaking filth, and exchanging pictures and videos with pre-teenage and teenage children, with the intention of meeting paedophiles, understanding paedophilia, and meeting the children to better understand their feelings, experiences and relationships with paedophiles.

On Sunday 19 September 2021, James Hind posted a link to his SatanicViews.wordpress.com blog.

“It has come to my attention that Satan Hunters Angela Power Disney from Oldcastle in Eire and Matt Taylor from Brighton in the UK have been repeating false allegations sourced to another Satan Hunter known as Nathaniel Harris from the Bristol area of the UK.

The first false allegation is that I am Julian Vayne. The reality is that I am not Julian Vayne. It is no insult to be misrepresented as Julian Vayne, even though my spiritual outlook is totally different to that of Vayne. Mr Vayne is a successful writer on the subject of chaos magick and other similar themes, who is widely respected for what he does; and has run scores of workshops that has benefited thousands of people, from children to the elderly. For information on Julian Vayne, his website is here.

The second false allegation is that I and Julian Vayne are in some way involved with the Kidwelly sex abuse cult. The source of this false allegation is Nathaniel Harris, who himself has zero connection to the Kidwelly case; but decided to take that case, include himself as a victim in that case, and also everyone he had a disagreement with he falsely claimed as members of that cult, who were he alleged in an epic conspiracy focussed on Harris. Despite many opportunities to give evidence to the police, social workers and a court custody dispute over a boy with learning difficulties, Harris has offered zero evidence in support of his fantasies and false allegation making.

Nathaniel Harris is a failed writer on the occult, unemployable, friendless, and in the 51st year of his life, looking ten years old than he is; festering in his own poison and delusions. Whereas Julian Vayne is fully cleared to work with children and the vulnerable, I personally would not let Nathaniel Harris babysit a hamster.

Julian Vayne and others will be going to court against Nathaniel Harris in October 2021 to get a court order finalised to forbid him from making any further false allegations of the type he has been making against innocent people on pain of imprisonment. Nathaniel Harris will again have an opportunity to provide evidence in support of his allegations; but since they are all fantasy, it is unlikely. I will leave Julian Vayne with the last word on the failed human being known as Nathaniel Harris, which can be found here.”

It proves nothing, and fails to debunk the allegation by Nathaniel Harris, that James Hind is indeed Julian Vayne, and Julian Vayne is indeed James Hind.

Old information (2018), which I have just found, reveals James Hind is actively pretending to be a 12 year old boy, in notorious online paedophile/teen chatrooms, talking to, and exchanging videos, with other paedophiles, pre-teens and older teenagers.

James Hind could be anyone!

Blah blah, bullshit bullshit, dribble dribble….

Neither James Hind nor Julian Vayne have convinced me they aren’t each other.

And in my professional opinion of being a Royal Military Policeman and having training to match writing styles, and see deception, I am of the belief that both James Hind and Julian Vayne, are the same person.

Be the Best – Be a Royal Military Policeman!

WTF? James Hind

What the fuck is James Hind going on about, keeping a close eye on me? Monitoring others on a daily basis, and calling everyone under the Sun, “Satan Hunters.”

Really, wTF is James Hind going on about?

Why does he feel entitled to interfere in other people’s lives, by calling the benefit offices, and police stations to report BS.

It reminds me of one particular satanic related piece of cowardly scum-shit, who reported me as a bad father to the social services.

He too has values in common with Hind and Brindle- both self confessed satanists.

Who on Earth in the enlightened age of the 21 Century, would anyone want to identify with an ancient payan concept, more naturally suited to the Middle Ages?

James Hind is mad; as is everyone else who identifies as a satanist.

Noncey-Nonce-Boy and JoKing are complete and utter idiots to publicly pledge allegiance with Satan!

It’s the wrong move, considering we in the biblical end days!

But really, what is the score with James Hind?

The only other person talking about him on the Internet is Nathaniel Harris, who has a lot to say about him.

James Hind, whose real name is believed to be Julian Vayne, is linked to the Batley satanic sex cult.

I Pity them!

I sometimes lay awake at night, thinking about the poor uneducated brain dead arseholes who decide to become my enemies.

I do pity them.

I pity their 100% belief in what they are doing and saying, has some kind of value or worth!

Oh how I pity them.

They are worthless useless eaters, blessed with amazing technology at their finger tips, free to come out with shite tripe, which if ⁸said only 50 years ago, would have seen them secure in a straight jacket, locked inside a padded cell.

They deserve our pity, not hate.

“Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

Jesus showed his trolls pity, as I do!


There is nothing more tragic and sad than poor lost souls, frantically scrambling around the internet, trying to find some kind of justification for their miserable and sad existences.

The stark truth is there is no justification for their pathetic existence, so they have to find reason for living, by attacking others.

I pity them because they don’t even know themselves.

They are oblivious to their own ‘selves.’ They are lost creatures of damnation, desperate to find meaning in their otherwise meaningless lives.

Oh how I pity them.

And I forgive them…

I forgive Grobnonce, better known in his neighbourhood as the Preston Prowler, (often found masturbating in bushes of the local park, knocking one out over the OAP’s walking past with the grandchildren trailing behind them. All the while cooking himself a pot noddle to keep his spirits up and farts flowing!)

I forgive him for cruelly suggesting I was superimposing Katy B’s head on a number of pornographic pictures of models, and masturbating over them.

(And when I say Katy B, I mean A1000 and not the famous singer Kate Bush!)

I know he knows it’s a vicious lie, only said to anger and provoke a reaction that he can use against me.

I forgive him for his constant and relentless campaign of harassment and stalking against me.

I understand how I am everything he wants to be, but simply isn’t good enough to be.

I pity Grobnonce as much as I forgive him.

Jealously can be fatal, and the jealously Grobnonce evidently feels towards me is eating him up from the inside out, like Cancer eats through an infected body.

I don’t blame him for being jealous. After all, I’ve succeeded in all the areas in life he’s failed.

He didn’t make the grade to become a soldier and to join the British Army, to be the best of the best.

He wasn’t good enough, whereas I passed the grade.

Grobnonce hasn’t had kids, because every female partner he’s had a relationship with, knew with certainty, that if they were to have kids, they would be in real and present danger from a paedophile father.

I’ve got two beautiful, popular and intelligent kids, whom I love, and who love me back equally.

I’ve got a magical imaginary girlfriend, who loves me and who wants me.

And I have a future as a successful entertainer, writer and film maker.

Where as the best Grobnonce has to look forward to is sex with his puppy 🐶 😫

I forgive him for calling me “InCel,” when if anyone is involuntarily celebrate, its him.

I grew up without a father in my life because my mother thought it better to have no father, than a bad father.

While Grobnonce rarely mentions his father, you can guess with certainty that there was no love between them.

I personally think Grobnonce is a closet homosexual, and it simply wouldn’t have been a option for him to ‘come out,’ to his dad.

And then talent. Talent v’s talent, Grobnonce wishes he had only a fraction of talent I possess.

He hasn’t even for the balls to show his face on the internet, without a gas mask.

I pity and forgive him equally.

As I forgive Shellie Mote too.

She didn’t know she was playing with the Daddy of the UK’s Truth/Conspiracy Community!

I forgive her for calling me a “Convicted Predator,“a danger to women and children,” and a “3 times convicted stalker!”

Shellie Mote has gone through unbelievable, traumatic and sadistic sexual abuse since she was 4 years old.

It’s tragic!

Taken by her own sadistically evil Grandmother, to the local priests for “confession,” since the age of only 4, because she had the “devil” in her, of course Mote’s mind would be damaged beyond compare.

To describe your own mother as a “criminal psychopath”, inevitably means that due to the very nature of genes and genetics, she herself is at least 50% psycho!

I forgive Shellie Mote because she is a damaged 💔 human being, who doesn’t know what she’s doing.

What has Brindle, Hind, Joking and Lashbrook all have in common?

They all identify with Santa!

I forgive James Hind, Tom Needs a Wank, and AJ of the Needs-to-be-on-a Leash Family!

I forgive Hind for calling me a ‘Santa Hunter,’ and promising to keep an eye on me.

I forgive NeedyWanker for falsely accusing me of putting his family in danger.

I forgive NeedyWanker for the last 4 years of his relentless campaign to either get me sent to prison, or locked up in a mental institution.

Tom the Twatt is becoming a laughing stock of the Internet following his ridiculous claims and vicious cyber bullying of anyone who argues against the existence of Santa’s Festive Abuse!
The Bavarian Monster – Click me to watch me!

Read more: They are idiots!

I forgive them all….

I forgive AJ of the Twatt Family….

Santa Hunter Hater James Hind!

“I think the Satan Hunters interest in child protection is due to sinister purposes, nothing to do with the wellbeing of children.”

Considering James Hind has accused menof being a “Santa Hunter,” I do not take too kindly to this type of slur against me being made in public.

Let’s not forget that James Hind, who’s real name is believed to be Julian Vayne, has been accused of having links to the Batley satanic paedophile ring, by Nathaniel Harris, himself a leading crusader against child abuse, in all its forms.

Nadia working with Hind the self confessed Santa Hunter Hater and Santanist!

Let’s take a closer look at these pair of snides!

James Hind, who according to Nathaniel Harris, is Julian Vayne, “somehow” connected with Colin Batley, from the Batley satanic sex cult of Kidwelly in South Wales.

Here the runt says, “a referral to the benefits people might be in order.”

“a referral to the benefits people”

Maliciously ringing up someone and sprouting lies and bullshit, with the sole intention of causing your victim, alarm distress and fear.

And here we have the weasle Nadia cheering the satanist along.

“Totally agree”

Nadia Marshall who once said to me, “don’t worry Matt, whatever I say in public is only for the benefit of the trolls, and isn’t reflective of how I really feel towards you.”

What I really find offensive and very disturbing, (considering his alleged links with the Batley satanic sex cult), is his continuing insistence that everyone other than himself, is a danger to children.

Take as an example his comment above:

“I think the Satan Hunter’s interest in child protection is due to sinister purposes, nothing to do with the wellbeing of children.”

What a very very very peculiar thing to say.

Shellie Mote, Hinds (number one supporter), and evident by the clinging smell of Nadia, hovering around sucking up any horror which Mote and Hind leave behind themselves!

Shellie Mote boasts that she herself has “safe guarded,” the “wellbeing,” of over 300 children.

According to Mote’s own testimony, her grandmother sadistically abused her, and her mother was a diagnosed psychopath.

Mote has been violated since she was 4 years old and its sadly inevitable that she would grow up to be a damaged adult.

Using “Projection,” as the reason why Hind says he’s so interested in the protection of children, is clearly an admission that his own, and Mote’s interest in children and their wellbeing, is only a cover for more sinster purposes.

“Sinister Purposes”


As far as I can tell, the nonce from Preston, aka the wanker in the bushes, aka the Lancashire Loser, Preston Prowler, all round lurker, Noncey-nonce-fat-boy; maliciously started a psychological operation to get his adversaries in a tiswas, arguing over who Freddy is.

Divide and Conquer! An aged old satanic psychological technique of mass control.

Noncey-nonce-boy just sat back and enjoyed the show as it all exploded.


While these aren’t the exact words he used, this was what he said:

Never forget John Wanoa!

‘Someone has given me information to suggest F_R_E_D_D_Y (the popular YouTube Anti-Troll) is Leigh Dilligaf.’


Rest In Peace – Ian R Crane!

Leigh’s surname rhythms with ‘wanker,’ which I can assure you, Leigh is not.

Leigh is a wonderful man and human being, and I wish him all the best and fortune, life can offer.

But of course Noncey-nonce-boy exploded his stink bomb 💣 in the middle of the perverbual ‘school playground,’ and watched in delight as the kids fled in terror and fright from the obnoxious smell.

The obnoxious smell of Noncey-nonce-boy, the Preston Prowler who hides in bushes, and masturbates as cute arsed poodles 🐩 walk pass.

Who told him?

The big question is now being asked; who told Noncey-nonce-boy Leigh was Freddy!

Tink is being accused, based on the assumption that only three people knew Leigh’s surname (rhythms with wanker!) – of which Leigh is not, I hasten to add. He is a very nice man indeed…

1. Myself

Terry Rogers is NOT Matt Taylor!

2. Becky aka Sam Livington

Mad Monkey is NOT Becky!

3. Tink aka WhiteWalker

(We all deny telling Noncey-nonce-boy)

Freddy, who for the record, I highly recommend, support and admire, is under no obligation to break his cover, just to disprove he is Leigh.

But he has published a short clip, showing his left hand, which is tattooed.

Leigh has since published a short recording of his left hand and they both do not match, proving that Leigh is NOT Freddy, and Freddy is NOT Leigh.

Congratulations to Emma Raducanu

It’s been a right “parlarva”, as commentator Emily T is quoted as saying!

said Caroline Stephens

To delve deeper into this story, read the comments under this video: A Clue to who Freddy is?

And Lancashire’s Latest Lunancy from the Lancastrian Loser!

And so it begins…..

We knew it was only a matter of time, and that time has arrived.

The Covid psychology operation of 2020-2021 was always about introducing the, (for want of a better metaphor,) the marking of all the cattle of the world, with the Mark of the Beast.

And now the anti has just been raised.

The new bogeymen, the new great unwashed, the new lepers of the 21st Century; the ‘un-vaccinated.’

“Get vaccinated folks!”

As we are witnessing before our very eyes, all the world’s ills, pains and misfortunes will now be dumped at the feet of the Great Unwashed, the evil, selfish, stupid ‘un-vaccinated.’

Biden last hand and he’s all in.

Fuck You Texas!

Fuck knows who Texas the psychic horse is, but I don’t appreciate him or her, commenting shit on my YouTube channel.

First off, the video in which he or she refers to, is outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, and not the Old Bailey.

“And those reporters”

There was one fucking reporter. One as in ‘singular,’ not ‘plural,’ as in more than one.

I noticed another commentator, as thick as Texas, once berated me for not walking away from the waiting reporter, rather than walk directly towards her.

Anyone can see from the short video above, that the metal rails outside the Royal Courts of Justice prevented me from going anywhere else. And that the reporter and camera man positioned themselves directly in my way, meaning that I had no other option was to walk up to them, and answer their questions.

Listen up Texas, you dumb arse fucking knob jockey, I don’t know who the fuck you are. You talk shite, and I urge you to stop wasting your own time and mine, by posting stupid dumb arse fucking comments on my YouTube channel….

David Neilson Latest News

David ‘Joe’ Neilson from Peacehaven Sussex, is too scared to return home in fear of being killed by Sussex Police.

Murder witness in the unsolved Katrina Taylor murder of 1996 in Brighton, remains in hiding somewhere in the wastes of Scotland, too scared to return home, in fear he’d be killed by Sussex Police.

This is the truth about police corruption in 21st century police state Britain.

Sussex Police stand accused of covering up the 1996 Katrina Taylor murder on behalf of an organised crime gang, working in partnership with Sussex Police and led by crime lord Mark Slade, aka Marcel Sulc.

Read more: King of the Slums.

Katrina Taylor murdered in 1996
Crime lord Mark Slade
aka Marcel Sulc

Joe Neilson solved the murder of Katrina Taylor and uncovered major crime including drug deals and a £14million fraud surrounding the murder.

Katrina’s killer returned to this address on the night of her murder, and dropped his murder weapon down a nearby drain
Neilson witness Katrina’s murder drop the murder weapon down this drain
For 24 hours, David Neilson was treated like a hero for solving Katrina Taylor’s murder

David Neilson is calling for the IOPC to reinvestigate her murder, based on proof that Sussex Police Constables have been sent his murder files, that prove the cover up of Katrina Taylor’s murder, to release her killers, who were members of Mark Slade’s criminal gang.

“We want justice for Katrina Taylor!”

Katrina Taylor (right) appeared in the 1986 reconstruction of the Babes in the Woods crime of two girls being murdered by Russell Bishop

Katrina was murdered on 4 July 1996 in Brighton, Sussex.

Four people were charged with her murder. The trial was held at Lewes Crown Court in 1997. Two were found not guilty and two were found guilty.

Those found guilty appealed on 15 Oct 1998 and got a retrial at the Old Bailey in London 1999.

No one has been found responsible for her murder.

Read more: Katrina Taylor Unsolved Murder

Let’s go on an adventure!

I heard a rumour that a vampire is buried in the graveyard of Seaford village.

That if a drop of blood touched the vampire’s skeleton, the body would be restored within 24 hours.

The vampire would forever be in your debt for bringing him (or her) back to life, and would vow to be your loyal servant as a matter of honour, and gratitude for being given life again.

While Vampires are a vicious and dangerous sub-species of Humanity, sharing the DNA of the drop of blood that revived them, stops them from feeding upon your own blood.

That’s why if you used your own blood to revive the vampire, the vampire will not only to 100% subservient to you, but you would be the one person he could never suck blood from.

But the adventure doesn’t stop just with a Vampire buried in a graveyard of Seaford village.

There are also the ruins of an ancient fairy city.

Somewhere near the Seaford village graveyard, are the ruins of an ancient fairy city.

It was worth saying twice because its such a ‘drop-the-mike’ moment!

And so off we set.

Let’s go on an adventure!

The entrance to the ancient fairy city found
The grave of a Vampire next to the Seaford Village Parish Church found. The inscription reads, ‘I will give thee a growth of life.’

Adventure over!

And the horses escaped the Seaford Village Stud farm and after racing free across the hills, galloped down the road, into the harness of a patient stable hand.

It’s been a funny weird week!

The usual idiots have been making a spectacle of themselves, as they always do.

Leading the pack is of course Needy Wanker from Germany, who just can’t help himself poking his nose into other people’s business, and getting it all wrong, as he always does.

I’m still laughing after he said that I’ve been ‘signalled,’ by the authorities to leave YouTube.

I really cannot stop laughing at his abject stupidity.

I can’t help but imagining what this so called ‘signal,’ would be?

How would the authorities ‘signal’ someone?

Oh, I think I remember now.

From my bedroom window I can see the rolling hills of Hollingbury, on the outskirts of Brighton, as the rolling hills lead onto the South Downs.

I do remember waking up one morning and seeing some flashes of light coming from farway on the crest of the hill.

That must have been the ‘signal’. Someone was signalling to me with a simple mirror to reflect the sunshine.

The message was in morse-code, and the signal was signalled with a small hand mirror.

It’s all coming back to me now, and if I remember the morse-code from my army days, the signal read:

“Stop going on YouTube Matthew Taylor. Leave YouTube now! Or else!”

Needy Wanker is without doubt the biggest prick on the Internet!

Next we had him getting his knickers in a twist, wrongly believing that I am behind the F_R_E_D_D_Y YouTube account.

Mind you, even he is getting confused, by what he himself believes.

“Yep. It’s him!”

But then, only 48 hours later he’s saying:

“It will be interesting to see who Freddy is.”

Then we had the DreamTeam takedown.

Having been a victim of YouTube porn bombing myself, by the despicable troll called Plisko the Leg End, the same appears to have happened to Brian Hurle and his infamous Dream Team.

Poor guys, they were having such fun, and the mean jealous trolls simply couldn’t abide other people having fun.

And then Shellie Mote stuck her Witch’s beak into proceedings.

Continuing to falsely claim I have three convictions for stalking, Shellie Mote has joined the ever growing list of trolls peddling lies and misinformation about me.

Read more: Join the Club!

Sadly Mote’s victims includes anyone (women only) who have shown any degree of support to me.

We all remember her comment in which she said any woman who supports me, either needs “a slap or a section”.

Poor Becky, (aka Sam Livington), 😢 has endured tremendously at the hands of Mote, so much so that she published a very distressing video, in which she is heard in tears, begging Mote to leave her alone.

But tragically, Shellie Mote refuses to stop!

Click here for her latest vicious tirade against anyone who dares to argue

Other than Needy Wanker, Mote and the porn bombing of the DreamTeam, I’ve been enjoying 😃 a fantastic nightly chat with Neelu Berry.

She’s been kind enough to join me on my Facebook TaylorTV! Podcasts and our conversations have been literally, OUT OF THIS WORLD!

I’m loving ❤ it, and I’m eager to chat with Neelu as much as I possibly can.

And Shellie Mote calls me a “predator,” and a “danger to women and children.”

How fucking dare she!!!!%%%#^#^÷^÷&^÷^÷^×_#&÷£÷(&#£×

Click here to see a side of Neelu Berry that the public don’t usually see!

Neelam Blue Diamond https://youtu.be/n3AdUSTjr10

Check out Guerrilla Democracy News to watch Neelu Berry on TaylorTV! Podcasts….

And now I’m a “Charged Stalker!”

For someone who says she says nothing without evidence, Shellie Mote is very keen to call me a three times convicted stalker without any evidence to back up it up!

Now I’m a “charged stalker.”

I’ve never been charged with stalking!

Shellie Mote is talking shit!

Show me the evidence of me ever being charged or convicted with stalking.


Join the Club!

Self confessed Witch Shellie Mote, is the latest troll to join the club of Trolls who have falsely claimed I have convictions for either stalking, paedophila or general predatorship!!!!

Den Tarragon accused me of being a Convicted Paedophile!

As did Gordon Bowden!

Chris Brindle regularly says I’m a three times convicted stalker.

Karen Irving, Queen Bee of the Hoaxtead Research community had to recently retract a recent Tweet in which she claimed I have a conviction for stalking!

Shellie Mote

Den Tarragon

Chris Brindle

Gordon Bowden

Karen Irving

All accuse me of convictions I haven’t got.

Other Trolls who have falsely accused me of crimes I haven’t committed include:

James Hind, Tom Niedermeier, AJ Lashbrook, Danny Jones and Richard Dougall.

Let me get this straight!

“I don’t know what the women think of on here, but if you know a man’s not safe, and women keep going, “Yeah yeah yeah, he’s fine, he’s fine, he’s fine.”

“How do you feel about that? Because I want to make a stand against it.”

So, getting this straight in my head, Shellie Mote wants to make a stand against other women, who are saying I’m “fine,” contradicting her own assertion that I am a “Predator,” and a “danger to women and children.”

This woman is mad!

Or in other words, 🦇💩🤪

More than anything, being accused of getting excited about her horrendous childhood abuse, (which she recieved at the hands of her sadistic grand mother and the local priests), particularly upset me, over and beyond being accused of being a “convicted predator,” and “a danger to women and children.”

I’ve suffered in my life as a result of childhood abuse, and I’ve witnessed first hand, sexual abuse by our local priest, against my best friends and sexual abuse against my sister, by my mother’s boyfriends.

To claim I get excited about her childhood abuse is a truly vile, disgusting and sick thing to say about anyone.

“Leave me alone Shellie Mote.”

Show me the Evidence!

1. I challenge anyone and everyone, to show proof of even one conviction for stalking, let alone three!

2. Show me the evidence of at least one conviction of stalking, let alone three!

3. Show me the evidence of my three convictions of stalking!

“Leave me alone Shellie Mote!”

To be convicted of any crime, you would have to have been found guilty in either a Magistrates or Crown Court.

The conviction and sentence would have been made public.

Show me the evidence of at least one conviction of stalking against me, let alone three.

Shellie Mote is slandering my good name and character.


Leave me alone Shellie Mote!

Their stupidity is truly shocking!

I’m still reeling from the discovery that both Person One and Person Two have come to the same conclusion that I am behind the much loved, intelligent and hugely popular F_R_E_D_D_Y YouTube channel….

As much as I respect, support and admire Freddy’s commitment to exposing and chronicling the trolling abuse which the Hoaxtead Research community inflict on the UK’s Truth/Conspiracy community; I could never do what he does because I’m serving a bloody 4 month prison sentence, suspended for 2 years, while working on a Community Service order.

And it’s beyond laughable that complete and utter brain dead stupid dumb-as-muck idiots like Person One and Two, would think I would risk my liberty and freedom, as a father to two children, with responsibilities to them and others, by putting myself into the lime light of YouTube, and the firing line, as Freddy has so admirally done himself.

It’s lunacy to think I am Freddy, and anyone who thinks I’m Freddy, are LUNATICS!

Let’s Analyse it!

The conversation kicks off with Person One saying;

“By the way, lying Freddy, a very disturbed, cowardly person who likes to hide behind the avatar of a torturer and murderer of children.”

Wow, now that’s certainly a mouthful of hate, lies and deceit.

The big obvious lie is that Freddy, the fictional character made famous by the Nightmare of Elm Street franchise, was a “torturer and murderer of children.”

From my own recollection of the films, I certainly don’t remember Freddy torturing and murdering children.

I remember Freddy torturing and murdering college kids, rather than children.

Though let’s not be pedantic!

To be fair, the back character of Freddy was meant to be a ‘paedophile’ and ‘child molester’!

“Lying Freddy, a very disturbed, cowardly person.”

Here we see an example of “Projection,” at its very best.

By calling Freddy a liar, disturbed and a coward, he is effectively admitting his own shortcomings and character.

After all, according to Sussex Police, the name of Person One is a pseudonym!

And you would never hear Person One lambast “Lucifer,” aka “Unlisted,” for hiding behind an avatar.

Nor would you ever hear him lambast any others for doing the same, including Hoax Police and John Smith.

“Because he and his troll followers get a sadistic sexual kick out of it.”

Putting this conversation into perspective; Person One believes I am Freddy, so when he refers to “he,” in the sentence above, he is referring to me!

Matt Tayloooooorrrrrr!

Funnily enough, it’s the very same accusation being levelled against me by Shellie Mote, who herself has been in regular communication with the movers, shakers and players of the Hoaxtead Research community.

“Get a sadistic sexual kick out of it.”

Another prime example of ‘Projection.’

I’ve been particularly insulted and offended by Shellie Mote for accusing me of getting a sadistic sexual kick out of her childhood abuse nightmare, while at the same time being called a “predator,” and a “danger to women and children.”

Shellie Mote has never met me, and has no idea who I am, or my own experience of sexual abuse during my own upbringing.

Shellie Mote’s opinion of me, has been based purely on the lies, misinformation and deceit of Person One.

To state I, and my “troll followers,” get a sadistic sexual kick out of it, demonstrates clearly, through the guise of ‘Self Projection, that Person One and his troll followers get a sadistic sexual kick out of child abuse.

It’s disgusting, it’s vile, it’s sick, it’s demented and it’s typical of Person One.

“Often gets it wrong.”

How many times has Person One accused me of being other sock puppet accounts?

Accounts such as ‘Rocky,’ ‘On the Record,” and many others whose names I’ve forgotten.

Just as Person One got it wrong on those occasions, he’s getting it wrong on this occasion.

“We are working to expose them.”

And what exactly does that fucking mean?

I can only assume it means ringing up Sussex Police and falsely accusing me of being Freddy!

I know for a fact, Person Two has called Sussex Police!

And while we are on about Person Two, and how they “often gets it wrong,” as Person One puts it:

“You are absolutely correct.”

But that’s just it isn’t it! Person One is NOT correct.


The person behind the Freddy account, has acknowledged what he does for a living, (He owns 5 Hackney cabs, and is a successful businessman.)

He’s been totally transparent as to the reasons why he started the channel, namely in response to the trolling of the Hoaxtead Research community, (that he’s witnessed himself on line), against myself and many others.

The person behind the Freddy account started the channel to highlight and expose the Internet bullying which we all get, from the Hoaxtead Research community.

I’m a very good judge of people, as is Freddy, and if anyone is “very disturbed,” between Freddy and Person One, it’s Person One.

If anyone is a “Coward,” it’s Person One and not Freddy!

If anyone gets a “sadistic sexual kick,” out of child abuse, it’s Person One and his “Troll Followers,” and not Freddy.

“I strongly suspect this is the Beast of Brighton.”

And on what evidence does Person Two base his suspicion that I am Freddy?

“Pattern of writing style is matching up fairly well.”

OMG; so here we have an admission from Person Two, that he is conducting a writing style analysis, matching what I’ve published in the past, against what Freddy is currently publishing today.

And I’m the stalker! I’m fixated and obsessed!

What is Person Two doing? Hasn’t he got a life?

If any analysis should be made, it should be made on the following sound clip.

Who on Earth could it be?

“The hate campaign against us will fail.”

Their real enemy are the enemies in their own head.

To imply I have time to wage a hate campaign against anyone is absolutely redicilous.

I am a 50 year old man, with two teenage kids, a magical imaginary girlfriend, friends, neighbours and associates in my life, with enough to do with my time, than wage a hate campaign against anyone, let alone the Hoaxtead Research community, who are renowned to having the worst, most vicious and sick minded trolls and members, within their ranks.

I cannot speak for Freddy, who already has been 100% transparent, honest and truthful as to the reasons why he started his Freddy YouTube channel, but I would certainly not describe Freddy’s videos as a “Hate Campaign.”

Again, its a misuse of words, specifically used to toxicate Freddy’s message and twist the true message and meaning of Freddy’s videos.

I personally cannot thank Freddy enough for coming to my rescue, putting into words the reason and rhythm of why I am trolled and targeted by the Hoaxtead Research community.

Read more: Freddy to my rescue!

We will be hearing from Freddy again before the end of this blog, but for the time being, back to the dribble coming from Person Two.

“I know you as an honourable person and a decent buddy.”

Get me the sick bowl, I’m about to throw up!

I’m not usually lost for words, but I am lost for words right now!

“Keep Fisting!”

OK, Person Two didn’t really say “Keep Fisting,” he actually said “Keep Fighting,” but wouldn’t you agree, Person One could well be fisting his way through German, just as Person Two is fisting his way through the UK!

Its the perfect time to leave the last word to Freddie!

Freddy on Person One.

“The man is the biggest idiot I’ve ever come across, a spineless loathsome sicko.”

Freddy on Person Two.

Mr M. Uttley is a bloody idiot as well, slimy pompous weasel.

As Freddy rightly says;

“All we wanna do is have a laugh on YouTube without these trolls……”

A special announcement by Matt Taylor!

Sam Hill – Belief in conspiracy in the higher echelons, has been banned for too long!