Highlights and Lowpoints of 2022

We were all on such a high after Freddy’s New Year extravaganza! Or was that the Year before? Its hard to remember!

It all went wrong from then on, from January to December!

The in-fighting was terrible. Everyone hated Convid, my moderators were getting the Mouse treatment, and strange Dave was issuing public statements reflecting his disgust and revulsion at my rude adult humour towards the ladies in the audience.

He took particular offence at me jokedly teasing the ladies to get their tits out for the boys.

(I once said that to a female RMP soldier in the army! We often held naked bars in our Corp’s Soldier’s Mess! She said no to getting her tits out, so I asked her to show us her Fanny instead; to which she duly obliged. Flashing her neatly trimmed minge to all the boys!)

Can you imagine strange Dave hearing that!!! He’d be horrified.

I’m sure I lost a YouTube channel about then, due to vicious porn bombing by Plisko the Bellend.

I’ve lost so many, I’ve lost count.

I lost one to Plisko and then I lost the other to Freddy and Becks.

I haven’t publicly spoken about this yet, and seeing that I don’t want to take anything from 2022 to 2023, I best come clean and tell you.

While I take full responsibility for losing a YouTube channel, I’ve blamed Freddy and Becks, using the same justification in which Paris blamed Steve for himself putting his fist through his laptop screen.

I did something in response to the bullshit Freddy and Becks was putting out about Justin, which under normal circumstances would have got me a weeks ban, but instead resulted in my channel being scrubbed, compounded with the previous strikes to my channel from the S.I.K Mouse stalking gang.

And then Justin came into my life.

To which I can confidently state, was the outstanding highlight of the year.

What with going to Brighton beach and getting naked with the teenage boys!

Little Miss Innocence duly followed, and it’s been murder ever since.

(Though we did enjoy one particular night in Brighton when Justin, myself, Little Miss Innocent and my magical imaginary girlfriend, all met up at Brighton’s Palace Pier for tapas and drinks!)

Of course, I expect you can all guess my outstanding lowpoint of the year!

Being kidnapped from my own home, with all my most precious worldly belongings stolen, thrown in a police cell for 15 plus hours, accused of Stalking with Violence a person I’ve never met, nor want to meet.


And then the tragic deaths of friends and loved ones.

The first shock was cricketing legend Shane Warne.

Then my dear Aunty Eileen (Fully Vaccinated!)

And to the absolute shock and horror of the Hidden British History community, (and three teenage boys) King Arthur legend Ross Broadstock.

Let’s take a moment to remember all those amazing people lost to the Rapture in 2022!

And recently (although his death was accidentally announced during the World Cup tournament by Gary Lineker,) football legend Pele.

And only yesterday we heard that Vivian Westward passed away at the aged of 81, and today news just in that the disgraced former Pope Benedict has kicked the bucket, and is on his way to Hell.

The sad and tragic passing of our friends and loved one’s aside, it was the year in which one era ended and another began.

From the Elizabethan Age to the Carolean Age.

But it was also the year The Voice of Reason Alex Belfield was sentenced to a 5 year prison sentence for stalking four BBC radio personalities, the most famous being Jeremy Vine.

While it’s hard to talk about, I took great satisfaction in being the first YouTuber to break the news of Belfield’s sentence.

And the Belfield Stalking Trial of the Century wasn’t the only world shattering event I was fortunate enough to cover.

I was there when Boris Johnson resigned.

I was there when Liz Truss entered 10 Downing Street, as I was there when she left it too.

I was there for the Queen’s death, her funeral and everything in between.

But my greatest YouTube achievement of the year was without a doubt, bringing my audience live footage of NASA’s DART space probe smashing into the micro-asteroid Dimorphos!

I’ve always boasted to my audience that I bring them news from across the Galaxy, and I took immense personal joy and satisfaction in being the only YouTuber to bring its audience live footage of a major event, 7 million miles away in our Solar System.

Which makes it all the more painful, to have my channel cancelled due to malicious and frivolous copyright strikes against me, by a jealous, obsessed and fixated YouTube rival.

The hundreds of hours of original entertainment, brought to you with all my heart and soul, cruelly wiped off the face of YouTube, because a certain individual abuses my Human and Fairuse rights.

I cannot even begin to put into words the anguish, sorrow and pain I feel, having been cancelled, my liveilhood stolen and my dreams scattered to the four corners of the Earth.

Read more: Who is Remy Thomas to Piss on my Dreams? https://guerrillademocracy.blogspot.com/2022/12/who-is-remy-thomas-to-piss-on-my-dreams.html

And then there’s been the abuse!

Titbit Tony The Lonely Joke Harris

Grobnob the grumpy beggar incel from Preston took great delight in putting the boot in.

As did many others! AJ the paedophile convicted dog-beater for example!


Plisko, Eric’s Crack Bitch, the German Toad, James Hind, Shellie Mote to name but afew.

There was a particularly funny weekend during the summer, when James Mouse thought he had hit the jackpot, when he came across an array of videos, which he thought I had produced and uploaded.

He must had premiered nearly 10 hours of videos, which if I had premiered on my own channel, I would have been arrested and jailed for breaking a number of court orders.

James Mouse is without doubt my number one useful idiot.

And then came along the dreadful duo Ian Bradley and Myra Hindley.

Titbit Tony The Lonely Joke Harris & Little Miss Innocent

It all started on Little Miss’s Birthday!

Justin and I were having a party and Little Miss Innocent gatecrashed it, and we haven’t heard the end of it ever since!

Being at the receiving end of the abuse and intimidation of both Ian and Myra has been the outstanding lowpoint of the year, on par with my 18th November arrest, which has left me so distraught and broken, that I’ve pushed to the edge of the mental health spectrum.

Read more: Being Kidnapped by Matt Taylor https://guerrillademocracy.blogspot.com/2022/11/being-kidnapped-by-matt-taylor.html

It’s been another year of sabotage by a collection of jealous rivals, who’ve been pissing on my success ever since I first landed in YouTube so many years ago.

Leading the charge to get me either sectioned, imprisoned or killed, is the Brighton based satanist James Hind.

Believed to be behind numerous sock puppet accounts, the reclusive satanist and 12-year-old online decoy, would rather other people do this dirty business than do it himself.

This is evident by his offer to Shellie Mote of a direct payment to any solicitor who would initiate civil proceedings against me.

James Hind was also had a direct involvement in persuading xxxxxxx to make a malicious allegation of Stalking with Violence against me, plus his involvement in persuading xxxxxxx to make a malicious and frivolous allegation of Malicious Communication against me too.

This is the basis of my firm held belief that he was responsible for enticing three teenage boys to make very serious malicious allegations against me during the Christmas period of 2020.

Read more: Matt Taylor’s Christmas Horror Story https://guerrillademocracy.blogspot.com/2021/07/50th-birthday-surprise-tv-presenter.html

As its also my firm held belief that he is also behind the Blakewood sock puppet account, responsible for creating a fake Facebook account of me, and causing immense alarm distress and fear towards both Kelly Rusling and Billy Bennett.

Fake Facebook Account

James Hind has been a constant cause of alarm distress and fear throughout 2022, as he was during 2021 and 2000.


Other notable events worthy of mention include creepy Dave, Secret Santa, wanting to send my children a drone each, after throwing me under a bus, and cheering on gleefully as a steamroller, and then a tank went rolling over me too.

What else comes to mind about 2022?

The betrayal of a certain person who I once viewed as a friend and co-host.

I won’t say anymore on the matter because the hurt and distress of the situation is too painful to put into words right now.

Suffice to say that my trust in my fellow man has been trodden upon by the very people who pretend to be the most righteous, caring and compassionate.

For me personally, 2022 will be remembered as the year I got cancelled.

My Mantra for the New Year 2023!

I’m NOT taking anything with me into 2023
If you owe me, don’t worry about it.
If you wronged me, it’s all good.
If you’re fighting with me, you won.
If we aren’t speaking, it’s cool. Be safe and I still wish you well.
If you’re talking about me, thanks for the advertisement.
If you don’t deal with me, continue not to.
If you don’t like me, I don’t care.
If you left me hanging, dont pick me up.
If you feel I wronged you, I apologise.
In all things I forgive you.
Life is too short for all the extra, unnecessary drama; no one is promised tomorrow.
I’m not bitter, I’m better.
I don’t hate you, I simply love me more.
I don’t fight… I’ve already won.

Dealing with Liars, Cheaters and Losers!

Someone can do a video on you, in which they denergrate, slam and libel you, but if you dare to comment on that video, as you are entitled to do under Fairuse laws, certain liars, cheaters and losers will still call foul, and run to the pervebial headmaster, (namely YouTube Copyright Strike department and Sussex Police.)

This is the downside of dealing with liars, cheaters and losers. They will always resort to lying and cheating to beat you, because that is the only way a loser can beat a winner.

They have no alternative but to lie and cheat.

Being Kidnapped by Matt Taylor!

The mental scars of going for a poo on a quiet Friday morning, thinking ahead of the journey I would take to spent the weekend with my girlfriend in the woods of Surrey, hearing someone knock on the window, wiping up and seeing to my horror six police officers standing outside my home.

The harrowing mental scars now etched into my Soul, of watching a police officer try and pull my front room window out of its sockets, with a demonic look of intent on his red puffing and grimaced face.

With no other choice, other than having my window ripped from its frame, I turned the key and allowed the thugs dressed in black to flood in.

The feeling of absolute horror and despair when I wasn’t allowed to go to my own sink and pour myself a glass of water, but instead being wrestled to the ground to have my face smashed in the cats food bowl, with a knee to my head.

The ever lasting indellible horrific memories of sitting with my arms behind my back, in pain and discomfort handcuffed, as two police officers held me by the side, while three others ransacked my property, unplugging what they wanted, rummaging through my personal belongs, through my draws, and files, removing everything as if it just another day doing their job, with total disregard to me as a person, doing their work as if I wasn’t there.

Hearing a police officer upstairs searching through my bedside cabinet, my wardrobe and drawers!

With no warning, except a malicious YouTube video posted 48 hours earlier, of a drag queen singing with the heading, “YOU ARE GOING TO PRISON.”

At the time I didn’t think of commenting whether the message was meant for me.

Obviously it was!

Kidnapped from my home at 9am and dropped out bewildered, shell shocked and raw at 1am in the morning.

I found myself sitting in a burglled home.

No computer, no phone, no PS4, no Internet connection, nothing except me, my books, pen and paper.

Nothing is my own anymore because the thugs in black can smash their way into my home whenever they want and kidnap me at will.

If I didn’t have the unwavering support of girlfriend, my family and friends, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with such traumatic experiences, time after time after time.

I feel like a 9th classed citizen.

Other’s people’s feelings are worth more than my feelings.

Its massive and its a massive weight on my heart and shoulders.

I am not worth as much as others, in the eyes of The Law!

Being a victim of kidnap, in which my home has been invaded, and my property taken, all because someone else, of whom I have never met, feels so scared that I would travel hundreds of miles to hit him (and his extra.)

Someone else’s fear of being hurt, costs more than the mental health damage and impact of being kidnapped in cuffs, having my home ransacked and all my property stolen, 15 hours plus in a police cell, and then hit with bail conditions preventing me from telling you who has made these life destroying allegations.

Welcome to modern day police state Britain.

I’ve been unlawfully kidnapped by the thugs in black.

Welcome to modern day Satanic Britain.

After-all, there is one group of people, which the police will always do their bidding for…..

My Clipboard Contents at 10 gone 5 on 17:07 Tue 22 Nov 2022

I gave a letter of commendation to PC Paddy Stewart a week ago, praising him for his professionalism in connection to another case of harassment against me, by another friend of my complainant, particularly reassured that he said he had put an alert on my house, that Sussex Police wouldn’t respond to malicious and frivolous complaints.

A week later you’ve stormed through my door and seized my equipment again, and 15+ hours in a cell.

When is this going to end?

Let me work with you, not against you.

We can all reduce crime together! Not add to it by ruining my life and mental health with yet another pointless arrest?






In 1990, a Satanist from Lewes hit the headlines after her Satanic revels were exposed in a tabloid newspaper. Her name was Rosemary Barratt and she worked as a secretary inside Lewes Police Intelligence Unit, a fact which could not fail to stimulate some curiosity.

Barratt had long fostered a deep interest in severe sado-masochistic sex, having relations with literally dozens of magical masters. These assignations involved different magical groups and individuals, many of whom were outside of the Temple of Set. Obviously this was something of interest to the press who enjoyed laying bare such titillating diatribe.

However, she brought both herself and the Temple of Set into disrepute, a group which prides itself on being non-violent and ethical.

Speaking with David Austin, Magister and founder of the UK branch of the Temple of Set, revealed that he had concerns about her involvement with other less savoury & ethical magical groups.

Some of these were dangerous people who had advocated human sacrifice and extremely unpleasant sexual acts involving torture. (See Appendix 5) The question was, were there other people connected with Barratt’s cultic activities still working in Lewes Police Station?

Correspondence began between the Hexagon Archive and Chief Constable Paul Whitehouse, who was himself under investigation at the time and later suspended from duty. Various issues of the case were discussed on behalf of the friends and relatives of Gargani who were still deeply dissatisfied with the Police investigation.



I’ll ask the Questions!

Wgen it was time for the interveiw, I asked what time it was and the police officer said to me that I wasn’t here to ask them questions.

I believe I have all the right in the world to ask questions considering police officers stormed into MY HOME, put me in HANDCUFFS, and SEIZED ALL COMPUTER AND IT EQUIPMENT.

I was then locked in a POLICE CELL FOR 15+ HOURS.

All this happened because someone said they BELIEVED I would hurt them

I will certainly make my voice heard if it ever happens again, and God forbid it ever does.

Matt Taylor is New Stalking Arrest Horror!

Real life Jack Reacher, Ex Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor, 51, from Brighton UK, was arrested on Friday 18 November 2022, following an allegation of Stalking with Violence.

Matt Taylor

Having sent a letter of commendation to PC Paddy Stewart, who days earlier had investigated a complaint of harassment against him by a well known anti-extremist activist called Shellie Mote, PC Stewart assured the ex black op’s soldier, that a mark would be put in his address, that meant they wouldn’t act in any malicious and frivolous complaints made against him.

PC Stewart’s words meant nothing, when within a week, six Sussex Police officers were storming through his home, wrestling Taylor to the ground in a scene out of a Jack Reacher movie.

Arrested on lame, tame and flimsy evidence, all of Taylor’s computer equipment was seized, over 20 items in all including his Internet router and PS4.

Is there a larger conspiracy at play?

Kicking off his 2024 Brighton Kemptown General Election campaign, and well on his way to securing £200 million investment from the Saudi Investment Fund, Taylor was set to turn his dream of a King Arthur II Film and TV Studios into reality, putting it at the heart of his 2024 Brighton Kemptown General election campaign.

Police Harassment/Targeted Individual

A pattern has now emerged that Taylor is arrested on a near yearly basis, in which his computer equipment is seized, and returned on average a year later, after the investigation is NFA’d. (No Further Action.)

Having been arrested on such charges of taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of babies being beheaded, to allegations of failing to provide the police his address within three days of receiving a SPO and for numerous charges of harassment and stalking, Taylor again finds himself the victim of malicious and frivolous allegation made against him by the online Satanic Temple community.

Read more: Taylor’s Christmas Horror


Arrested, charged and convicted of harassing a well known name in the UK’s Truth Movement, (but a name that cannot be printed on Guerrilla Democracy News for legal reasons,) Taylor has been targeted by other Satanic Temple members, such as alleged satanic cult leader James Hind from Brighton, German based professor Thomas Niedermeier and Canadian born blogger Karen Irving.

Vilified as the character ‘IT,’ from the Stephen King novel, branded ‘The Brighton Beast,’ and a ‘sexual predator’, Taylor has himself endured years of online abuse which has resulted in a number of his social media platforms being removed and cancelled.

Falsely accused of being a three times convicted stalker, Taylor is seen as a media celebrity on YouTube, famed for his wacky, crazy and zany 6-9 hour long YouTube marathon shows..

Having built himself a loyal fan base over the years, Taylor is said to be feeling “shell shocked and raw,” following his latest arrest by Sussex Police.

Taylor has been bailed until 15 February 2023, where he predicts, (based on past behaviour by Sussex Police), that the bail will be extended until the end of 2023, where-after the case will be NFA’d and his computer equipment returned damaged.

Abandoned by Sussex Police who fail to investigate and act upon any complaint Taylor makes, Taylor has been a victim of a constant stream of malicious and frivolous complaints made against him since 2015.

Taylor was first arrested for Affray on 25 Janurary 2015, when while standing as the independent parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, his election office was attacked by two thugs, who attacked Joe Neilson (a colleague of Taylor’s) on the doorstep of his house, which Neilson claims he would have been killed if Taylor didn’t intervene and repelled the attack.

After the two officers finished joking and laughing with their assailants outside the property in 318 Southcoast Road Peacehaven, both Taylor and Neilson were arrested for affray and detained for over 15 hours, while their assailants were allowed to walk free.

Read more: Sussex Police are Prime Targets by Organised Crime


The charges against Taylor and Neilson were later dismissed and no further action taken.

Joe Neilson, 76 and disabled, continues to live abroad, too scared to return to his home in fear he will be killed.

His home is being stolen from under his nose and Sussex Police continue to do nothing about it.

Read more: Latest News from Joe Neilson


Comments from the UK’s satanic Community include:

I’m Done with this Shit!

I’m done with going live on YouTube, regardless of how many times Lenny ‘The Heckler’ Marvin, or Marie ‘Bruce’ Marlin, begs me to go live!

The thought of all those creeps watching me with their hands down their pants!

Yuk! Gross!

It makes my skin crawl knowing that a wretch like Nicky is watching in the audience.

I’m just not prepared to give any more of myself to these parasitic leeches, who feed on my energy and spirit.

It’s not as if they woukd ever step out of their comfort zones and go live for the benefit of a stranger’s entertainment.

BREAKING NEWS – David ‘Joe’ Neilson’ – 76-year-old Wheelchair Bound Pensioner, “Sussex Police Tried to Taser me!”

Sussex Police in New Elderly Abuse Scandal

David ‘Joe’ Neilson, 76 from Peacehaven, near Brighton, is living in fear.

David ‘Joe’ Neilson

Too scared to return to his home since the General Election of 2015, Mr. Neilson

has been living in fear of the killers of Katrina Taylor, and the Sussex Police’s involvement in his continuing harassment and stalking.

Mr. Neilson is Living in Fear

Who Killed Katrina Taylor?

An old aged pensioner, diagnosed with PDST in 1996, suffering from Fibromyalgia, compounded with Macular Degeneration, losing his eye-sight to the extent of being registered legally blind; Mr Neilson’s story echoes the news that two Sussex Police officers are facing manslaughter charges following the death of a 93-year-old pensioner, who died weeks after being tasered and battered by Sussex Police officers. 

Joe Attacked by the killers of Katrina Taylor

Read more: Sussex PCs used baton and Taser on elderly man in wheelchair https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-62426889

Donald Burgess; suspected of being killed by Sussex Police Officers

Under fire following a string of scandals hitting the police force, Mr Neilson directly accuses Sussex Police of harassment and stalking, and its Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne of his attempted murder.

“The Arrest was a Set-Up”

Matthew Taylor & Joe Neilson after attack in January 2015

Pictured outside the Murder House in a wheelchair with ex-Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor a week after the attack in January 2015, David Neilson has since fled his home, living in fear he will be killed by the killers of Katrina Taylor, watching helplessly as his property is stolen by organised crime.

Crime Lord Mark Slade – King of the slums

Landlord Marcel Sulc has got rich by throwing people out of their homes.


Crimelord Mark Slade
aka Landlord Marcel Sulc

During the 2015 General Election Mr. Neilson received Death threats if he didn’t sign his property at 318 Southcoast Road, Peacehaven, dubbed ‘The Murder House’

The main witness in the 1996 murder of Katrina Taylor, Mr. Neilson says he is “too scared to return to his home, in fear he would be killed by the killers of

Katrina Taylor, working with Sussex Police.”

Home Invasion

Subjected to a home invasion by two unknown assailants in January 2015, the attack is one of many attacks against him since 1996.

Mr. Neilson is living in fear the killers of Katrina Taylor, will return to kill him.

Abandoned by Social Services and Police

David Neilson fears he’ll be killed by the killers of Katrina Taylor if he returns home to Brighton

Shunned by Social Services and Old Aged Concern charities, Mr. Neilson is campaigning for the reopening of the Katrina Taylor murder, in which he is still being persecuted 26 years on.

Filed as another ‘Unsolved Murder,’ Mr. Neilson claims organized crime worked with corrupt officials, to overturn the guilty verdicts of Katrina Taylor’s killers, allowing them to walk free in 1997, evading justice, and remaining on the lookout for Mr.Neilson to finish their job.

Attacked on his doorstep, Mr. Neilson was saved by the intervention of Matt Taylor.

Mr. Neilson believes it if Mr. Taylor hadn’t intervened, he would have died on the spot.

Instead of arresting their attackers, Sussex Police officers arrested Mr. Neilson and Mr. Taylor on suspicion of affray.

Threatened and intimidated everyday up to the May 2015 General Election

After 12 hours in a police cell, and being released over 30 miles away from their home, all charges were later dropped. 

Speaking to The Argus, Mr. Neilson, said there was “absolutely no way” he had attacked anyone.

He said: “I am a 69-year-old disabled pensioner.”

Read more: Prospective MP Angry Over Arrest.


As a direct result of the wrongful arrest on 16 January 2015, Mr. Neilson’s property at 318 Southcoast Road, Peacehaven has been stolen by organized crime, which Sussex Police refuse to investigate.

Sussex Police continue to harass and stalker Mr. Neilson, threatening him as a threat, preventing him from reporting crime, and prolonging his injustice by failing to act on and investigate the crimes being committed again Mr. Neilson today.

Who is the next elderly victim of Sussex Police?

TV documentary shines a light on Shana Grice murder case

RIP Shana Grice – Never Forgotten; Always Remembered

Brighton Scandal

Michael Coughtrey

Murder victim’s parents: We begged Sussex Police for help but were ignored

Parents of murder Susan Nicholson, fighting for justice
email – abatanm@hotmail.com

David Neilson ask the question:


She says that Elder Abuse is her priority

But she will not meet me with my solicitor to take a full statement from me?


“I have closed the investigation,” PC [REDACTED] Thu 24/06/2021 15:06pm


I was investigating the incident that you reported,

I was made aware of other incidents that where being investigated.

One of which was a complaint very similar to yours of ongoing social media malicious conversations and

Various abusive comments on multiple platforms.

These incidents that you have reported as being aggrieved and have been reported naming you as suspect,

It is very difficult to progress with a case of malicious communications when you and Tom are both the victim and suspect.

With that in mind I have closed the investigation as both involved cannot harass each other its two people having a conversation,

And commenting against each other’s post.

Each individual incident is investigated and if the incidents are found to be malicious then action will be taken.


Complaint against Tom Niedermeier – Mon 10/08/2020 16:25pm

Dear Sussex Police,

I wish to make a formal complaint of harassment, stalking and intimidation against a person I know to be Tom Niedermeier.

In the matter of the [REDACTED] v’s Matthew Taylor Stalking Protection Act 2019 dated 21st April 2020 and an application for a variation to a Stalking prevention Order, dated 17 July 2020, between The Chief Constable of Sussex Police and myself; I wish to bring to your attention the conduct of a certain person I know to be Tom Niedermeier, who claims to live in Bavaria, Germany.

In the variation to a Stalking Prevention Order paper bundle, handed to me by [REDACTED], outside [REDACTED] in Brighton on 20 July 2020, it states that [REDACTED] has claimed I have:

  1. Started a hate campaign against her, both by telephone contact and the use of the internet;
  2. Received text messages which are abusive and threatening from Matthew Taylor and his associates;
  3. Published [REDACTED] address online;
  4. Encouraging others to target [REDACTED];
  5. Tried to view and access [REDACTED] personal Facebook account.

I categorically deny any of the above and trust my innocence will be proven in any court of law.

I can only surmise that [REDACTED] is either mentally insane, part of a conspiracy to ruin my good name and character, or a victim of an individual or individuals, pretending to be me.

Information has come to light over the past few days, but which has escalated to new levels of harassment, stalking and intimidation, reasonably revel a person I know to be Tom Niedermeier, as the individual responsible for a course of conduct against [REDACTED], of which she has been fooled to believe is me.

I have attached a number of screen-shots in which Tom Niedermeier threatened to report me to the Social Services.

“I will inform Social Services on behalf of his poor children.”

Tom Niedermeier has publicly vowed to get me arrested and locked up in prison. 

As he states in the screenshot attached, “I will not stop,” in which he states:

“I will have to continue to waste time on him until he is securely locked away.”

Posted on my birthday!

I reasonably believe a certain individual called Tom Niedermeier is intentionally contacting [REDACTED] and pretending to be me.

In a recent Youtube Live show, in which I welcomed members of the audience to chat with me, Tom Niedermeier came on and said the following:

TN: Now you can hear me Matt?

MT: Oh I can hear you Sir.

TN: It’s me Tom Niedermeier

MT: Who, who are you?

TN: My name is Tom Niedermeier Matt.

MT: Oh right okay I haven’t heard of that name before. Would you like to introduce yourself to the audience tell us a bit about yourself?

TN: I’m the guy that you call a monster, a stalker and a criminal.

MT: Oh who’s that, no I don’t think we talk about; are you talking about the Mr X the


TN: No, I’m talking about you Matt and I will get you locked up. I will get you imprisoned, I will get you fucking imprisoned you asshole.

MT: Wow I’m surprised. Um, have we ever met before?

TN: No we’ve never met

MT: So where’s all this anger, um coming from?

TN: Because you’ve been harassing, because you’ve been harassing me and my family for months now and I can’t wait to put you behind bars. (inaudible, inaudible)

MT: Wait hang on, isn’t that child abuse? I’ve just, I’ve already spoken about that. it’s very mean of people saying that because it means you’re taking away a loving father from their children. I’m the actual person who helps the key workers in the UK.

TN: Getting you locked up is the best thing that could happen to your children.

MT:  Oh really, do you really believe that. But have you ever met my children?

TN: No but I (inaudible)

MT: So how do you know that’s gonna be the best thing for my children?

TN: That’s enough to know that you’re a psycho and a weirdo and you’re not good for children.

MT: Oh really

TN: You have convictions for harassment.

MT: I haven’t got any convictions for harassment, and I’ve noticed um…


MT: Woo, OK look, goodbye, we are not allowed to say things like that mate, ha ha ha ha.

I am suffering from immense alarm, distress and fear as the consequence of the constant malicious communication I receive from Tom Niedermeier. 

I can offer further evidence of Tom Niedermeier contacting Brighton Metro College, protesting that I shouldn’t be allowed to study any courses.

It’s gone beyond a joke and is seriously impacting my life.

Who is Tom Niedermeier? He’s accusing me of harassing him and his family, but yet I’ve never met him and have no idea who he is.

He’s publicly vowing to get me arrested and locked up. He’s publicly calling me a psycho, paedophile, cat torturer, convicted stalker, liar and other malicious names, making numerous untrue and unfounded allegations.

I reasonable suspect that he is contacting [REDACTED] pretending to be me, and is encouraging others from The Fruitcake Muncher’s Club community to do the same.

I wish that this complaint is investigated with the same professionalism, zeal and enthusiasm, as complaints of harassment, stalking and intimidation made against me, were investigated.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Taylor

Copied to:

[REDACTED] Solicitors

Veritas Justice

Extract from my 650 paged Affidavit, featuring Thomas Niedermeier


  1. I continue to receive malicious communications, and suffer harassment and stalking on a daily basis, leaving me extremely alarmed, distressed and living in fear.
  2. Below are a collection of malicious comments which are posted in the comments section of a Youtube channel called, ‘A Slice of Fruitcake,’ written by Tom Neidermeier, who I reasonably believe to be [CENSORED], and ‘A Slice of Fruitcake,’ who I reasonably believe to be Karen Irving, and another person identifying as Chris E, who pretends to be [CENSORED]. Posted between 31 March – 03 April 2020.
  3. Tniedermeier: “Taylor really is a personified catastrophe waiting to happen. A danger to himself and others. Imagine this was one of your neighbours. sigh. https://youtu.be/4yHAuKS8jDA”
  4. A Slice of Fruitcake: “The Brighton perv does love the sound of his own voice, doesn’t he. He’s done four live videos so far today, totalling well over 3 hours
  5. Chris e: “So , did the porky perv from brighton just get another visit at the end of his live, or is he just after attention again ?”
  6. A Slice of Fruitcake: “Well, he’s live again now. So let’s go check…”
  7. Chris e: “How is what Matt does not political fraud? He pretends to be a candidate / representative and asks for donations . Surely thats illegal?”
  8. Tniedermeier: “Taylor really is a phenomenon. I am looking forward to visit him in prison.”
  9. A Slice of Fruitcake: “We’re going to report you to Sussex Police, Matt. Thanks for asking. https://i.postimg.cc/sXgSN0T0/Screenshot-3287-Copy.png. #AnotherBailBreach

SubJudice #ContemptOfCourt #HoleDigging”

  1. Tniedermeier: “A Slice of Fruitcake That idiot. He really needs to be banned from internet access.”
  2. A Slice of Fruitcake: “Matt’s daily live crap. Today he talks about [CENSORED] “satanists” and claims to be a victim of “an occult sect” and “an alleged cult leader”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUmpY4D0B4Y He also calls on the UK and US media to pick up on it and admits to sharing Jesus’s stuff (on [CENSORED]) far and wide.”
  3. Tniedermeier: “A Slice of Fruitcake Imagine the amount of internet bandwidth wasted by deluded idiots like Taylor or Devine. They should be limited in some way. Good that only very few people watch this sad, evil rubbish. The video from my last coloscopy had more viewers. And it looked better and was more entertaining, too. “
  4. Tniedermeier: “When you really contemplate the existence of extraterrestrial live, you get another reason to lock Taylor up. Imagine ET landing and encountering him as first human. They will likely look at him, conclude “no intelligence in this lifeform, but a series of very dangerous genetic and evolutionary defects”, jump back into their spaceship and destroy the planet to keep the biohazard from spreading.”
  5. I am unable to post anything on my Facebook page, without it being copied, stored, shared and lambasted by the person who I reasonably believe to be [CENSORED].
  6. For example, I wish to evidence this comment by Walter Neidermeier – walter Niedermeier:
    “The numpties are in full bullshit mode. Taylor is selling footage from the TV series „the royals“ as real. What a pathetic loser
  7. In this comment directed towards another victim of their Hoaxtead Research community gang stalking called Tracey Benjamin, we read how they congratulated themselves on intentionally triggering people, which I know from personal experience, causing immense distress, alarm and fear.
    Tniedermeier: “She got so paranoid that she thinks everyone is me. I always include my name in my avatars, in contrary to her. Even in her trolling she sucks. My last message to her https://youtu.be/NTmQWqXdBzM”
  8. A Slice of Fruitcake: “@tniedermeier Wait – I thought I was you! That’s what they told me anyway. Great work triggering her, btw”
  9. A Slice of Fruitcake: “More of Taylor loving the sound of his own voice.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx9uQy_WxwQ We get another honourable mention, btw. We’ve triggered him again 🤭”
  10. Tniedermeier: “No Matt. My goal is get you for life. Locked up, that is. Have a nice day. And try the slider labeled “Volume” next time.”
  11. Malicious communications received from other members of the Hoaxtead Research Community, include the following from Alan Mitchell via Skype; Alan, 12:34 on 04/04/2020: “Dont worry matty you will be in jail soon getting sore knees
    and biteing your pillow.” Alan, 12:42 on 04/04/2020: “When you goto jail matt it will be like the scene from deliverance squeeel little piggy.”
  12. And Sam Best, 04/04/2020 via Youtube comments: “Fucking nutcase. Just watching Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur and it reminded me of the complete failure and fantasist in Brighton who thinks he is a Hollywood film producer and a would- be Harvey Weinstein. Has about the talent of Harvey’s little finger but about as ugly as Harve and that’s..pretty fucking ugly. What a goose. Still, suppose it takes all kinds but honestly I hope to God there are no more Matt Taylor’s ? out there seeing they did away with Loony Bins. Whatever happened to that Wood Chipper bloke? Still
    incarcerated?. They might let him out now with this virus even though he probably thinks it’s all a plot.”
  13. On 05/04/2020, I video was uploaded to the Youtube account of Paddy McCarthy, which publicises my 2018 sentence against [CENSORED]. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDAaImMpc5k
  14. The first comment under the video is by Tniedermeier, who comments; “This is to the point. Thanks for uploading.”
  15. Another video uploaded on 26/12/2019, to a Youtube account called Brain Washed, again publicises my conviction for stalking and harassment and the allegation of the possession and making of child pornography.
  16. I am subjected to this constant, fixated, unwanted, obsessive and malicious behaviour, on a daily basis, as are many others.
  17. Other people who have reported themselves as victims of the Hoaxtead Research community include:
    :Andrew : Devine,
    Angela Power-Disney,
    Jake Clarke,
    Neelu Berry,
    Edward Ellis,
    John Paterson,
    Kaley Einav,
    Tracey Benjamin,
    UK Fraud & Corruption,
    Androulla Theodorou ,
    Deborah Mahmoudieh ,
    John Banks ,
    Lee Cant ,
    Belinda McKenzie ,
    Sabine McNeill and Jon Wedger.
  18. Exhibited as AD/01, an email from :Andrew :Devine dated 9 April 2020, confirming as first hand witness, of information provided within this Affidavit as true and correct. https://%5BCENSORED%5Dvstaylor.blogspot.com/2020/04/andrew-devine-witness-statement-in.html
  19. Unable to fully chronicle the full extent of the daily abuse I receive, I wish to exhibit the following links as MT/10, as examples of the malicious comments and stalking I’m a victim of.
  20. I also wish to exhibit MT/11, three youtube videos, you also chronicle the malicious abuse I’m receiving.
  21. My mental health has been deteriorating steadily since 2017, and I am so concerned that I am taking steps to contact mental health authorities, with the aim of an assessment and request for help.
  22. I wish to exhibit as UGS/01, Youtube video uploaded by Kaley Einav, to her Youtube account called, UmbrellaGrape Solutions, in which she also chronicles the malicious harassment and stalking she receives on a daily basis.
  23. I wish to exhibit as UKF/01, two Youtube videos published to a Youtube channel called UK Fraud and Corruption, which presents new information linking [CENSORED], to serious child abuse, including child snuff movies and child trafficking. This information has been forwarded to the police and security intelligence agencies. https://youtu.be/aylXeQSUOZUhttps://youtu.be/MWwi2iBo5pU
  24. On Tuesday 26 May 2020, I was provided with new information from :Andrew :Devine, proving that Tom Niedermeier, (whom I had reasonably believed to be a sock puppet account used by [CENSORED],) wasn’t [CENSORED]. I exhibit this as AD/02. https://hoaxtardtrollwatch.blogspot.com/2020/05/tom-niedermeier-is-not-%5BCENSORED%5D.html
  25. I continue to reasonably believe [CENSORED] is either accessing Tom Niedermeier’s accounts or encouraging him to send me malicious communications, in light of a comment that both Tom Niedermeier, and a sock puppet account, called The Fruitcake Muncher’s Club (whom I reasonable believe is Karen Irving), have a “mutual Friend.”
  1. 461. Tom Niedermeier uses three accounts to leave malicious communications, of which I
    contend could be shared with others.

462. I continue to receive daily malicious communications from Thomas Niedermeier, with a section below.

HR/01 – A list of blogs about me published by Hoaxtead Research.
SP/01 – Video by Sparkles mentioning how I’ve been gaslite by the Hoaxtead Research community.
VJ/01 – Email to Veritas Justice confirming I am a victim of crime.
HP/01 – Transcript of the [CENSORED] children’s testimony against their [CENSORED]
MT/01 – Video of me reporting harassment and stalking to Sussex Police on 21 June 2019.
MT/02 – Email to Inspector Christopher Thompson with reference to my complaint of harassment and stalking against [CENSORED] and Karen Irving.
MT/03 – Youtube video of Sussex Police/PC Colin Read, threatening me with arrest on 21 September 2019.
MT/04 – My claim for £2million damages against Sussex Police and other parties, filed at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on 23 September 2019.
JP/01 – Mrs Justice Pauffley’s Court Order dated 10 February 2015.
JP/02 – Mrs Justice Pauffley’s Court Order dated 19 March 2015.
VD/01 – Short extract from the BBC Victoria Derbyshire interview in which [CENSORED] says he’s been accused of being a “Satanic sex cult paedophile ring leader,” by this own children.
RD/01 – Facebook comment by [CENSORED], expressing his wish to sue Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many many more.
RD/02 – Facebook comment by {CENSORED], allowing his children unsupervised contact with his friends.
RD/03- Ebay 2017 video showing [CENSORED] and his children, in violation of the Mrs Justice Pauffley 19 March 2015 court order.
FC/01 – Video by Fraud & Corruption UK, chronicling [CENSORED] pseudonyms and businesses.
FC/02, a Youtube video uploaded by Fraud and Corruption UK, which links [CENSORED] email, to the sock puppet account of Tom Neidermeier.
FC/03, a list of [CENSORED] Youtube accounts, identified by Fraud and Corruption UK.
MT/05- A selection of links to malicious comments from Tom Neidermeier, whom I reasonably believe to be [CENSORED].
TN/01 – Comment dated 05/04/2020 by Tom Neidermeier stating how he filed a police report with Sussex Police regarding harassment and stalking.
TN/02 – Comment dated 05/04/2020 by Tom Neidermeier calling me a convicted stalker.
MT/06 – Email to Sussex Police Inspector Christopher Thompson, asking to confirm the identity of Tom Neidermeier.
DM/01 – Link to Daily Mail article about the [CENSORED] case dated 05/01/2020.
PE/01 – Link to independent blog about the [CENSORED] case dated 01/01/2020.
VD/02 – Full BBC Victoria Derbyshire interview with [CENSORED].
MT/07 – Youtube video of David Noakes saying there is “something satanic about [CENSORED]”
SG/01 – A pdf published on MrXInvestigations, complaining that Sussex Police have failed me, as they failed Shana Grice.
MT/08 – A pdf published on MrXInvestigation, Sussex Police Hall of Shame.
MT/09 – A blog published on MrXInvestigations, Chief Constable Giles York stands down in shame.
UGS/01 – A youtube video uploaded by Kayle Einav, chronicling her own malicious harassment and stalking, she receives on a daily basis, by the Hoaxtead Research community.
MT/10 – Three links to HoaxtardWatch.blogspot.com which chronicle the continuing harassment, stalking and malicious communications, I receive on a daily basis from the Hoaxtead Research community.
MT/11 – Three links to Youtube videos, which further chronicle the daily harassment, stalking and malicious communications, I receive on a daily basis from the Hoaxtead Research community.
UKF/01 – Youtubes videos which presents new information linking [CENSORED], to serious child abuse, including child snuff movies and child trafficking.
MT/12 – Email to Sussex Police officer Anna Batchelor, reporting intimidation and threat from Mark Waters dated 9 April 2015.
MT/13 – Screen-shot of receipt CDS-39755-20-4700-000, requesting prosecution papers in relation to [CENSORED] v’s Taylor Harassment case.
AD/01 – An email from :Andrew :Devine dated 9 April 2020, confirming as first hand witness of this information provided within this Affidavit as true and correct.
MT/14 – Sick note from Dr Winters dated 19/11/2019
PB/01 – https://youtu.be/-mPzhcRtNQc Uncut version of a conversation between DC Andy Mountford-Laker and Paris Barrington
PB/02 – https://youtu.be/c6foEzHSbP0 Is Matt Taylor a paedophile extended version.
PB/03 – https://youtu.be/yODfmQpcy_Q Paris Admitting to Firearm Offences investigation.
PB/04 – https://youtu.be/tJBuPlVulxY Paris Barrington speaking to PC Michael Clarke from Northampstonshire Police on 27 March 2020.
PB/05 – https://youtu.be/Yj2iIchQg54 This is the most damaging conversation between Paris and Andy, which demonstrates the solicitation of Paris by Sussex Police to make a malicious allegation against Matt Taylor.
PB/06 – https://youtu.be/7m8Re0c2Mos Proof Sussex Police are out to get Matt Taylor.
APD/01 https://youtu.be/1H–PaMC3Dk, Video uploaded by Angela Power-Disney, in which she describes the online harassment, stalking and intimidation she receives from someone, she reasonably believes to be [CENSORED], has driven her to have suicidal thoughts.
AD/02 – Proof that Tom Niedermeier is not [CENSORED] https://hoaxtardtrollwatch.blogspot.com/2020/05/tom-niedermeier-is-not-%5BCENSORED%5D.html

Read more: Thomas Niedermeier Threatens to “get police involved again.”

Analyzing May!

“I’m going to shed some light on this,  it’s going to be a bit of a, um, as far as I know this is, um, Matt’s, isn’t it?”

Yes Shellie, Taylor’s Freedom is mine, Matt Taylor! As is Mr X Investigations, Guerrilla Democracy News, Matt Taylor Writer, Exposing the Hoaxtead Trolls, Hoaxturd Trolls Watch, About Matt Taylor and a few more such as Taylor Investigations and more X-rated one’s, such as Taylor’s Sex Tales!!!

I’m a blogger, “don’cha know”, as Chris Spivey would say! (Some people even accuse me of being a “pathetic attention hog!”)

The Coven of Satanists

“Um, right what I’m going to say to all of you lot, and TA Rogers, (who is Matt), you’re all a bunch of fucking freaks.”

Wow, from the firing pistol going off, here we have Shellie May building up to her big reveal, by telling us she’s going to “say”, something before actually saying it.

A lot of people just like to say it, as I like to say it too! I’m not one to ask to ask a question, I just ask the question, without asking!

Sadly its an indication of low self esteem and a lack of confidence. Its a subconscious ‘tipping your toe into the cold waters,’ type of scenario, in which the person doing it, (as in Shellie’s case) forewarns everyone ahead of what she is planning to do, because if she does see any objections and trouble waiting in store for saying it, she can quickly back-track on her bravado, and crawl back under the rock she same from!

“What I’m going to say to all of you a lot, and TA Rogers,” to which I’m sure she said, “who is Matt,” “You’re all a bunch of fucking freaks.”

To be brutally honest with you, when I read a sentence like that, (from someone I’ve never met, and with whom I’ve had no dealings, whether business, personal or professional); I lose a tiny part of my will to live!

We can only go by what she says, and I’m sure I heard her say, “TA Rogers, who is Matt,” but I could be wrong!

“You’re all a bunch of fucking freaks!”

After such a big build-up, we get left feeling disappointed and cheated with such a limp dick of a punchline.

It says more about the mental and emotional age of the person, by the punchlines they deliver.

Shellie’s punchline was an insult, and a rather unimaginative insult at that too. “Fucking Freaks!”

“Fucking Freaks!”

But what does that actually mean?

According to Wikipedia –

A freak is a person who is physically deformed or transformed due to an extraordinary medical condition or body modification. This definition was first attested with this meaning in the 1880s as a shorter form of the phrase “freak of nature“, itself a broader term attributed at least as far back as 1847.[1] The term’s original neutral connotation became entirely negative during the 20th century; therefore, freak with its literal meaning of “abnormally developed individual” is viewed purely as a pejorative today.[2][3] However, the term is also recently used playfully to refer to an enthusiast or obsessive person.

Surely you’re not going to publicly mock me for any physical deformity I may have?

The world is full of different types of people!

She must then surely be playfully calling me a “Fucking Freak”, as a nod and acknowledgement to my prowess as an Alpha Male, and to my rather enthusiastic and obsessive nature!

So on this occasion, I’ll take her opening insult of “Fucking Freak,” as a compliment and a gesture of pent up and denied sexual attraction and lust towards me!

Don’t hide or fight your feelings towards me Shellie; you aren’t the first witch to fall for my manly charms, and you won’t be the last!

“Matt you’ve been around too many kids and too many women,  so you’ve got nothing to say.” 

What actually do you mean Shellie? “Too many kids and too many women.” I really am puzzled as to what you are getting at?

I spoke to my 28 year old niece tonight. The one who stabbed a man, and who hears voices in her head. (She never stabbed a man, because any voices told her to, I hasten to add. She stabbed the man because he wouldn’t left her leave his flat.)

I remember my 28 year old niece Abby, (and her older sister Amy aged 31) as if it was only yesterday, Amy and Abby as little babies, growing up from toddlers, primary school kids, teenagers, young women, and now well on their way to middle age.

I’ve been there through every phase from baby to adulthood.

I was aged 17 and I had escaped from a childhood living with two women to the South of France. I was all set to become a Frenchman and find a new life for me on the French Riviera.

Sadly while working as a grape picker, I got a letter from my mother saying my sister, (aged 14) was pregnant, and pleading for me to return to England, and help out financially.

It happened to me again when I was building a new life for myself in Hong Kong. I got a letter from my mother telling me my sister had started to use heroin, and that I was needed back home to protect my mother and my nieces from the dreadful abuse of a heroin addict, whose only care in life to where their next fix is coming from.

I’ve got 31 cousins, 14 aunts and uncles on my mother’s side; so yes, I have been around lots of children.

And then there are my own two children, now aged 11 and 15. Both intelligent, attractive and popular kids.

As for women! WOW! I made a promise to myself way back when I was a teenager!

With the hormones raging and the mere flash of a girl’s blossoming cleavage sending teenage temperatures soaring, I remember being disgusted with all my mates who went with all the nasty, dirty, cheap, slutty girls, that all the other boys had been with!

I remember making a promise to myself, (which I’ve kept ever since), that I would only date the most beautiful women in the world!

So yes; while I have had the best women, you can never have “too many” women!

Every father knows the young bull joke; where a young bull and his father cross the crest of a hill and see a whole field of cows below them.

The young bull looks at his father and says, “Hey Dad, lets run down and fuck one of them!”

To which the father replies, “Or we can take our time, and fuck’em all!!!!!”

“This is rude, this is rude!”

I am a middle aged man, who has traveled the world, fathered two wonderful children, been in the Army and Black Operations of national and global security. I’ve made many friends and more enemies. I push boundaries and I fight for Royal Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

I fight for King Arthur II. I fight for the elimination of war, poverty and child abuse. I fight to Right the Wrongs of Mankind. I fight for John Wanoa, Andy Devine, John Paterson, Edward Ellis and for all the children of the world.

For you to call me “a Predator”, and “a Danger to women and children” is very hurtful and I take extreme offence to any suggestion, other than I am a loving man, who is sound of mind, and who has a loving family, and relationships which keep me grounded, against these ridiculous and malicious videos I watch about myself, by idiots called Shellie Mote (or is it May?)

These pricks can never get their own names right! Is it Muttley or is it Reece? Mote or May? Fran or Nadia? Hind or Vayne?

(I’m not a snowflake, and I don’t tolerate snowflakes gladly… Shellie May is the biggest snowflake I’ve had the misfortune to cross paths with….)

I love kids as much as the next man, (but I couldn’t eat a whole one), and I certainly haven’t “been around too many kids and too many women.”

Your underhanded jibes and insults aren’t clever and they aren’t impressing anyone except yourself.

I don’t support a 40-year-old man who claims to be so “haunted,” by “low scale child abuse,” when he was “aged 6”, that he became a 12-year-old boy online decoy, to “identify and remove paedophiles“, but in truth and practice, protected the paedophiles he identified, by failing to report them.

Read more: James Hind Protects Paedophiles and Groomers, while reporting innocent women to police for saying the name of Child X!

In 2018 Hinds reason to go undercover as a 12-year-old boy was:

“For personal and business reasons I want to learn more about the paedophiles, their process of grooming in chatrooms, the impact they have on their victims, what the police and paedophile hunters are doing, and what the children feel, experience, think and act with regards to these paedophiles.”

Three years later in 2021, his reason changes to:

“I was haunted by questions: why was I abused? what did I do wrong? why did the person abuse me?

How many pre-teen and teenager’s lives has James Hind ruined, by failing to report their abusers to police, when he had the “opportunity” to?

Shellie May sells yourself as a champion of children, Safeguarding Queen, and Empress of Truth, Integrity and Evidence; when in truth and practice, (my new catch-phase!) she defends and protects a self confessed satanists, who doesn’t defend himself against charges of paedophilia, following his 2018 confession that he acted as a 12-year-old boy decoy, with the promise to “identify and remove paedophiles,” but in reality went onto actively protect them by failing to report them.

How many children’s lives has James Hind ruined, by failing to report the paedophiles he identified online? (See Poll above)

‘Empress of Truth, Integrity and Evidence’, when Shellie May has failed to provide any evidence that I am a “three times convicted stalker,” as she is so keen to repeat like a parrot!

You are wrong Shellie May and you know it, but yet you haven’t got the “INTEGRITY”, to admit it.

“Now, so disturbing this is? How dare he?”

By looking at the video, you know she’s referring to what I’ve written about James Hind, when she expresses her horrified reaction to the warnings that what James Hind said three years ago, on his Satanic Views blog, did contain material of a child abuse nature, and that you wasn’t to read Is James a paedophile’, if you had a sensitive disposition.

Yes, I agree its very (X6) disturbing that James Hind pretended to be a 12-year-old boy decoy on a notorious pre-teen/teen online social media site, which the intention to “identify and remove paedophiles,” only to protect the paedos he identified by not reporting them.

And it isn’t just that!

His reasons for doing so don’t add up. First it was to understand everything about paedophilia:

“For personal and business reasons I want to learn more about the paedophiles, their process of grooming in chatrooms, the impact they have on their victims, what the police and paedophile hunters are doing, and what the children feel, experience, think and act with regards to these paedophiles.”

Then it was to answer “hauntingquestions, that should have been answered during his group therapy sessions in 2019, and his individual therapy sessions in 2020 and 2021.

“I was haunted by questions: why was I abused? what did I do wrong? why did the person abuse me?

And of-course compounded by the fact he’s the leading (self pro-claimed) crusader against child abuse (by reporting anyone to the police, courts and Attorney General for breaking court Orders), to being a self confessed satanist.

A ‘Satanist’ for God’s sake!

Who on Earth, other than brain dead idiots, would want to identify with a pagan medieval deity, famed for wickedness, sin and evil?

Its more than stupid, its pitiful and pathetic.

Who on Earth would end their monologue with: “I am a witch, I am an angel, I’m a shaman, I’m an Elohim from the Emerald Order, I am an Indigo! My laws are spiritual law.”

Who says this kind of shite?

Who praises the Tenet of The Satanic Temple of the freedoms of others being respected, including the freedom to offend, only to then get butt hurt over an innocent passing remark, and to then willfully and unjustly encroach upon my freedoms (and the well-being of my children,) by maliciously reporting me to the police for obsession, fixation, harassment and stalking.

Who does this shite?

To answer Shellie May’s Yoda phased question, “Disturbing this is? How dare he?” The answer is simples; I’m exposing the arse-holes who attack me.

I’ve mentioned this before in other blogs, and I’m happy to repeat it again:

I remember it started with renewed vigor in August 2020, when Hind wrote a message in a YouTube chat-room aimed towards me, which I perceived as a ‘Vow of Revenge‘.

“I have not forgotten about you Matt Taylor either, for your contribution to the hate on the innocent people of [censored].”

James Hind has no right to call me “a predator” and “danger to women and children”. No right to call me “a menace to society”, and deserving of being “locked up in prison”. James Hind has no right to publicly state that he’s going to keep “an eye on me,” to spread false rumours that I have “three stalking convictions”, and that there are currently “three complaints against me.”

James Hind has no right to interfere in my life.

The question must be asked to Hind too, HOW DARE YOU?

“Now Matt and all of your little friends and whoever your bitches are, we, I’ve reported Jeanette to the courts okay, my evidence went with that as well, now who else has been in contempt? Let’s have a think.”

OK, lets break it down and address this section by section:

“Now Matt and all your little friends and whoever your bitches are.”

You are so rude Shellie! I’ve never come across this type of viciousness, cruelty and spitefulness ever in my life!

You are truly a revelation as to how stupid a person could be!

“Your little friends,” and “bitches.”

You can always join my Harem Shellie, I’m happy to make room for one more ‘witch,’ like you.

“We, I’ve reported Jeanette to the courts okay, my evidence went with that as well, now who else has been in contempt? Let’s have a think.”

Its worthy of note, to point out the only members of the once great and influential Hoaxtead Research community to publicly come out in defense of James Hind, has been Shellie May, Nadia, Pebbles, CoCo, Noncey-Nonce-Boy and JoKing.

Its very telling that the core inner group of Hoaxtead Research, (Karen Irving, Richard Dougall, Thomas Niedermeier and Sheva Burton) have failed to publicly comment.

They remember this from 2018, and they remember warning Hind that he was playing with fire, and that he should stop forthwith.

Read more: Even Nonce-Nonce-Boy warned him.

Hoaxtead told him too!

We now know with certainty that James Hind has pretended to be a 12-year-old boy on notorious pre-teen/teenager/paedo online chat-rooms, from between 2018 to 2021.

Three years of mastering the skills, practices and methods of pretending to be someone else online, with the intention to build intelligence to “identify and remove paedophiles,” which we know in Hind’s case, he failed to do.

With this in mind, James Hind could have been anyone online. He could be behind all those YouTube channels, which he’s so eager to accuse me of being behind.

Only Hind knows the true extent of his deceptiveness online and the number of paedophiles he’s protected, and allowed free to carry on destroying the lives of our children.

I am truly disgusted with James Hind, and anyone who continues to stand with him.

The only reason Shellie May is reminding us that she also reported Jeanette Archer to the police, Mold Court and the Attorney General, is to deflect half the criticism being directed towards Hind, to herself.

Out of all the Hoaxtead Research community, its Shellie May leading the charge in coming to Hind’s indefensible defense!

She asks the question, “who else has been in contempt, lets have a think?”

Read more: James Hind in Contempt of Court Order A20200067

“Matt, you’re in contempt but not for that. Angie was in contempt and actually um, put witnesses in danger.”

You are an idiot Shellie May, and you really mustn’t spread lies and mis-truths, while at the same time pretending to be a champion of ‘Truth,’ ‘Evidence’ and ‘Integrity.’

Trust me, if I was in contempt of any Court Orders, Sussex Police would have smashed by door in at 5am, last Sunday morning!

I am not in contempt of any court order, unlike James Hind is for mentioning the sentencing in a certain Harassment case, I am not allowed to mention due to Court Order A2020067.

Remember: The court order restrictions placed upon my trial is NOT for my benefit, but for benefit of the children, of which James Hind, has now put in danger and potential harm of alarm, distress and fear.

“Jeanette’s definitely been in contempt, twice three times, and as for Owen Lucas, yeah!”

Who’s little-miss-gossip? She knows everyone’s business, Angela Power-Disney, Jeanette Archer and Owen Lucas. And to imply that Angela put any “witnesses in danger,” is absolutely ridiculous, and an indication of how low Shellie, (and her “little friends,” and “bitches,”) go to twist the truth and distort reality.

Its a classic satanic trick, which Shellie May has perfected as part of her witch-craft practice.

“So why are you calling people paedophiles?”

I’m asking the question; “Is James Hind a paedophile,” based on his 2018 Satanic View blog, in which be confesses to being a 12-year-old boy decoy, set-up to “identify and remove” any paedos he may find, only to freely admit to failing to report a paedo from Kent, because he didn’t want to “ruin” “lives.”

“It is not in my nature to be the cause of the ruin of the lives of others unlike the hunters, I don’t like that on my mind.”

“And Matt, you’re still being questioned, so how many, how many kids have you shown videos now Matt?”  

Ohhhhh, Shellie May is preempting the conclusion of an active police investigation. Does Shellie May know anything about videos being shown in the woods? A referral to Sussex Police would be in order!

Isn’t it a bit of an assumption to make, without any shred of evidence, when you sell yourself as a virtue of ‘truth,’ ‘integrity’ and ‘evidence?’

Where is your evidence that I’m “still being questioned?” And while we are in the subject of evidence, where is the evidence that:

  1. I am “convicted predator”
  2. I am a “danger to women and children”
  3. I have “three convictions for stalking”

You come out with such tripe, you really do.

A Christmas Horror Story: It was a Christmas nightmare I’d never forget. Hounded by the police at my door, night and day for 5 days, while I hid under the bed, too scared to let them in, in fear of being murdered. After the 5th day of hiding out in my own home, the police threatened to smash my door in, and after opening and letting them in, was arrested for taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after them showing them videos of beheadings. After the customary 10-16 hours in a God forsaken police cell, I was questioned on 21 December 2020, during which I answered all the questions the police asked. I was released under bail until 19 January 2021. Come 19 January 2021, bail was extended to June 2021. Come June the bail conditions were dropped, but the investigation remains open. Read more at Guerrilla Democracy News – 50th Birthday Surprise/Christmas Horror!

“How many? How many women have you dragged in even though you’re a stalker?”

What are you asking? How many women are in my life, as opposed to how many girlfriends I have in my life, how many cougars in my neighbourhood I sleep with behind my magical imaginary girlfriend’s back, or all the other witches I have phone-sex with?

I’ve always had women around me in life. My mother always said that it was better to have no dad, rather than a bad dad!

Judge Dredd was my magical imaginary dad, and your didn’t get more bad-arse than Judge Dredd!

“How man women have you dragged in even though you’re a stalker?”

Why are you so interested Shellie May? I’ve already offered you an invite to my Harem. I’ve always got time for a wicked witch to satisfy my wicked needs!

“This is rude, this is rude!”

For the millionth time, I am not a stalker and I haven’t dragged in any women to my Harem. They all cum willingly and are free to leave whenever they wish.

The women in my life stay close and loyal to me, because I meet all the physical, emotional and spiritual needs!

“I’m a Gigolo!”

Join my Harem Today! And meet all your sexual needs and wants!

“Now for Matt of all people, who’s the weirdest fucker I’ve ever come across, and his bitches, this is rude, this is rude.”

Arhhhh, isn’t that sweet. Both Shellie May and Kaley’s BF Den Tarragon share something in common! They both refer to me as “the weirdest fucker,” – “the weirdest person,” they’ve ever “come across.”

Leaving my bitches out of it Shellie May, I am a rude boy. I’m a bad boy and what are you going to do about it, other than run to the Headmaster (The Police,) and cry like a baby that I’m not fawning for you, like all the other boys do…



Dear mommy, dear daddy
You had plans for me, oh yeah, I was your only son
And long before this baby boy could count to three
You knew just what he would become

Run along to school
No child of mine grows up a fool
Run along to school

When you tried to tell me what to do
I just shut my mouth and smiled at you
One thing that I know for sure

Bad boys
Stick together, never, sad boys
Tu-tu-tu-tur woo-woo
Good guys
They made rules for fools so, get wise

Dear mommy, dear daddy
Now I’m nineteen as you see
I’m handsome, tall and strong
So what the hell gives you the right to look at me
As if to say, “Hell, what went wrong?”

Where were you last night?
You look as if you had a fight
Where were you last night?

Well, I think that you may just be right
But don’t try to keep me in tonight
Because I’m big enough to break down the door

Bad boys
Stick together, never, sad boys
Tu-tu-tu-tur woo-hoo
Good guys
They made rules for fools so, get wise

Boys like you, are bad through and through.
Girls like me, always seem to be with you

We can’t help but worry
You’re in such a hurry
Mixing with the wrong boys
Playing with the wrong toys
Easy girls, and late nights
Cigarettes, and love bites
Why do you have to be so cruel?
You’re such a fool

Bad boys
Stick together, never, sad boys
Tu-tu-tu-tur woo-woo
Good guys
They made rules for fools so, get wise

Bad boys
Stick together, never, sad boys
Tu-tu-tu-tur woo-woo
Good guys
They made rules for fools so, get wise


Song by Michael George

“I mean paedos don’t go down the woods with kids or have anything on the internet, do they, um Matt?” 

Ask your mate James Hind about paedophiles, because by all accounts he’s the expert on the subject of paedophilia. According to his own testimony he’s engrossed himself into the world of paedophilia since 2018, when he went under cover as a 12-year-old boy decoy, to “identify and remove,” paedophiles from a notorious pre-teen/teenager online chatroom, (already monitored by police.)

“Absolutely disgusting, Matt Taylor you’re a fuck up and so are all your friends, so is everyone you’re with.”

No Shellie; you are absolutely disgusting to defend James Hind. You are absolutely disgusting to call for my female friends and supporters, to be either slapped or sectioned for supporting me!

How dare YOU?

You are a no-body wannabe, just like all the others, who have decided to pick a fight with me, because I’m perceived as the weakest link and the most vulnerable chink in the chain.

It says more about your character than it does mine, that you discard your own high standards of ‘truth,’ ‘evidence’ and ‘integrity,’ when you attack me, my friends and supporters.

“Now, unless you’re got some evidence of this Matt? Looks like you, you’ve just got yourself in big big big trouble again.”

Unlike you Shellie Mote, everything I publish is backed up with FACTS and EVIDENCE! That is why I’ve never to prosecuted for anything I’ve written.

I asked the question, Is James Hind a paedophile? Based on his own Satanic View blogs on 2018. My evidence is his words!

Read the blog you fool, because by asking the question, “Now, unless you’ve got some evidence of this Matt,” makes it look like you haven’t….

“So yeah, the majority of us who have got any education or safeguard training or anything like that, will report people that are breaking laws around protected children.”

With her past, I wouldn’t want any children around her. No doubt any school she worked at, weren’t aware of her past, and her childhood trauma.

All too often it seems the people who are the loudest in calling out other people to be the paedophiles, are more often than not the paedophiles, deflecting attention away from themselves.

“I’ve done it, many others have done it, it’s all coming out in the end.”

“It’s all coming out, the whole lot, so you can bitch and you can try and put people down, and you can do what you want but guess what?”

“Even as far as Ireland, you’re going to be pulled out, and it’s easy because you lot, you see the problem is, you like so many videos of yourselves over the years, wow, there’s a catalogue, so um yeah, it’s very very very very very very disturbing.”

Fucking hell Shellie May, how old are you? Very X 6! You remind me of the stupid bitch at the front of the class who said “very,” six times to really demonstrate how serious it was that Jimmy said “boo,” to a goose!

“Matt, you seem to have a sexual obsession with what [inaudible] did in my childhood, that was when I was a baby, I mean that’s creepy as.”

Leaving the best and (most revealing) to last, here we have Shellie May bringing a ‘baby,’ into the equation, proving once and for all, what a manipulative, satanic, evil witch she really is!

No Shellie Mote, I am not sexually obsessed with anything to do with you, and to imply I’m interested in anyway shape or form, with the abuse you went through as a child, is more an indication of your manipulative, evil and satanic nature, than it is of me.

“Creepy as.”

I have never mentioned anything about when you were “a baby.”

Shellie May has revealed to the world that, quote:

“When I was a child, I was 4 years old, my indoctrinated grandmother used to take me to the priests for confession.”

“At 4 years old! Because I had the Devil in me. When in actual fact was that my mother was a diagnosed criminal psychopath, who indeed ritualistically abused her child, and quite sadistically.”

“Yet it still wasn’t Satan.”

“I’m not a satanist, I am a witch. I am an angel. I’m a shaman. I’m an Elohim from the Emerald Order. I am an Indigo. My laws are spiritual law.”

Never once was the word “baby,” used, and Shellie May is including it to muddy the waters, and start a new malicious rumour against me, that I’m sexually obsessed with her as a baby! (or some other insidious bullshit!)

Shellie May is a danger to men, women, children and animals. (Especially chickens and rabbits!)

“King Arthur, um what a load of shit, you’re full of shit. You Matt Taylor, you are a danger to society, absolute danger to society.””

The fact you call King Arthur, “what a load of shit,” simply tells me Shellie May doesn’t watch Britain’s Hidden History show every Sunday at 8pm only on YouTube, and nor has she joined Britain’s Hidden History Facebook group!

She sounds a right twit, saying, “You Matt Taylor! You are a danger to society, absolute danger to society!”

Give your head a wobble Shellie May, you sound like a loony!

Analysing Hind’s Response!

Sourced from SatanicViews.wordpress.com

Addressing the false allegations of Satan Hunter Matt Taylor

Fuck you James Hind, I am not a “Predator” and don’t appreciate being called one.

“Recently, I had to write a post in answer to the Satan Hunter Matt Taylor from Brighton UK, who tried to get at me by repeating the false allegations of one Nathaniel Harris. Not done with trying to ruin the name and life of an innocent man that was not me with fictional allegations, Matt Taylor has now reproduced a comment I made to Hoaxtead a couple of years ago on the subject of my work fighting paedophiles.”

Right, first, I DO NOT identify as a “Satan Hunter.”

Hind seems happy to label everyone as a “Satan Hunter,” and it is getting old, stale and boring.

My relationship with Santa is my business and our relationship is between him and I.

As with every child in the Western hemisphere, Santa holds a very special, dear and cherished spot in my heart. I remember him peering up at from from the toilet bowl, petrifying me whenever I had to go to wee during the night.

I remember with fondness when Santa used to put me to bed, and sit with me for a while, as I drifted off into a deep sleep, only to wake up feeling refreshed and eager to get on with life.

Santa has given me everything I could ever wish for in life and has been my father figure, alongside other great heroes such as Judge Dredd, Slain, The Six Billion Dollar man and The Hulk!

Only JoKing; my father was a satanic cult leader and my mother was a black witch princess, an angel, a shaman, an Elohim from the Emerald Order, an Indigo, a lover of the Gods and Santa.

My mother ‘Royal Truth’, my sister and I

I am certainly not a “Satan Hunter,” as that stupid prick James Hind likes to call me, (and everyone else.)

I personally pity him as a man of low EQ and a permanent heightened sense of doom that his cover will be blown, and he’ll be exposed for what he really is.

I like to call him a “Santa-Hater-Hunter,” as a jibe against him. For the record, I love Santa and treat him as my father.

“Who tried to get at me by repeating the false allegations of one Nathaniel Harris

I am not trying to get James Hind by repeating anything Nathaniel has said. I am merely responding to the constant stalking and harassment I’ve receiving from James Hind and his satanic cult members.

I remember it started with renewed vigor in August 2020, when Hind wrote a message in a YouTube chat-room aimed towards me, which I perceived as aVow of Revenge‘.

James Hind has no right to call me “a predator” and “danger to women and children”. No right to call me “a menace to society”, and deserving of being “locked up in prison”. James Hind has no right to publicly state that he’s going to keep “an eye on me,” to spread false rumours that I have “three stalking convictions”, and that there are currently “three complaints against me.”

James Hind has no right to interfere with my life.

I am purely making public what Nathaniel Harris has said to me via comments left on my Exposing the Hoaxtead Trolls blog.

Read more: Public Apology to Nathaniel Harris

If someone left a message on either Hoaxtead Research or Satanic Views blogs, that I am “somehow,” connected to the Batley satanic sex cult, then of-course either Karen Irving or James Hind would bring that information to the attention of a wider audience.

I am simply doing the same.

Taking into consideration that James Hind confesses to be a member of The Satanic Temple, and pretends to be a 12 year old boy, in notorious paedophile/pre-teen/teen online chat-rooms; it isn’t surprising that more questions would be asked.

(Isn’t it hilarious that Shellie May is the first to come to his defense LMFAO!)

“Not done with trying to ruin the name and life of an innocent man that was not me with fictional allegations, Matt Taylor has now reproduced a comment I made to Hoaxtead a couple of years ago on the subject of my work fighting paedophiles.”

In my opinion as an ex-Royal Military Policeman, trained in taking witness statements, looking for inaccuracies in speech and writing styles and general detection of deception; I believe both James Hind and Julian Vayne, are one of the same person.

Be the Best – Be a Royal Military Policeman

Read more – Prince Charles’s Statement Analysis

He has failed to convince me he isn’t Julian Vayne, and until more compelling evidence can be produced, my opinion will remain the same; (though I am open, and would be pleased to be proved wrong.)

James is factually correct to say I reproduced a comment he made to Hoaxtead a couple of years ago on the subject of fighting peadophiles.

“As a victim of child abuse I recognise the harm that false allegation makers do, not only that they destroy lives of those that they make false allegations against, but also the harm they do to real victims of child abuse.”

But he’s factually incorrect to say he’s fighting paedophiles. He didn’t fight any paedophiles, but in fact pretended to be one. He pretended to be a 12 year old boy, and he failed to report another paedophile he identified from Kent to the police, while he boasts about reporting Sharon Gale, Jeanette Archer, Angela Power-Disney, Sam Baldwin and Owen Lucas to the police!


So Hell Yes, I reproduced a comment he made on Hoaxtead Research in 2018, and its damn lucky I did too, otherwise none of you would be the wiser, that the pathetic piece of scum, protected by the likes of May, Poodles, Pebbles, Coco, JoKing and Noncey-nonce-boy; pretended to be a 12 year old boy in notorious paedophile infested, pre-teen and teen online chat-rooms, claiming to fight paedophile, when in actual fact, he protected them, by failing to report them.

“To start with, Taylor unkindly drew attention to a comment I made that I had been sexually abused as a child.”

No, I did not in anyway shape or form intend to be “unkind” towards James Hind, by reproducing his public confession, that he was a victim of child-abuse.

As a victim of child abuse I recognise the harm that false allegation makers do, not only that they destroy lives of those that they make false allegations against, but also the harm they do to real victims of child abuse.”

I’m a victim of child abuse too, and would never do anything to be “unkind,” to another victim.

I reproduced the quote to highlight Hind’s hypocrisy that he acknowledges false allegations destroy lives, but yet repeats false allegations about myself, and creates new and varied allegations on a weekly basis; such as I’m the owner behind numerous YouTube channels.

“This sex abuse was at the lower end of scale of sexual abuse, that I suffered at the age of six, along with my younger brother.”

While Hind’s sexual abuse was at the lower end of the sexual abuse scale, the physical, emotional and sexual abuse, I received growing up, was near the middle to higher end of the scale.

Read about my History of CSA

“The events of the [CENSORED] had over time triggered me, and in 2018 I reported the sex abuse to the police. Via the NHS I had PTSD group sessions in 2019 and individual therapy sessions in 2020/21.”

So, Hind wants us to believe that as a victim of sexual abuse, (at the lower end of the sexual scale of abuse), a 2014 case in London, (which I cannot name for legal reasons), triggered a response in him over a 4 year period, which culminated in him reporting his child-hood sexual abuse to the police in 2018.

I pray I have got that accurate, and hope any reader who knows better, would correct me if I have got any facts wrong.

Symptoms of PTSD

Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include flashbacks, nightmares, feeling very anxious and difficulty sleeping.

Someone with PTSD often relives the traumatic event through nightmares and flashbacks, and may experience feelings of isolation, irritability and guilt.

They may also have problems sleeping, such as insomnia, and find concentrating difficult.

These symptoms are often severe and persistent enough to have a significant impact on the person’s day-to-day life.

I don’t know how old James Hind is, but estimate him to be in his early 40’s. He wants us to believe that during child-hood he suffered child abuse, along with his brother, (that was at the lower end of the scale of sexual abuse,) but which 35+ years later, was triggered by the testimonies of two individuals, which resulted four years later in a NHS referral to PTSD group sessions in 2019, and individual therapy sessions in 2020/21.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not buying it…

“The sex abuse left me with PTSD and dissociation.”

Sexual abuse left me with scars I will carry for life. Its left my sister a heroin addict and a street sleeper/drinker. My nieces are both drug addicts, and one is in a mental institution for stabbing a man, after hearing voices in her head. My mother died because she couldn’t get enough of her medicine, (which society deems illegal), to stay alive and relieve her medical symptoms.

I understand better than anyone how childhood sexual abuse ruins lives, because it has ruined my life and the lives of my mother, sister, nieces and friends.

I suffer from PTSD and dissociation having been continually harassed and arrested by Sussex Police since 2015.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been arrested and how many hours I’ve languished in a police cell.

Be the Best – Be a Royal Military Policeman

Sourced from Guerrilla Democracy News – List of arrests in the last 4 years. 

1. Arrested for stalking and harassing [REDACTED] – No criminal charges brought 2. Arrested for making a malicious video, stalking and harassing [REDACTED] – No criminal charges brought 3. Arrested for making and possessing child porn – charged but later dropped due to lack of evidence 4. Arrested for contempt of court – Accepted 4 months suspended sentence for 2 years, of which he served without incident 5. Arrested for stalking/harassing [REDACTED] on the eve of the Covid Lockdown, (causing maximum damage, who if it happened to anyone else most probably have committed suicide.) – Charges and Stalking Prevention Order (SPO) brought, but later dropped due to lack of evidence.6. Arrested for breaking SPO by not recording his address 3 days after the order was given- Charged, case dismissed 7. Arrested for breaking SPO because Andy Devine said the initials [REDACTED] in conversation. Charged, case dismissed 8. Arrested for naming [REDACTED]  in an article, who’s blurb couldn’t be read with the naked eye – Charged, case dismissed 9. Arrested for allegedly taking three boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of beheadings. Bailed extended from 19 Jan to 04 Apr 2021

I’ve been left with PTSD having been arrested on Sunday 22 March 2020, on the eve of the Covid-19 lockdown, in 5am raid, when all my communication equipment was taken, laptops, phones, iMac, ipad, Play Station and internet box, leaving me totally disconnected and dissociated from society for the lock-down’s duration.

I cannot even begin to tell you how PTSD has effected my life. But I will put it all down into words in due course, but luckily James Hind does a better job than me, by putting into words exactly how I feel, after a panic attack whenever I hear a vehicle pass my house, or a car door open.

“The dissociation is lifelong, and is a natural reaction by the body in extreme trauma situations where the body prepares for death by shutting down pain and emotion; dissociation is my default response to stress.”

I totally get it, and sympathize with anyone suffering from PTSD, be it from fighting in war, suffering child sexual abuse, or being mercilessly gang stalked by a satanic sex cult, aided and abetted by the Police.

“In 2021, when making another complaint to the police about Jeanette Archer, I accidently triggered another child abuse investigation when I mentioned in the complaint that I had been physically abused by a family member, and was triggered by a video that Archer had posted showing the physical abuse of a child. I did not want to proceed with that second child abuse investigation.”

No comment!

“In the aftermath of my complaint to the police over sexual abuse, I was haunted by questions: why was I abused? what did I do wrong? why did the person abuse me?

Now this is very interesting and very revealing! He wants us to believe that between 35-40 years after the low scale sexual abuse he suffered aged 6, he was triggered by the testimony of two individuals, which went onto leave him “haunted” with questions.

According to the time scale given, Hind first reported child abuse to the police in 2018, and again in 2021, after group and individual therapy sessions, where you thought these questions would have been answered.

Why was I abused? What did I do wrong? Why did the person abuse me?

To supplement group and individual therapy sessions, he felt it prudent and necessary to go above and beyond, and pretend to be a 12 year old boy in a notorious paedophile/teen online chat-room.

As a victim of child abuse myself, I wouldn’t need either group or individual therapy to answer these questions.

Why was I abused? You were abused because you were the easy option, and weakest link.

What did I do wrong? You did nothing wrong, you are the victim and its not your fault you were abused. The fault lies 100% with the abuser and NOT the abused.

Why did the person abuse me? They abused you because it turned them on, and their own sexual satisfaction, meant more to them than ownership of your own body, virginity, dignity, freedom and choice.

“These questions resulted in a period of intense research into scientific studies on paedophiles, media interviews with paedophiles, paedophile stings, crime reports; anything that would answer these questions.”

Now we have Hind elaborating, or rather, embellishing his story.

Let’s recap:

1. Abused aged six, alongside his younger brother. Described as low level on the scale of sexual abuse.

2. Was triggered in 2014 by the testimony of two individuals.

3. Submitted report to police about his own child abuse in 2018.

4. 2018 (or sooner) Went undercover as a 12 year old boy in a notorious paedophile/pre-teen/teen online chat-room.

5. Group therapy sessions in 2019 and individual therapy sessions in 2020 and 2021.

6. 2021, started a period of intense research into scientific studies on paedophiles, media interviews with paedophiles, paedophile stings, crime reports.

7. In 2021 was triggered when reporting Jeanette Archer to police, that he was physically abused by a family member, but choose not to pursue the complaint with police.

“Anything that would answer these questions.”

“During this period, an opportunity came up where I could serve on the moderator/admin team of a social media site.”

Interesting he used the words “opportunity,” and “serve.” “Opportunity” because it means he had been looking forward to becoming the site’s moderator/admin), and “serve,” because it implies he is doing something for the ‘Greater Good’, and that he is contributing to a ‘Worthy Cause,’ to which he is happy to sacrifice his time and attention, without expecting any monetary reward.

If he wasn’t getting a monetary reward, he would have been getting a reward of some kind, to keep him coming back for more!

“Armed with the tools of a moderator, that included the ability to delete content, and suspend people, I dealt with users and content that included spammers, racists, hackers, flamers, trolls, and paedophiles.”

Wow, this is very revealing too! He mentions “a social media site,” which to me means Facebook. I agree it could also apply to Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, but Facebook is the most likely social media platform who allow moderator and admin teams.

Whatever social media platform he had the “opportunity,” (again, an interesting choice of word, because it means he had been looking forward to becoming it,) to delete content and suspend people on, he admits that he dealt with paedophiles.

It takes one to know one, (or as Hind himself describes it, “horses running together.”) Hind would be better placed than anyone to know a paedophile, seeing as he’s been hanging out with them online, pretending to be a 12 year old boy since 2018, and no doubt long before too.

“Part of my role was to identify and remove paedophiles from the site; which was where a team of two moderators worked together, one as a “child”, the other to deal with any paedophile that was discovered and communicated to them by the “child”.

Now was he doing this to fight the paedophiles, (which he evidently didn’t do, when he failed to report the paedo/groomer from Kent in 2018), or was he doing it to answer the three questions, which in all honesty should have been answered in 2019, during his group therapy sessions.

He says that part of his “role was to identify and remove paedophiles from the site.”

Which begs the question, what type of social media site are we talking about? By the way Hind talks about having to identity and remove paedophiles from the site, to me, implies its a children friendly social media site?

Why else would there be a role to identity and remove paedophiles from a social media site, other than for the reason that children visit and use the said social media site in question?

Which then begs the question, why is a 35-40 year old man, moderating for a pre-teen/teen social media site?

Hind saw it as an “opportunity,” to moderate and “serve” as part of the admin team, of this certain social media site, which catered for pre-teen/teenagers, because otherwise, why else would there be a need for two moderators (one to play a decoy child) to identify and remove paedophiles?

Why hasn’t Hind named the said social media site, when in 2018 he was inviting readers of the Hoaxtead Research community to contact him via his Twitter account, so that he could send them the link?

Which in my eyes is distributing paedophile friendly information.

Extract from SatanViews.wordpress.com 2018

“During my early months as a moderator it was frustrating with the lack of tools and freedom to do our job against a heavy workload.”

What more “tools and freedom” did Hind need to do this job, against what the reader can only assume is a “heavy workload,” of having to “identify and remove paedophiles”, from a certain “social media site”, that he was fortunate to have the “opportunity,” to “serve” in his “role” as “moderator.”

Can no-one else see the satanic twist of play, staring the reader straight in the face? He is the paedophile hiding in plain sight, pretended to the the anti-paedophile hero, here to save the world from paedophiles!

Is anyone really buying this bullshit?

“It was during this time that I posted comments to Hoaxtead about my experiences with paedophiles on that site, but due to fears of Satan Hunters being a nuisance I did not say I was a moderator or identify the site.”

“but due to fears of Satan Hunters being a nuisance I did not say I was a moderator or identify the site,” what the fuck does that mean?

Have no fear, Hind is here, but just don’t tell the Satan Hunters!!! This man is loony. While he says he did not reveal he was “a moderator or identify the site”, he was more than willing to pass on the site’s address to the Hoaxtead Research readership. And what does it matter whether Hind tells us now in 2021, what he didn’t tell his audience in 2018?

It is an irrelevant piece of information, that he felt he had to drop into the narrative, because he knows his story doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

“It is these Hoaxtead comments that Matt Taylor has jumped upon to make more false allegations against me.”

I haven’t made any “false allegations” against anyone, let alone James Hind or anyone else. If anyone has been making false allegations, it’s James Hind, by saying I am a “three times convicted stalker”, that there are “three police complaints against me”, that I am “a predator”, “a danger to women and children”, and the ridiculous suggestion that I’m “a Satan Hunter”.

Which is particularly offense to me because I’ve always treated Santa like a father, and Santa has always treated me like his favourite son…

“In the weeks after my comments on Hoaxtead, the site improved rapidly: we had a new team leader; we gained more powers; had more liberty to make decisions; the moderator team was increased in number; the rules added and improved.”

Whoopee, the pre-teen/teen social media site is saved, by the heroic endeavors of the heavy workload of identifying and removing paedophiles, to make a safe online space for pre-teens and teenagers to chat and exchange pictures and videos, free from the prey of the dirty nonces, who prowl the internet looking for vulnerable children to exploit.

“I served for nearly two years until my studies, work and other real life factors meant I no longer had the time to continue, and I retired as moderator.”

Do you think the admin team gave him a farewell party. A little something for all the hard work he put in, identifying and removing paedophiles from a social media site, geared for pre-teen and teenagers?

“As a moderator I was good at what I did, and no doubt through my efforts of kicking scores of predators from the site, some users did not suffer abuse at their hands.”

Does he mean, he was good at being the child decoy? Yes surely. They worked a two man moderator/admin team, where one acted as the child. We know as a fact, because Hind told us.

He boasts and takes credit for, (through his own “effort,” he hastens to add,) that he “kicked scores of predators from the site.”

“Some users did not suffer abuse at their hands,” tells us equally, that some did.

It also makes you wonder why Hind saw it as an “opportunity” to moderate and “serve” on this particular pre-teen/teen social media site, and how thrilled he was when “the site improved rapidly”, as he said it,“we had a new team leader; we gained more powers; had more liberty to make decisions; the moderator team was increased in number; the rules added and improved.”

It makes sense he “kicked off scores of predators,” leaving the playground free for himself.

“As a moderator I had to abide by the protocols of the site, which had its own processes for dealing with law enforcement.”

According to Hind himself the police were all over the chat-room, and were only there to collect the evidence they needed to make arrests and secure convictions.

“The site works closely with law enforcement, and will hand over information on users on request.

Extract from SatanicViews.wordpress.com 2018

But James Hind failed to pass on information about a Kent paedo/groomer to the police, when he had the “opportunity,” to do so. And it is this which lays at the centre of this scandal which Hind now finds himself at the centre of.

Extract from SatanViews.wordpress.com 2018

Notice how he says he “could have ended in their life being ruined”, but it is not in his “nature to be the cause of the ruin of the lives of others.”

Which means he is happy to ruin the lives of innocent women by reporting them to the police for child-abuse at the most lesser of extremes (namely saying a name,) where as Hind fails to report dangerous paedophiles who ruin children’s lives, while purporting to be an anti-paedophile crusader!

“Unlike the hunters, I don’t like that on my mind,” proves his loyalty, compassion and mercy towards paedophiles.

I learned a lot about paedophiles: their strategies; character; and the harm they cause.

In 2018 James Hind wanted us to believe he went undercover as a 12 year old boy, in a notorious paedo/teen online chat-room because he wanted to, quote:

“For personal and business reasons I want to learn more about the paedophiles, their process of grooming in chatrooms, the impact they have on their victims, what the police and paedophile hunters are doing, and what the children feel, experience, think and act with regards to these paedophiles.”

In 2021, when held to account for saying what he said in 2018, Hind’s reason for pretending to be a 12 year old boy in a notorious paedo/teen online chatroom changed to, quote:

“I was haunted by questions: why was I abused? what did I do wrong? why did the person abuse me?

His story has changed since 2018.

I learned a lot about the challenges of sites in dealing with paedophiles.

I bet he learned a lot, but did he answer those fundamental questions, that really should have been answered in group therapy sessions in 2019.

“Matt Taylor has an obsession with throwing around accusations of paedophilia at people.”

I wouldn’t describe it as “an obsession,” but yes I do have a history of “throwing around accusations of paedophilia at people.”

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Is Prince Charles a paedophile?

Russell Brand Exposed as a paedophile!

Was Colonel Gaddafi a paedophile too?

I’ve called Fanny Bones one, and even named Queen Elizabeth II as being part of an international paedophile ring. Click here to watch a short Bitchute promotional video.

We’ve all been called a paedophile by at least a dozen people, at least a dozen times a day on the internet.

James Hind likes to call me a “Satan Hunter,” “a predator,” “a danger to women and children” , I can go on and on, but its boring now!

“Taylor was one of the horde of Satan Hunters who relentlessly pursued the children and families of [CENSORED] with false allegations of SRA; activity that earned him a court conviction.”

Bullshit and more lies from Hind that sums up my problem with him and his supporters.

I have never spread any “false allegations of SRA”, and my “court conviction” is my business which I am forbidden to talk about due to Court Order A20200067.

With all the bravado of reporting innocent women to the police for what he believes is a “form of child-abuse,” Hind is activity in contempt of a Court Order preventing anything to be said online about my conviction.

How ironic!

“Taylor was investigated for possession of indecent images; he most recently says he is under police investigation over activities with boys in a wood.”

Where as I have been 100% transparent with my case, and have published all the documents and supporting evidence, Hind has yet to address the heart of the scandal which he is at the centre of, that he failed to report a paedo/groomer from Kent to the police, while today reports Sharon Gale and others for saying a name on YouTube, to a minimal audience, who would do nothing else with the information, but forget about it.

“Taylor is subject to at least three police complaints against himself, and is very much at risk of having his suspended prison sentence activated if he is convicted in relation to these police complaints.”

Three people may have indeed made a complaint against me, but it doesn’t mean those complaints are being investigated.

I am at zero risk of having my “suspended prison sentence activated”, and the fact that he was put this information into the public domain, now means James Hind has broken Court Order A20200067, and now finds himself in contempt of court.

Be rest assured, I will notify the Police, Lewes Courts and the Attorney General.

The court order restrictions placed against my trial is NOT for my benefit, but for benefit of the children, of whom danger, James Hind has now put them into.

“Matt Taylor is in no position to be throwing stones at people considering his history.”

I beg your pardon James Hind; I am perfectly positioned to be throwing stones, because I’m picking up the stones you’ve thrown at me, and throwing them back at you.

“Paedophiles like the ones I kicked out of that site, and Satan Hunters such as Matt Taylor, are horses that often run together; they share the same traits such as aggression, lack of empathy and obsession; and they keep coming back to prey on innocent people.”

I wish James Hind stops talking about himself, superimposing himself onto others.

He says he “kicked paedophiles off the site”, when the evidence suggests he actively protected the paedophiles he identified on the site.

He told us he wanted to learn more about being a paedophile. He is right, paedophiles “are horses that often run together.”

James Hind has shown aggression to many many people, as with a lock of empathy and an obsession bordering on fanatical. It’s all projection. Hind comes back to prey on innocent people, while protecting the guilty.

“If there is anything I learnt from fighting paedophiles and Satan Hunters, the answer to curbing them is through tools such as artificial intelligence, which can act in the background and identify these predators, stopping them in their tracks before they do damage to the innocent.

Yeah yeah yeah; James Hind’s Ai project, has got just as much a chance to see reality as the construction of a new £200 million King Arthur II Film/TV Studios in Brighton! (Which to be fair, has good odds of succeeding!)

The only reason he wants to develop an Ai product is for “sinister purposes”, and nothing to do with the welfare and “wellbeing of children“, as he himself accuses of others.

Remember, its all Projection.

“I think the Satan Hunters interest in child protection is due to sinister purposes, nothing to do with the wellbeing of children.”

“This is the road I am interested in, by using the experiences I learned from encounters with paedophiles and Satan Hunters, and turning that into viable information technology products, that will permanently curb the activities of paedophiles and Satan Hunters on the internet.”

I don’t know about you, but Hind’s parting remark that he is “interested” in “permanently curbing the activities of paedophiles and Satan Hunters on the internet”, sounds very hollow and very creepy.

He hasn’t convinced me of anything, and failed to address the central issue of the scandal he finds himself in, namely that he protected a paedo/groomer from Kent, all the while pertaining to be a paedophile hunter, grassing up innocent women for breaking court orders, while he’s broken Court Order A20200067.

James Hind is a paedophile hiding in plain sight, and I believe I have successfully proved that, using his own words against him.

Stayed tuned to Shellie May’s Statement Analysis coming soon….

“I am a witch, an angel, a shaman, an Elohim from the Emerald Order, an Indigo.”


James Hind Vows Revenge

I will keep a close eye on Matt Taylor vows James Hind

David Neilson – Murder Witness living in fear of elderly abuse.

Elderly murder witness David ‘Joe’ Neilson, is too scared to return home to Sussex, in fear he will be killed by Sussex Police.

David ‘Joe’Neilson following attack on his life

The full story of Katrina Taylor’s murder and the cover up that followed.

How one man had to fight against some of the UK’s most powerful criminal organisations to try and get justice for Brighton’s most controversial unsolved murder.

318 Southcoast Road, Peacehaven

Between 10.30pm on 4th July and 3.30am 5th July, 1966, Karina Taylor was stabbed to death, by 5 stab wounds to her upper torso, with two puncturing her heart and causing death. The body of Katrina Taylor was found in the graveyard of St Nicholas Church, in the centre of Brighton, at 8.30am in the morning.

The 19-year-old mother of an eight month old daughter was a petty criminal and heroin user, who had just met up with her boyfriend Mattie Laurie and his friend John Cosham, to burgle the property of Neisha Williams.

Supporting a heroin addiction costing up to £200 a day, Katrina acted out as a lookout, while Neisha Williams was robbed of a number of electrical items. They even returned later to steal the washing machine, and set fire to the furniture.

This one act committed on 8 May 1996, would set into motion a turn of events which would eventually result in Katrina’s death, two month’s later on 4th July 1996.  

She was spotted sitting on the steps of a Brighton seafront hotel by Simon Williams, the brother of Neisha WIlliams, who was burgled, who at the time was in his car with his girlfriend, Sarah Jackson.

According to eyewitnesses Simon stopped his car, got out, and Katrina ran into the hotel. The hotel’s manager recalls Katrina running in saying, “that black guy is going to kill me.”

Simon Williams entered the hotel and grabbed hold of Katrina, all the while Katrina pleading Simon not to hurt her. “Don’t hurt me, I know you’re going to hurt me.”

According to evidence given in court, both Katrina Taylor and Simon Williams arrived at 77 Centurion road in Brighton at about 6.15pm.

Katrina admitted to having sold Neisha’s stereo and admitted to have acted as a lookout, while her home was burgled.

Events were set to escalate and take on a more sinister turn.

There is no direct evidence to suggest what occurred between this time and the death of Katrina, only the killers of Karina knew what happened that fateful night.

We can only surmise that Katrina made a run for it. Waited for an opportunity to escape, and once it came she took it. She would have ran for the door and ran as fast as she could.

But with her killers in hot pursuit, she would have only reached the graveyard of St Nicholas church before being caught and murdered in cold blood.

Over the next 25 years, four people were charged with her murder. The trial was held at Lewes Crown Court in 1997. Two were found not guilty and two were found guilty. Those found guilty appealed on 15 Oct 1998 and got a retrial at the Old Bailey in London 1999.

No one has been found responsible for her murder.

The story behind Katrina Taylor’s murder, reveals a sinister partnership between organised crime and Sussex Police.

One man stumbled over this connection, and his world has never been the same again.

Heralded a hero for discovering the murder weapon that killed Katrina Taylor, David ‘Joe’ Neilson, has since gone onto become a thorn in the side of Sussex Police, ignored by Aged Concern, and banned from reporting crimes against himself.

Matt Taylor & David Neilson

READ MORE: Taylor Investigations – Katrina Taylor The Unsolved Murder Sussex Police wants to erase from history! https://taylorinvestigations.wordpress.com/2018/12/11/katrina-taylor-unsolved-murder-covered-up-evidence/

Belfield the Bell-End

My personal opinion of YouTube’s newest sensation, Alex Belfield, is that he’s a bit of a pervy bell-end!

Being equally honest, I’m very jealous of his success.

I used to host a YouTube show from 8am Monday to Friday, 9am on Saturdays (because we all deserve a lay in on the weekend,) but my success was sabotaged, after being arrested by Sussex Police and having all my computer equipment seized.

Read more: Alex Belfield Arrested

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My Right of Reply! Anti-Lockdown Protest.

If I had know this march was happening, I’d most probably have attended to show my solidarity.

I attended the previous Anti-Lockdown in the Summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. I meet old friends whom I had only interacted online and I made new friends in person.

So when a certain individual called Simon Lee posted a disturbing comment advocating eugenics, I couldn’t help myself but reply.

To which Simon Lee took his right to reply:

What Simon Lee may not appreciate about me is that I have no shame. Embarrassment isn’t a word in my vocabulary.

Whether Simon Lee likes to admit it or not. Like him I have an opinion. I have a view on life which I like to express and share.

As does Simon Lee; he too has an opinion and a view which he likes to share. He believes eugenics should be rolled out in the 21st century.

“A great way to identify people for compulsory sterilization.”

Walking in the footsteps of the 1940’s Nazi Party, Simon Lee has expressed his opinion that good men and women should be sterilized, preventing them from having children because they believe that the current Covid-19 Lockdown, is a psychological operation of insidious intent, against the British people and the world at large.

When is having a belief contrary to the official version promoted via the TV and the mainstream press, become such a revolutionary act, that people like Simon Lee calls for sterilization?

Then Neil McNair added his penny’s worth.

Neil McNair is referring to a Guerrilla Democracy News release, reporting that Hunter Biden, the son of the alleged President Elect Joe Biden had died from a crack-cocaine drug overdose.

Have you seen Hunter Biden in public?

Guerrilla Democracy News prides itself on bringing you breaking news from across the Galaxy, which the mainstream media dare not report!

As the editor-in-chief of Guerrilla Democracy News since 2012, I will make no apologies for reporting news which the mainstream media dare not report. Its the backbone of my ethos as a citizen journalist.

Whether Neil McNair wants to admit it or not; it was reported by Blazing Press that Hunter Biden had died from a crack cocaine drug overdose.

I did what every editor-in-chief would do when faced with such breaking news. I reported it.

The editor-in-chief of Blazing Press evidently believed his sources were credible enough to report the news, and that was good enough for me.

No one has seen Hunter Biden in public since the scandal of his laptop went public. That very same laptop which allegedly contained thousands of child porn pictures, videos of child torture and emails between him and associates concerning dodgy deals with Ukrainian and Chinese government and private business officials.

For all we know, Hunter Biden may well have died of a crack-cocaine drug overdose and we (the public) would be none the wiser.

Its a badge of honour that Twitter should take down someone’s Twitter account. Its an acknowledgement that what you are saying, is something the ‘power-that-shouldn’t-be’, don’t want you saying.

(Setting the record straight, my GuerrillaDNews twitter account was actually removed via a collective assault by the Hoaxtead Research community, who have been sabotaging everything I’ve been doing online since 2017.)

So while we all have a right to our opinion and a right to express our opinion in a public domain, I do find it offensive and very narrow minded that people would call for you to be “sterilized,” to “die” and even beheaded, just because they have a differing opinion.

As I said to Simon Lee:

“I’d be more embarrassed to be a eugenicist like you.”

Is it really, (we who protest that our human rights are being stripped in the name of Covid-19), that should be sterilized and beheaded?

The world has never been more divided. My heart sinks with despair and my soul cries tears of fear for a future of complete slavery for our children and their children.

Matt Taylor TV (MTTV) Spirit Writing#1-Live Stream – 9 Nov 2020

Calling on the Spirits to give me direction.

See the route with the root, the tree will set you free.
The tree will lead you to where you’ve got to be.
Follow the roots to find the nourishment. The nourishment to meet your needs.
You need to lead. Lead to be free.
Embrace the potential of your dreams.
Your enemies will turn to dust. Rust, rush, bust.

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Three Youtube Videos that sum up my year 2019…

Having the Police round threatening to smash down my door!

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Having my livelihood stolen by Sussex police.

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Reminded everyday in the news, that our nation is being rule by dirty perverted criminals.

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