“I have closed the investigation,” PC [REDACTED] Thu 24/06/2021 15:06pm


I was investigating the incident that you reported,

I was made aware of other incidents that where being investigated.

One of which was a complaint very similar to yours of ongoing social media malicious conversations and

Various abusive comments on multiple platforms.

These incidents that you have reported as being aggrieved and have been reported naming you as suspect,

It is very difficult to progress with a case of malicious communications when you and Tom are both the victim and suspect.

With that in mind I have closed the investigation as both involved cannot harass each other its two people having a conversation,

And commenting against each other’s post.

Each individual incident is investigated and if the incidents are found to be malicious then action will be taken.


Complaint against Tom Niedermeier – Mon 10/08/2020 16:25pm

Dear Sussex Police,

I wish to make a formal complaint of harassment, stalking and intimidation against a person I know to be Tom Niedermeier.

In the matter of the [REDACTED] v’s Matthew Taylor Stalking Protection Act 2019 dated 21st April 2020 and an application for a variation to a Stalking prevention Order, dated 17 July 2020, between The Chief Constable of Sussex Police and myself; I wish to bring to your attention the conduct of a certain person I know to be Tom Niedermeier, who claims to live in Bavaria, Germany.

In the variation to a Stalking Prevention Order paper bundle, handed to me by [REDACTED], outside [REDACTED] in Brighton on 20 July 2020, it states that [REDACTED] has claimed I have:

  1. Started a hate campaign against her, both by telephone contact and the use of the internet;
  2. Received text messages which are abusive and threatening from Matthew Taylor and his associates;
  3. Published [REDACTED] address online;
  4. Encouraging others to target [REDACTED];
  5. Tried to view and access [REDACTED] personal Facebook account.

I categorically deny any of the above and trust my innocence will be proven in any court of law.

I can only surmise that [REDACTED] is either mentally insane, part of a conspiracy to ruin my good name and character, or a victim of an individual or individuals, pretending to be me.

Information has come to light over the past few days, but which has escalated to new levels of harassment, stalking and intimidation, reasonably revel a person I know to be Tom Niedermeier, as the individual responsible for a course of conduct against [REDACTED], of which she has been fooled to believe is me.

I have attached a number of screen-shots in which Tom Niedermeier threatened to report me to the Social Services.

“I will inform Social Services on behalf of his poor children.”

Tom Niedermeier has publicly vowed to get me arrested and locked up in prison. 

As he states in the screenshot attached, “I will not stop,” in which he states:

“I will have to continue to waste time on him until he is securely locked away.”

Posted on my birthday!

I reasonably believe a certain individual called Tom Niedermeier is intentionally contacting [REDACTED] and pretending to be me.

In a recent Youtube Live show, in which I welcomed members of the audience to chat with me, Tom Niedermeier came on and said the following:

TN: Now you can hear me Matt?

MT: Oh I can hear you Sir.

TN: It’s me Tom Niedermeier

MT: Who, who are you?

TN: My name is Tom Niedermeier Matt.

MT: Oh right okay I haven’t heard of that name before. Would you like to introduce yourself to the audience tell us a bit about yourself?

TN: I’m the guy that you call a monster, a stalker and a criminal.

MT: Oh who’s that, no I don’t think we talk about; are you talking about the Mr X the


TN: No, I’m talking about you Matt and I will get you locked up. I will get you imprisoned, I will get you fucking imprisoned you asshole.

MT: Wow I’m surprised. Um, have we ever met before?

TN: No we’ve never met

MT: So where’s all this anger, um coming from?

TN: Because you’ve been harassing, because you’ve been harassing me and my family for months now and I can’t wait to put you behind bars. (inaudible, inaudible)

MT: Wait hang on, isn’t that child abuse? I’ve just, I’ve already spoken about that. it’s very mean of people saying that because it means you’re taking away a loving father from their children. I’m the actual person who helps the key workers in the UK.

TN: Getting you locked up is the best thing that could happen to your children.

MT:  Oh really, do you really believe that. But have you ever met my children?

TN: No but I (inaudible)

MT: So how do you know that’s gonna be the best thing for my children?

TN: That’s enough to know that you’re a psycho and a weirdo and you’re not good for children.

MT: Oh really

TN: You have convictions for harassment.

MT: I haven’t got any convictions for harassment, and I’ve noticed um…


MT: Woo, OK look, goodbye, we are not allowed to say things like that mate, ha ha ha ha.

I am suffering from immense alarm, distress and fear as the consequence of the constant malicious communication I receive from Tom Niedermeier. 

I can offer further evidence of Tom Niedermeier contacting Brighton Metro College, protesting that I shouldn’t be allowed to study any courses.

It’s gone beyond a joke and is seriously impacting my life.

Who is Tom Niedermeier? He’s accusing me of harassing him and his family, but yet I’ve never met him and have no idea who he is.

He’s publicly vowing to get me arrested and locked up. He’s publicly calling me a psycho, paedophile, cat torturer, convicted stalker, liar and other malicious names, making numerous untrue and unfounded allegations.

I reasonable suspect that he is contacting [REDACTED] pretending to be me, and is encouraging others from The Fruitcake Muncher’s Club community to do the same.

I wish that this complaint is investigated with the same professionalism, zeal and enthusiasm, as complaints of harassment, stalking and intimidation made against me, were investigated.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Taylor

Copied to:

[REDACTED] Solicitors

Veritas Justice