Satanic Aliens in Sussex Police

An alien satanic criminal gang, has been exposed by investigative journalist, Mr.X, (reporting the stories the mainstream media dare not report.)

In a worlds first, (and revealed exclusively on Matt Taylor’s morning TV show (MTTV)), a police force has been alleged to harbour an alien satanic gang, who are using harassment laws, against whistle-blowers, both inside and out of the force, to cover up police corruption, satanic sacrifice and the eating of babies.

Revealed Exclusively through the record breaking and award winning, investigative journalism of Mr.X (from Brighton.)

Named reptilian aliens working in Sussex police include:





Alien satanic gang within Sussex police, respond within the hour.

Analysis reveals a platoon of genetically modified super soldiers, operating at the heart of Sussex police.

Aliens in Sussex Police

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Exclusive alien abduction story proving an alien race of reptilians exist.


Bestiality is creeping into mainstream media, and its perverse and a sexual threat to our loves pets and feed stock.