In the News this Week!

Sebastian & Chris Jnr Eubank

Terribly sad news that Sebastian Eubank died this week, found dead on Dubai Beach, only five days before his 30th birthday.

In this heart-felt Tweet by his younger brother Chris, it drives home the anguish, horror and loss which the Eubank family must be suffering this week.

Richard & Holly Branson

Congratulations to Virgin founder Richard Branson, of realising his dream this week, of going to space.

Let’s pray no one dies this time!

Frank Skinner & David Baddiel

The whole nation is dreaming of it’s first win of a major football tournament since the 1966 World Cup victory against Germany.

Come on England!

Accolade to Guerrilla Democracy News!

“The coverage of Jessica gives you a Golden Ticket of Credibility that no one else can touch.”

“Jessica helped us test dozens of journalists and podcasters finding only you Matt willing to sincerely help her, just couple of agent handlers pretending to give Jessica a voice but undermining her.”

‘I fought for her release calling lawyers for almost a year and it’s clear to me that you bringing coverage to her case made the court release her, after your increasing coverage exposing Biden, within 3 weeks of your reporting of Jessica’s case.’

“Jessica helped us test dozens of journalists and podcasters finding only you Matt willing to sincerely help her,”

“It’s clear to me that you bringing coverage to her case made the court release her.”

Click me to watch first Guerrilla Democracy News video on Jessica Leigh Collins

“There are several tangents to her case like one death of Jonathan Luna after driving Jessica, and the death of Jessica’s daughter.”
“That AG sessions mentions as one of 3 deaths in a press conference about shutting down Alphabay drug website on dark Web in 2017.”

Watch the Latest Jessica Leigh Collins news update only at Guerrilla Democracy News.

Latest Guerrilla Democracy News – News the mainstream media dare not report.

Matt Taylor invites Vampires and Were-wolves onto his Breakfast and Evening Matt Taylor TV (MTTV) Shows, broadcasting live from Brighton every morning from 8am and evening at 7pm.

Live with Guerrilla Democracy News everyday, twice a day!


Be Right on in Brighton -LIVE FROM BRIGHTON



YouTube Star Matt Taylor has been accused of stalking and harassing another victim!

Believed to be Jonathan Matthew Lewis from Cambridge, hiding behind the username ‘Muttley’; he posts on his twitter account:

“My response to over one month of non stop harassment be that via his videos or email received since 4th April. After a month of staying silent, its time to speak out.”

Ex Royal Military Policeman turned writer, film-maker, broadcaster and TV star, Matt Taylor 50, from Brighton categorically denies any harassment against JL.

“JL is a lunatic, brainwashed by the Hoaxtead Research community to maliciously report me to the police, to fulfil their dream of sending me to prison.”


My CV – 10 Reasons to employ Matt Taylor.

2. I’m a movie maker!

I’ve been to Brighton Film School. A month course Aug-Sep 2019

Most recently a Graphic Design course at Brighton’s Met College, Jan 2020, after which the teacher said I am “work ready.”

SKILLS: Video editing, Photoshop, Illustrator, movie maker. Graphic design, comic book, magazine covers, movie posters

Currently working on the King Arthur II – War King, true story movie trilogy.

Attracting the attention of Hollywood movie producer and director Zack Snyder, to direct a new King Arthur trilogy based on the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.

My CV- 10 Reasons to employ Matt Taylor

1. I’m a leading Writer in the UK’s Truth Movement.

As the editor in chief of Guerrilla Democracy News since 2012, I’ve attracted millions of hits from across the Galaxy, with over a 1000 news articles and counting.

Combining journalism with easy to use media applications, I’m able to create entertaining news bulletins to accompany any article.

Skills include copy writing, journalism, graphic design

Check out my latest news bulletin here, about Sharon Gale protecting Bill Maloney’s secret.

Click me to watch me

Read more: Sharon Gale v’s Angela Power-Disney

Adam Lashbrook v’s Matt Taylor

I am waging war on AJ of the Fuck 🐕 Family
aka The Brighton Beast
Exposing Adam Lashbrook – Click to watch

“The only reason he calls himself AJ, is because he can’t spell Adam.”

How dare he speak of my friend like that, and someone he’s never met.

Stay tuned for part two, where I look deeper into the scientific concept of ‘Projection,’ and see the truth behind calling others out, to hide your own secrets.

Adam has lots of secrets hiding in plain sight, and throughout these papers you will learn more about AJ than you could ever imagine.

Its a really dark, cruel and terrifying journey, and if you are faint hearted, I recommend you turn away now.

Message to The Wasp Show Live, on which AJ is a regular panelist.

“There is someone on your panel, who abused a little girl so much that she ran into moving traffic to kill herself and end the horror of her daily life.

Someone who’s still haunted by her ghost. Haunted too by another little girl he killed by drowning her in the Town centres Square pond.

There is someone on your panel, a vicious and cruel monster,  hiding in plain sight.”

Check out to find out who. 

Posted in Facebook

Someone we all know abused his little girl so much, that she ran into moving traffic to kill herself, and end the horror of her life.

Someone who has already killed a girl he kept captive for 20 years, who escaped, and who he drowned in plain sight, in the pond of the Town’s shopping centre.

He’s haunted nightly by what he’s done, but he carries on doing it.

This man is sick, and Kayle Freeman wanted to be friends with him!

Find out who it is at

Ex lead singer of East 17 Brian Harvey says he’s a “Dead man”.

In a highly charged and emotional late night YouTube live, Brian Harvey, the ex lead singer of the highly successful 90’s boy band East 17, has said he’s a “Dead man,” following his investigation into phone hacking by the Murdoch newspaper empire.

Fearing for his life and an assassination attempt at any moment, Brian Harvey has been for years exposing a Truth Movement plot to set him up as the fall guy for a bigger sting operation, involving high profile paedophiles in government and attached to the Windsor Royal Family.

Set up by high profile Truth Movement players, namely Bill Maloney, Ian Puddick and Chris Fay, Brian Harvey was fed a cock and bull story that the Grandfather of the Truth Movement David Icke was a paedophile and many other were too, including the nation’s favourite gardener Alan Titchmarsh, politicians Edwina Curry, Kenneth Clarke, Leon Brittan, ex PM John Major, singer Elton John and the nation’s favourite boxer, Frank Bruno.

“When I give the names, you just say yes.”

Supplied with a ‘Ninja camera’, given to him by Ian Puddick, Brian Harvey claims he was fed lies about prominent personalities by Bill Maloney, while in conversation with Chris Fay and Andrew Ash, with the intention of going public with the information, which would ultimately be proved to be untrue, resulting in Brian Harvey being discredited, alongside the Truth Movement and any further allegations of paedophilia within government and the Windsor Royal family too.

Coming to terms with the state sponsored psychological operation being played against him, Brian Harvey has been left mentally battered and bruised by the on-going negative publicity, that continues to be inflicted upon him by high profile players in the Truth Movement, such as Shaun Attwood and Jon Wedger.

Metropolitan police have visited Brian Harvey’s address to check on this welfare, but no investigation has been launched into the allegations he’s making.

For more information on  Brian Harvey and his sensational story of phone hacking, misinformation and skullduggery at the highest levels of government and royalty, subscribe to Brian Harvey TV on YouTube. 

Calling Zack Snyder- Lets film the real story of King Arthur II….

Based on the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.
Join Ross Broadstock (and sons) for his Britian’s Hidden History show every Sunday at 8pm on YouTube.
Vote for the King Arthur II Political Party – Bringing back the past to save the future.

I know Chris E!

I bet Chris E is a sad old cunt who has nothing going for him in life.

A failed father, a failed lover and a failed superstar. Nothing has gone right for him in his life. Of course its all down to his own attitude, but he can never admit to his own failures and shortcomings, which is why he cyber bullies everyone else, from behind his mask of anonymousity!

Getting weak minded obedient puppies like Danny Jones to do this dirty work for him is typical of this sad, pathetic, loser who has nothing else in life to make him feel better about himself, than pissing on other people’s parade, and throwing his shit at their achievements.

Read more: Chris E Controls Danny Jones

Danny Jones is more than happy to jump when told, and make videos on his behalf, because he hasn’t got two brain cells to add together, to create his own content.

Danny Jones and Chris E are both as bad as each other. Sad, pathetic perverts who have nothing else in their lives, but to bully others.

The Truth Movement isn’t what it used to be!

I remember when I first jumped into the Truth Movement with both feet.

Back then YouTube was new, and ‘Going Live,’ was unheard of.

All we had back then was blogs, uploading to YouTube, Facebook and forums to exchange information and debate the news of the day.

So while a lot has remained the same, a lot has changed.

Back then David Icke was started up The People’s TV. Richplanet TV was on terrestrial TV, Ian R Crane was a fat piggy, Christopher D Spivey was smashing it, while Tom Cahill was the thorn in the side of all the top dogs, and the beautiful Danielle La Verite, was wooing us all with her stunning good looks and stories of being a secret MK super soldier.

Oh, those were the days!

Nowadays we have Danny Jones, Sharon Gale, The Mouse, Niki Cooper, AJ and Grobnob!

Hey, not all is lost. On the plus side we have John Wanoa, Dr Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Andy Devine and more tarot card readers than you can count on one hand!

Christopher D Spivey is clinging on with his finger nails. Ian R Crane is a shadow of himself, Tom Cahill has disappeared, along with Danielle La Verite, Greg Hallett and so many more who’s names escape me.

Where’s the Drama?

The only drama we get now is watching Sharon Gale getting pissed live on YouTube, and watching through fingers across our eyes, as to whether her boyfriend will either beat her up, or fuck her over the kitchen table!

There is no one we can depend on anymore. Back then we could operate without fear of being copyrighted or mass trolled by organised troll rings.

The leading organised troll ring operating at the moment are the satanic Hoaxtead Research Community.

They’ve sucked out all the fun from the Truth Movement by maliciously mass reporting everyone, resulting in them getting 3 month Facebook bans, losing their YouTube channels, and resulting in the cops banging at your door.

The horror stories of the last few years, include the tragedies of John Wanoa being denied entry into the UK, and the resulting mental health fraud against him, which saw him committed to mental institution in New Zealand, which nearly killed him; and of-course, we still have the People’s Champion, John Paterson, locked up in a mental health ward in Chichester, awaiting his trial in April 2021.


A lot has changed, since looking back with fondness to 2014, when I caused a storm at Ian R Crane’s Truth Conference.

Read more: Chasing a storm at the AV5 Truth Movement

I haven’t even mentioned the Q movement, the Trump years and Covid-19.

The world has changed immensely since those heady romantic days of discovering everything is a lie, and everything reported to us on TV is bullshit, designed to control and deceive.

Where’s Bill Maloney? Have no fear, we’ve got Jon Wedger instead!

While many have fallen to the wayside, new heroes and heroines are always rising to the top to savour their 15 minutes of fame.

With more features and options being made available to the amateur blogger, across the Internet, there has never been a better time to jump on board and get involved.

Shaun Attwood did so, and just look how successful he is now!

I miss Sam the blogger, Tom Cahill, Richard D Hall, Secure Team 10 and Bill Maloney.

I continue to watch Ben Emlyn Jones, UK Column News and James Corbett.

I’m thrilled to have discovered Britain’s Hidden History, Simon Parkes, Teal Swan, Gina Maria Colvin Hill, Jeanette Archer and many more whose names I can’t remember to mention.

A big shout out to my mates, Angela Power-Disney, Neelu Berry, Babs, Andy Devine, Dave Witcher, Jamie Bennett and of-course the shining star of them all, the awesomely wonderful, Cassie Sunshine.

So while I look back with sadness and fondness to the ones who have slipped away from the limelight, the spirit of the Truth Movement is being kept alive with the new blood joining the Truth Movement everyday.

Let’s just take a moment to remember all those who won’t be making a comeback.

Rest in Peace dear Guy Taylor, Patrick Cullinane, John Harris, Gordon Bowden and Ginger, my cat….

Leave a message, and tell us what you like best, or hate worse, about the Truth Movement?

Check out ‘Exposing the Hoaxtead Trolls.’

Exposing the Hoaxtead Trolls
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Matt Taylor searches for his long lost father
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Paris Barrington’s Harassment Charge Dropped
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Jon Wedger’s Best Interview Ever!
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Check out Exposing the Hoaxtead Trolls for all the gossip, thrills and spills, of the Hoaxtead Troll community.

Paris Barrington’s Harassment Charge Dropped.

Sourced from the Web, creator unknown.

The Ipswich Pentagram. The Ipswich Pentagram reports that the trial of Paris Barrington for flashing (a dangerous weapon) has been No Further Actioned.

The witness to the proceedings a Ms Kaley Tarragon formally Umbrella Grape Solutions has declined to take the case further stating that her days and nights are spent ahem conversing with her partner Ric and she will be unable to get out of bed to make the court starting time of 10am.

She told the Ipswich Pentagram, “I’m a single Mother of 3, well I was until I married my Ric.”

“I don’t care about wasting Police and the CPS’s time in pursuing this case. I’ve a track record of wasting Police time phoning them up because I wanted a bit of attention.”

The defendant in the case Paris Barrington formally Peter Barrington said from his canal boat moored on the River Ouse in Peterborough, “Kaley?” Oh you mean Stinky Knickers. I expect she didn’t have a clean pair to wear for the court hearing. I did not threaten her family, I was too busy using my Breast Pump to enlarge my boobs. I’m a trans woman dotcha know?

A Conspiracy against :Andrew :Devine


You’ve left this group

You can’t message or call this group, and you won’t see any updates.

BONES: U let him in lol

BELLEND: Thats fucken let andy know what i am doing


AJ: Need to be a bit more carful should have last docment thats needed in the moring should be rid of these dirty lowlifes very soon

AJ: who let that mug in here

BONES: His account is in here but not sure if he can see any of these messages

BELLEND: Aj danny is taylor in here?

BELLEND: Is matt taylor in here

BONES: How was court Matt ?

BELLEND: Hes going off every thing once i have the cetificate lol

AJ: i hear divvy is leaveing facebook as to many people are clocking on to his unhealthy intrest in children

BELLEND: On the death certificate there is a bit where you have to put the name of person who declared the death lol should i get legendo plisko put down lol

BELLEND: Lol we can look in to that once devine is deleted lol

JOHN: i heard matt was found sucking cock at out the back of tescos

BELLEND: Lol see matt taylors only been getting 1 to 5 viewers lol since we let him have a break

BELLEND: Yeah just need few more then i can register him dead kyyros will sort that doc out and bang we can close everything lol even if he makes new ones we can keep cliseing them lol with death cetificate lol

AJ: thats it we are on track we have one letter for each of them not many more needed

BELLEND: I told you this guy is a level above us

AJ: Cant thank him enouh i see you have been busy this past few days @John Doe’s i told you they Nuts

BELLEND: Kyros. Is a legend lol hes just told me when we get the death certificate we can send it to fb and youtube to close his accounts pmsl the guy is legend i never though of that lol

JOHN: its a shame wont be able o have a credit for i but it will have been worth it after all

JOHN: Will to start the ball rolling on have the rest picked up shoofly after

BELLEND: Lol doing it to wanoa and neelu or mate would be funny but too hard to do it in uk and no connections in newzeland wanoa would have a stroke if it was done to him

JOHN: it’s been a hard Graft put all will be worth it in the end we cant have these scumbags running around cause so much destruction

BELLEND: Lol this is a master peice everyone will be talking about this fior years aj lol

BELLEND: It has to be put down as a RTA on the form both died on scene then once he sends us the death certificate off them both whisk a copy to gov and boom job done lol andy will be on the migrant boats if he wants to come to uk lol

BELLEND: will be pissed cause her stuff will be closed aswell lol

BELLEND: He cant even press charges even if he finds out who done it cause greek courts hold no power here lol and the deaths registerd there and then sent to uk lol where everything will be canceled even if he holds a greek passport lol

JOHN: Heather may actually leave him this time, He has put her though stress that no caring partner would do it surprising that she has not booted him out yet

BELLEND: Dont worry he will be a real no body when hes got no passport and registerd dead lol

JOHN: Looks like Mr Devine has been issuing Threats again.

BELLEND: Ok keep them screens we just need few for andy and we got the ball rolling hes going to go off his head when every things shut and hes a man with no name pmsl

JOHN: Plisko iv just been sent a screen shot of one of Heathers letters you need to see this it’s very interesting

BELLEND: he is going to send pictures of any letter soon as we get about 3 diffrent bills or id we can  shut down utilities and get ball rolling on his passport going to be good time for andy soon lol

BELLEND: We got new member who is there and hes getting us realy good intel we are getting records of his house mail now

BELLEND: Danny i emailed you the drne footage of andys house

BELLEND: Once ee get a few of his bills we can the get a copy of a greece death cetificate and then send it to the home office and his passport is gone ni number drivers licence you name its all closed annd uts job done

BELLEND: Yyeah try get a weekly price. Dont want junk mail. Make sure its for heather aswell he might be useing her name to get ppost hopefuly it works out ok with getting picturs of there mail email me his email addy

JOHN: I got the email Plisko that footage is top quality that will make for a great video, heard back they should be able to sort out his mail

BELLEND: We got the drone footage only thing is heather is in the video sitting out side this guy is top class his drone gas a hd cam you can see heathers minge needs a shave its that good theres a few cats laying around aswell but hes got some video of in his window and door

BELLEND: We will update in a bit danny drone going to andys house

BONES: ???

BELLEND: We got a drone pilot now hes ready to go sent pay pal payment

BONES: drone over who?


BELLEND: Got a greek guy who will do it for €70 his drone has long range

BELLEND: order a drone fly overs ill start searching

AJ: i dont think flights cost that much im sure can i sure it was under a £100 last time i went over there

BELLEND: you want to see if we can book a local to fly and record andys  house

BELLEND: our budget has came in we got to split £1666.69p   what you want to do with it


BELLEND: i got in other day its crap load of rubbish on the site we are allways 2 steps ahead of them

AJ: is it posible that Heather has realized that divvy is a pedo and thats why shes so promiscuous at the bar

AJ: sound mate have to wonder is purple thumb their new code for ped0 group

BELLEND: AJ my mate got in the thumb`s emails we got the details of everyone pm me

AJ: Have Wayfairs solicitors been in contact with jesus yet i gave them his address and divvys address and both divvys phone numbers funny one seems to be matching my youtube account name un listed

BELLEND: the special naughty list one where its a select few who gets to see what andys got on his safe haven pc in greece

JOHN: Mathew are you on Mr. Divines email mailing list?

BELLEND: subliminal messages in that video matt is it trying to say kid pictues online  from your blog?

BELLEND: bit strange why matt makes a video with a baby on a laptop followed by  camera equipment

AJ: Matt do you know where you have been going wrong ? have the courts put you straight yet as to what you have been doing wrong

BELLEND: matt you had any kid porn pics from andrew devine or john paterson

JOHN: Mathew wont like that to many questions lets see if he is capable of answering them I’m sure there’s plenty more

AJ: what was that other name that was on divvys pasport as he said to the police at saint james park ? Why did Divvys post man call divvy mr o’neil and then why did divvy make up a cock an ball story about not having a post man when clearly one had been to his door

AJ: did you ever watch crusty making his documents with ink all over his hands i suppose i can’t say he ait a tryer . i will never forget the day that the penny nearly droped for divvy

AJ: do you remember crustys live from customs that was funny crusty proving his flag and scrape book are worthless crap

AJ: hay Matt did divvy catch herpys when he went for the roast

JOHN: Evening Mathew you starting to wake up yet

Aug 17, 2020, 4:35 PM TO PRESENT

Matt Taylor Reported to the Social Services

Embattled Matt Taylor, dubbed the Brighton Beast by The Fruitcake Muncher’s Club (aka the reincarnation of the discredited Hoaxtead Research community), has been referred to the Social Services, for reasons as of yet unknown.

Breaking the news on their ever popular Fruitcake Muncher’s Club Youtube channel, the administrator, who is believed to be Karen Irving, posted the following update on 12 August 2020, referring to a Youtube video Matt Taylor posted on 10 August 2020. (Listen from 12:51)

The Bavarian Monster, aka Tom Niedermeier was first to respond.

Using a recognized satanic tactic of inversion and misinformation, The Bavarian Monster knows very well who sent the complaint, because it was he himself who claimed to have reported Taylor to the Social Services.

BM: Now you can hear me Matt?
MT: Oh I can hear you Sir.
BM: It’s me Tom Niedermeier
MT: Who, who are you?
BM: My name is Tom Niedermeier Matt.
MT: Oh right okay I haven’t heard of that name before. Would you like to introduce yourself to the audience tell us a bit about yourself?
BM: I’m the guy that you call a monster, a stalker and a criminal. 
MT: Oh who’s that, no I don’t think we talk about; are you talking about the Mr X the Hamster dad?
BM: No, I’m talking about you Matt and I will get you locked up. I will get you imprisoned, I will get you fucking imprisoned you asshole.
MT: Wow I’m surprised. Um, have we ever met before?
BM: No we’ve never met 
MT: So where’s all this anger, um coming from?
BM: Because you’ve been harassing, because you’ve been harassing me and my family for months now and I can’t wait to put you behind bars. (inaudible, inaudible)
MT: Wait hang on, isn’t that child abuse? I’ve just, I’ve already spoken about that. it’s very mean of people saying that because it means you’re taking away a loving father from their children. I’m the actual person who helps the key workers in the UK.
BM: Getting you locked up is the best thing that could happen to your children.
MT:  Oh really, do you really believe that. But have you ever met my children?
BM: No but I (inaudible)
MT: So how do you know that’s gonna be the best thing for my children?
BM: That’s enough to know that you’re a psycho and a weirdo and you’re not good for children.
MT: Oh really 
BM: You have convictions for harassment.
MT: I haven’t got any convictions for harassment, and I’ve noticed um…
BM: [Censored, censored-censored.]
MT: Woo, OK look, goodbye, we are not allowed to say things like that mate, ha ha ha ha.
Conversation ends.

Taylor Accused of Using his Son as Bait.

In a new low of harassment, stalking and intimidation, Taylor has been accused of using his 10 year son as bait, to incite a negative response from the satanic Hoaxtead Research community.

Contrary to the claim that “no one did,” “troll his son in the chat”; a certain troll simply couldn’t help himself and called Taylor’s son a “Noob.”

Warning – distressing footage of brutality under the guise of ‘mental health treatment’

Umbrella Grape Solutions

Be warned, this is very distressing to watch, but must be shared because it high-lights the inhuman treatment of mentally ill patients in the USA. And remember, it doesn’t happen just in the USA, its happening across the world.

We all deserve better and we must all stand up for each other.

Welcome to Taylor’s Freedom

Reporting on the latest news from the Freedom Movement

Creating a space where Freedom Movement fans and supporters can come together, and talk about their favourite influencers in the UK’s Freedom Movement.

You’ll learn about:

  • Den Tarrogan
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  • Chris Spivey
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  • Other big names in the Freedom Movement

Carrying on from the success of the now defunct Hoaxtead Research blog, Flo Destroyer’s blog, Jimmy Jones and Chris Spivey blogs; ‘Taylor’s Freedom’ hopes to pick up the pieces and turn ‘Taylor’s Freedom,’ as the place to be for Freedom Movement fans and supporters.

A safe place to share your news and views of the Freedom Movement.

‘Taylor’s Freedom’ is a new blog created to comment on the Freedom Movement, blogging stories and pictures of the movement’s leading men and women.

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