And now I’m a “Charged Stalker!”

For someone who says she says nothing without evidence, Shellie Mote is very keen to call me a three times convicted stalker without any evidence to back up it up!

Now I’m a “charged stalker.”

I’ve never been charged with stalking!

Shellie Mote is talking shit!

Show me the evidence of me ever being charged or convicted with stalking.


Join the Club!

Self confessed Witch Shellie Mote, is the latest troll to join the club of Trolls who have falsely claimed I have convictions for either stalking, paedophila or general predatorship!!!!

Den Tarragon accused me of being a Convicted Paedophile!

As did Gordon Bowden!

Chris Brindle regularly says I’m a three times convicted stalker.

Karen Irving, Queen Bee of the Hoaxtead Research community had to recently retract a recent Tweet in which she claimed I have a conviction for stalking!

Shellie Mote

Den Tarragon

Chris Brindle

Gordon Bowden

Karen Irving

All accuse me of convictions I haven’t got.

Other Trolls who have falsely accused me of crimes I haven’t committed include:

James Hind, Tom Niedermeier, AJ Lashbrook, Danny Jones and Richard Dougall.

Let me get this straight!

“I don’t know what the women think of on here, but if you know a man’s not safe, and women keep going, “Yeah yeah yeah, he’s fine, he’s fine, he’s fine.”

“How do you feel about that? Because I want to make a stand against it.”

So, getting this straight in my head, Shellie Mote wants to make a stand against other women, who are saying I’m “fine,” contradicting her own assertion that I am a “Predator,” and a “danger to women and children.”

This woman is mad!

Or in other words, 🦇💩🤪

More than anything, being accused of getting excited about her horrendous childhood abuse, (which she recieved at the hands of her sadistic grand mother and the local priests), particularly upset me, over and beyond being accused of being a “convicted predator,” and “a danger to women and children.”

I’ve suffered in my life as a result of childhood abuse, and I’ve witnessed first hand, sexual abuse by our local priest, against my best friends and sexual abuse against my sister, by my mother’s boyfriends.

To claim I get excited about her childhood abuse is a truly vile, disgusting and sick thing to say about anyone.

“Leave me alone Shellie Mote.”

Show me the Evidence!

1. I challenge anyone and everyone, to show proof of even one conviction for stalking, let alone three!

2. Show me the evidence of at least one conviction of stalking, let alone three!

3. Show me the evidence of my three convictions of stalking!

“Leave me alone Shellie Mote!”

To be convicted of any crime, you would have to have been found guilty in either a Magistrates or Crown Court.

The conviction and sentence would have been made public.

Show me the evidence of at least one conviction of stalking against me, let alone three.

Shellie Mote is slandering my good name and character.


Leave me alone Shellie Mote!

Their stupidity is truly shocking!

I’m still reeling from the discovery that both Person One and Person Two have come to the same conclusion that I am behind the much loved, intelligent and hugely popular F_R_E_D_D_Y YouTube channel….

As much as I respect, support and admire Freddy’s commitment to exposing and chronicling the trolling abuse which the Hoaxtead Research community inflict on the UK’s Truth/Conspiracy community; I could never do what he does because I’m serving a bloody 4 month prison sentence, suspended for 2 years, while working on a Community Service order.

And it’s beyond laughable that complete and utter brain dead stupid dumb-as-muck idiots like Person One and Two, would think I would risk my liberty and freedom, as a father to two children, with responsibilities to them and others, by putting myself into the lime light of YouTube, and the firing line, as Freddy has so admirally done himself.

It’s lunacy to think I am Freddy, and anyone who thinks I’m Freddy, are LUNATICS!

Let’s Analyse it!

The conversation kicks off with Person One saying;

“By the way, lying Freddy, a very disturbed, cowardly person who likes to hide behind the avatar of a torturer and murderer of children.”

Wow, now that’s certainly a mouthful of hate, lies and deceit.

The big obvious lie is that Freddy, the fictional character made famous by the Nightmare of Elm Street franchise, was a “torturer and murderer of children.”

From my own recollection of the films, I certainly don’t remember Freddy torturing and murdering children.

I remember Freddy torturing and murdering college kids, rather than children.

Though let’s not be pedantic!

To be fair, the back character of Freddy was meant to be a ‘paedophile’ and ‘child molester’!

“Lying Freddy, a very disturbed, cowardly person.”

Here we see an example of “Projection,” at its very best.

By calling Freddy a liar, disturbed and a coward, he is effectively admitting his own shortcomings and character.

After all, according to Sussex Police, the name of Person One is a pseudonym!

And you would never hear Person One lambast “Lucifer,” aka “Unlisted,” for hiding behind an avatar.

Nor would you ever hear him lambast any others for doing the same, including Hoax Police and John Smith.

“Because he and his troll followers get a sadistic sexual kick out of it.”

Putting this conversation into perspective; Person One believes I am Freddy, so when he refers to “he,” in the sentence above, he is referring to me!

Matt Tayloooooorrrrrr!

Funnily enough, it’s the very same accusation being levelled against me by Shellie Mote, who herself has been in regular communication with the movers, shakers and players of the Hoaxtead Research community.

“Get a sadistic sexual kick out of it.”

Another prime example of ‘Projection.’

I’ve been particularly insulted and offended by Shellie Mote for accusing me of getting a sadistic sexual kick out of her childhood abuse nightmare, while at the same time being called a “predator,” and a “danger to women and children.”

Shellie Mote has never met me, and has no idea who I am, or my own experience of sexual abuse during my own upbringing.

Shellie Mote’s opinion of me, has been based purely on the lies, misinformation and deceit of Person One.

To state I, and my “troll followers,” get a sadistic sexual kick out of it, demonstrates clearly, through the guise of ‘Self Projection, that Person One and his troll followers get a sadistic sexual kick out of child abuse.

It’s disgusting, it’s vile, it’s sick, it’s demented and it’s typical of Person One.

“Often gets it wrong.”

How many times has Person One accused me of being other sock puppet accounts?

Accounts such as ‘Rocky,’ ‘On the Record,” and many others whose names I’ve forgotten.

Just as Person One got it wrong on those occasions, he’s getting it wrong on this occasion.

“We are working to expose them.”

And what exactly does that fucking mean?

I can only assume it means ringing up Sussex Police and falsely accusing me of being Freddy!

I know for a fact, Person Two has called Sussex Police!

And while we are on about Person Two, and how they “often gets it wrong,” as Person One puts it:

“You are absolutely correct.”

But that’s just it isn’t it! Person One is NOT correct.


The person behind the Freddy account, has acknowledged what he does for a living, (He owns 5 Hackney cabs, and is a successful businessman.)

He’s been totally transparent as to the reasons why he started the channel, namely in response to the trolling of the Hoaxtead Research community, (that he’s witnessed himself on line), against myself and many others.

The person behind the Freddy account started the channel to highlight and expose the Internet bullying which we all get, from the Hoaxtead Research community.

I’m a very good judge of people, as is Freddy, and if anyone is “very disturbed,” between Freddy and Person One, it’s Person One.

If anyone is a “Coward,” it’s Person One and not Freddy!

If anyone gets a “sadistic sexual kick,” out of child abuse, it’s Person One and his “Troll Followers,” and not Freddy.

“I strongly suspect this is the Beast of Brighton.”

And on what evidence does Person Two base his suspicion that I am Freddy?

“Pattern of writing style is matching up fairly well.”

OMG; so here we have an admission from Person Two, that he is conducting a writing style analysis, matching what I’ve published in the past, against what Freddy is currently publishing today.

And I’m the stalker! I’m fixated and obsessed!

What is Person Two doing? Hasn’t he got a life?

If any analysis should be made, it should be made on the following sound clip.

Who on Earth could it be?

“The hate campaign against us will fail.”

Their real enemy are the enemies in their own head.

To imply I have time to wage a hate campaign against anyone is absolutely redicilous.

I am a 50 year old man, with two teenage kids, a magical imaginary girlfriend, friends, neighbours and associates in my life, with enough to do with my time, than wage a hate campaign against anyone, let alone the Hoaxtead Research community, who are renowned to having the worst, most vicious and sick minded trolls and members, within their ranks.

I cannot speak for Freddy, who already has been 100% transparent, honest and truthful as to the reasons why he started his Freddy YouTube channel, but I would certainly not describe Freddy’s videos as a “Hate Campaign.”

Again, its a misuse of words, specifically used to toxicate Freddy’s message and twist the true message and meaning of Freddy’s videos.

I personally cannot thank Freddy enough for coming to my rescue, putting into words the reason and rhythm of why I am trolled and targeted by the Hoaxtead Research community.

Read more: Freddy to my rescue!

We will be hearing from Freddy again before the end of this blog, but for the time being, back to the dribble coming from Person Two.

“I know you as an honourable person and a decent buddy.”

Get me the sick bowl, I’m about to throw up!

I’m not usually lost for words, but I am lost for words right now!

“Keep Fisting!”

OK, Person Two didn’t really say “Keep Fisting,” he actually said “Keep Fighting,” but wouldn’t you agree, Person One could well be fisting his way through German, just as Person Two is fisting his way through the UK!

Its the perfect time to leave the last word to Freddie!

Freddy on Person One.

“The man is the biggest idiot I’ve ever come across, a spineless loathsome sicko.”

Freddy on Person Two.

Mr M. Uttley is a bloody idiot as well, slimy pompous weasel.

As Freddy rightly says;

“All we wanna do is have a laugh on YouTube without these trolls……”

A special announcement by Matt Taylor!

Sam Hill – Belief in conspiracy in the higher echelons, has been banned for too long!

‘James Hind is ‘somehow’ linked to this cult,’ says Nathaniel Harris.

Read the full story about the Kidwelly Satanic Sex Cult.

This cartoon is for satiral purposes only, there is no evidence to prove Julian Vayne aka James Hind is a member of the Batley satanic sex cult, and has only been included to highlight the claims being made by Nathaniel Harris that Hind is “somehow linked,” to the Batley cult. Never has James Hind ever said that he is a member of the Batley satanic sex cult from Kidwelly, South Wales. Nor has he ever said Matt Taylor is a menace to satanists everywhere, and that he must be stopped.

Matt Taylor is a Menace to Satanists Everywhere!

This cartoon is for satiral purposes only, there is no evidence to prove Julian Vayne aka James Hind is a member of the Batley satanic sex cult, and has only been included to highlight the claims being made by Nathaniel Harris that Hind is “somehow linked,” to the Batley cult. Never has James Hind ever said that he is a member of the Batley satanic sex cult from Kidwelly, South Wales. Nor has he ever said Matt Taylor is a menace to satanists everywhere, and that he must be stopped.

Fuck Off James Hind you Satanic Cunt…..

Why the fuck am I being called a “Satan Hunter,” by self confessed satanist James Hind?

What connection have I got to James Hind, that he feels justified in “keeping an eye on me,” and calling me a “Satan hunter,” when in reality Hind is talking out of his arsehole.

What is a Satan Hunter?

I have neither looked or found Satan, (though I do remember him looking up at me from the toilet, when I was about 4 or 5, living in Highdown Road in Hove Brighton.)

Why is James Hind paying such an insidious interest into my business, and giving out false and incorrect information referring to Court Orders and suspended jail sentences which is none of his business, and which MUSTN’T be discussed in public by anyone.

Who the fuck is the idiot hiding behind the username name: DavideLeDingue , to second guess the judgement of seasoned Judge, whose sentence of the crimes I’d been accused and found guilty of, amount to NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!

When is James Hind going to back off and fuck off?

Did you know that James Hind is alleged to be connected to the Kidwelly, South Wales Batley satanic case?

Stay tuned to Taylor’s Freedom, because I’m going to delve deeper into James Hind (aka Julian Vayne), and see just why he’s so scared of being exposed and going to jail.

What’s the difference between sadistic and satanic abuse?

From the definitions above, I would say sadistic abuse is far worse than satanic abuse.

Abuse is abuse, regardless of the words that come before it.

I find it weird that some people would make the distinction between sadistic and satanic.

Both include sexual and physical torture and abuse. Both include an element of ritual, and both result in an innocent child being raped and even murdered.

We know we live in dark times because adult survivors of sadistic and satanic abuse are telling their stories.

While some argue over whether they were sadistically abused, or satanically abuse, they were abused……

And my heart breaks for all of them.

AJ Lashbrook defends himself against animal cruelty conviction.

Click me to watch me!

Did you punch your dog?

I raised my fist in front of my dog’s face!

Did you punch your dog though?

Contact was made because she jumped up, yes.

Shit happens! Contact was made because she jumped up at it!

“No evidence to prove anything the media claims.”

“The RSPCA ain’t there for animal welfare, they are there for profiting and that’s about it, putting caviar and champagne on Craig’s table.”

AJ Lashbrook attacks Pirate Girl!

Click me to watch me!

In response to my 50th Birthday Special.

Click me to watch me

In response to the above video, I wish to make the clarification that I lied when I said Fanny-Bones-Danny-Jones told me the gossip that Brian Hurle was making unwanted advances towards Pirate Girl, Kaley Einav.

It’s wasn’t Fanny-Bones-Danny-Jones, it was Pirate Girl herself who told me.

I lied to protect her as the source, and as a side swipe to Fanny-Bones-Danny-Jones.

I also want to apologise to Nadia Marshall.

Nadia Marshall, Shellie Mote’s No’1 Fan!

At the time of the Live, I wasn’t aware that Fran Fran was Nadia Marshall. If I had known, I would never have spoken with such distain.

As soon as I realised the mistake, which Nads was trying to make me aware of, I removed the blog, and made a public apology.

I have never intended to cause Nadia or Shellie Mote any insult or offence.

I apologise profusely to anyone who feels aggrieved following remarks I’ve made on TaylorTV!

Subscribe to TaylorTV!

Taylor TV! is for entertainment and educational purposes only.

Fanny-Bones-Danny-Jones is an Idiot!

Fanny-Bones-Danny-Jones believes that if he made a complaint to Sussex Police, I “would be locked up instantly.”

Fanny-Bones-Danny-Jones is a fuxking idiot, who has no understanding of the procedure of Law, Order and Justice.

For example, I was arrested at Christmas for allegedly taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of beheadings.

Read more: 50th Birthday Suprise; Christmas Horror!

I think everyone would agree that taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of beheadings, is far more urgent and important, than Fanny-Bones-Danny-Jones crying that I cause him alarm, distress and fear on the Internet.

What Fanny-Bones-Danny-Jones fails to understand, is that I have to be proven to have harassed someone, before the conditions of my Court Order are applied.

Allow me to repeat that very important FACT!

It has to be proven in a Court of Law that I have broken a Law, before any Court Orders against me are applied.

Fanny-Bones-Danny-Jones is a fuxking IDIOT!

“Cos I was hurting there funding.”

What the fuck is that actual fuck talking about?

“Smearing campaign!”

Wot an idiot!

Guess who’s the idiot, pervert and twat?

I’m being Goaded!

Of course I’m being goaded.

Within a week of declaring my decision to leave the Bullshit of the UK’s Laughing Stock Market behind me, Brian May’s long lost sister, Shelley May, takes a pop at me by calling me a “Predator,” and “a danger to women and children.”

Clearly this was intended to goad me, to which I dutifully replied!

But now it’s just getting ridiculous!

Read more: Now it’s getting Ridiculous!

All Witches are Green!

We all know Witches are green!

Green with Envy!

Mote is really pushing it….

How fuxking dare Shellie Mote call me a “Predator”?

How fucking dare she?

She has attacked me viciously since I left a comment on her YouTube channel; Go Archer Go…..

I should have known better than to post such a provocative comment, which I knew would ignite negative emotions.

And then I made matters worse, by saying Shellie Mote was abused by judges, teachers and policemen and women.

I stand corrrected; she was abused by her own sadistic grandmother, and the local priests.

Read more: The Problem with Mote!

The Green Witch

The Problem with Mote?

What the fuck is Shellie Mote going on about?

Shellie Mote, real name Shelley May is a self confessed Witch.

Mote first came across me, after I left a provocative message on her YouTube channel, under one of her Jeanette Archer dismissive, stating: Go Archer Go….

I should have known that leaving such a triggering message would have resulted in a negative reaction.

Mote says any “woman standing with Taylor”, needs “a slap or a section.”

Mote’s problem with me is that I published a blog, stating that she had been “sadistically raped and sexually abused by a variety of adults, ranging from judges, teachers, social workers and policemen and women.”

I’ve acknowledged that I made a mistake by embellishing and second guessing her abuse, by claiming judges, teachers, social workers and policemen/women abused her.

In Mote’s own words

“When I was a child, I was 4 years old, my indoctrinated grandmother used to take me to the priests for confession.”

I acknowledge I was wrong to state that judges, social workers and policemen/women abused Mote as a child, when in correction, and according to Mote’s own words, she was abused by her mother and priests.

“At 4 years old! Because I had the Devil in me. When in actual fact was that my mother was a diagnosed criminal psychopath, who indeed ritualistically abused her child, and quite sadistically. “

Abused from the age of only 4 years old, Mote was regularly taken to the local priest, by her grandmother, to be sadistically raped and sexually abused by a variety of priests, and NOT by judges, teachers, social workers and police men and women.

After sending in her lapdog (Nadia Marshall) to correct me, Mote then went onto attack Terry Rogers, accusing him of sending her vile sexual comments.

Gentleman Extraordinaire Terry Rogers, denies sending her any “vile,” or “sexual comments,” maintaining anything of a sexual mentioned by him within the last 24 hours, was about two individuals, whose comment was directed towards Angela Power-Disney, and nothing to do with her.

A visual representation of Sharon Gale taking one for the team.

Denying being a satanist, Mote defended any suggestion that the sadistic abuse she suffered as a child, was not at the hands of Satan.

“Yet it still wasn’t Satan.”

“I’m not a satanist, I am a witch. I am an angel. I’m a shaman. I’m an Elohim from the Emerald Order. I am an Indigo.”

While the Mote maintains her superiority over the ‘Muggles,’ of the Human Race, the stark reality of her comment cannot be denied.

Leaving men out of the equation, and targeting women, she calls for physical violence against any “woman,” who stands with Taylor, cruelly referred to as The Brighton Beast.

“Any woman standing with Taylor need a slap or a section.”

I responded forcibly when accused of being a stalker by a person renowned for stalking her arch enemy, Jeanette Archer.

Jeanette Archer

Leaving the last word to Complex Kat….

Tom is the fool that doesn’t stop fooling….

In addition to the absolutely ridiculous claim he made below:

“Someone close to Sussex Police told me, that Taylor was signalled to stop making new videos by the authorities. His exit from Taylor TV wasn’t his decision.”

Which raises the obvious questions:

Who is this “Someone close to Sussex Police,” who is evidential sharing information with Tom (regardless of how shit his Intel is,) when he clearly shouldn’t be.

Explain further the “signal,” which the authorities sent me that told me to stop making new videos?

Wouldn’t a letter, text or visit by someone in the Government’s YouTube Monitoring office have been more practical, rather than “signally” me to stop making videos.

And then to finish his foolish spat with the contention that the decision to exit from Taylor TV wasn’t my own….

Oh how I chuckled at his foolishness, and even more so now with his latest spat calling me one of the worst and most harmful Trolls in the UK.

“Taylor is one of the worst and most harmful Trolls in the UK.”

You could imagine his phone call to Sussex Police:

Tom: Hello Sussex Police, I would like to report Matt Taylor for faking a suicide.

PC Perv: Whose suicide? His or someone else’s?

Tom: Someone else’s. He’s faked a suicide with the intention to smear one of his many victims.

PC Perv: Who’s faked their suicide and who is the victim?

Tom: Matt Taylor faked his mates death, Babs, to smear Aidan Lashbrook, AJ of the Lashbrook family.

PC Perv: And what evidence do you have?

Tom: We can’t find the death certificate of Babs.

PC Perv: How did Matt Taylor fake Bab’s suicide?

Tom: He claims to have recieved a letter from Bab’s husband, claiming she had committed suicide.

PC Perv: And why is Aidan Lashbrook the victim?

Tom: Because AJ sent Babs a message, asking why she hadn’t committed suicide yet!

“Scabby ain’t you topped yourself yet please hurry up you dirty benefit cheat and guess what I stand by calling you a nonce as you where the one that proved yourself to be a nonce.”

PC Perv: Thank you for reporting the UK’s worst and most harmful Troll, can you confirm how Aidan is spelt. We will now start looking into that! Oh and by the way, is your surname IE, or EI?

Read more: Babs is Dead…

I don’t know about you, but Tom is turning into the thickest prick on the Internet!

Niedermeier is a Fool!

“Someone close to Sussex Police told me that Taylor was signaled to stop making new videos by the authorities. His exit from Taylor TV wasn’t his decision.”

Who is that ‘Someone close to Sussex Police?’

What does that mean? Is there a leak coming from Sussex Police?

What was the signal?

How was I signalled? How utterly absurd and pathetic.

How was I signalled?

Signalled by the Authorities!

While most people with get a text or a letter from the Government, Matt Taylor, menance to society and a danger to both women, pets and children, gets ‘signalled,’ by the authorities to stop making new videos on YouTube!


“His exit from Taylor TV wasn’t his decision.”